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Feb 22-23-24, 1951 St. Paul Auditorium

1951 State Tournament Leading Scorers

Player Team Goals Assists Total Points
John Mayasich Eveleth 15 3 18


Eveleth capped their four-year title run with a 4-1 victory over St. Paul Johnson.  The impact and legacy left by Eveleth senior John Mayasich is enormous.  His offensive prowess remains unmatched in the MSHSL record book.  He had a state-record seven goals in an 11-5 victory over Minneapolis Southwest.  In this tourney, he also set records for most points in one tournament (18) and most goals in one tournament (15). 


  • Despite Mayasich's offensive wizardry, this Eveleth team couldn't match the state tournament goal output of the 1945 squad.  That team scored 30 goals, the 1951 team compiled 27.
  • The quarterfinals featured a rematch of the 1950 state championship game between Eveleth and Williams.  Eveleth cruised to a 12-1 victory.
  • Future 1980 USA Miracle on Ice team goaltender coach Warren Strelow was named as apart of All-Tournament Team as a member of St. Paul Johnson - Herb Brooks alma mater.
  • Williams was a "back door" entrant.
  • Tournament Attendance: 18,582


Roster Position # Maroon & White
Hugo Anderson W 11
Bernard Johnson D 93
LeRoy Kachnowicz W 7
William Meyer D 15
Roger Pasiuk W 3
Gene Picha G 18
Warren Schaber C 5
Robert Schmidt D 17
Warren Strelow G 1
Tom Travitzky D 6
Ray Youngberg C 2
Robert Youngquist W 13
Rube Gustafson Coach


Roster Position
John Lindholm
Bill Johnson G
Earl LaBore
Don Hall
Dale Peltier
John Delaney
Bernie Peltier
Dick Roeder
Jim Carroll
Don Velanto
Howard Molitor G
Ward Edgerton
Henry Peloquin Manager
Pete Louricas Coach
R. P. Bradley Coach

Williams - Region 3

Roster Position
John Umhaur G
Marv Nelson - Co-Captain
Maynard Langton
Sid Bryduck
Leo Charlton - Co-Captain
Roger Gillie
Jerry Robbertstad
Les Nelson
Vern Baie
Loren Tveit
Bob Pieper
Jim Robertson
Al Braga Coach

ST. PAUL Murray - REGION 4

Roster Position
Bob Picha
Fred Swenson
John Renken G
Dick Hedenstrom
Bob Kohnen
Jim Theis
Rod Magnuson
Dick Richardson
Bob Bastel
Art Allen
Dan Wegleitner
John Gottlieb G
Albert Sandberg Coach

Minneapolis Southwest - Region 5

Roster Position Number
Denny Sullivan G 26
Pete Passolt 31
Don Berg 13
Bob Lockrem 10
Dick Meredith 22
Bob Meredith 11
Melvin Young 14
Art Arnold 23
Jim Blanchard 12
Clark Ewald 29
Heinz Brettschneider 17
Bob Hotvet 20
Viv Vainoskis 27
Bob Ritchie Manager
Paul Wohlford Coach

St. Cloud Tech - Region 6

Roster Position Number Orange & Black
Donald Saatzer W 2
Ronald Saatzer C 1
Dick Saatzer W 11
Dick Faust W 3
John Dahl - Captain D 5
Pete Greenfield D 4
Ronald Schultz G 6
Dick Thedens D 8
Kenneth Hall D 7
Tom McComb W 9
Bil Sexauer W 10
Ron Haxby D 12
Richard Hemberger Manager
Larry Kottke Coach


Roster Position # White & Maroon
Victor Rozinka G 1
Tom Roberts G 2
Bruce Shutte D 3
Richard Tomassoni W 4
Dan Voce W 5
Edward Mrkonich D 6
Ronald Castellano W 7
John Mayasich C 8
Mike Castellano C 9
David Hendrickson W 10
Lavern Hammer D 11
James Mudge W 12
Clifford Thompson Coach


Roster Position # White # Blue
Gordon Bjerken W 16 16
Clavin Bradley D 3 3
Dale Christenson W 5 15
Jack Erickson W 6 12
Lyle Gutte W 4 6
Robert Helgeland W 14 14
Jack Hoppe G 13 17
Jack LaSalle D 11 11
Darryl Lund C 2 2
William Maruska G 1 1
Allan Steenerson C 8 8
Darrol Vad D 7 7
Earl Ripley Manager
Dennis Rolle Coach