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2019 Hockey Day Minnesota - Bemidji January 17-19

Vintage Minnesota Hockey Take:

HDM in it's now 13th year moved to the land of Paul & Babe in chilly northern, MN Bemidj with the rink set-up on the shores of Lake Bemidj that was filled with ice anglers in their warm ice fishing shacks across the entire lake.  Bemidji event organizers were on-hand the following year taking notes from the amazing HDM that St. Cloud put on, and rightfully so did an utterly amazing job of replicating the spectacle themselves in Beaver town within their own Hockey Village that Duluth started, but St. Cloud perfected.  Last years HDM in St. Cloud, and this in Bemidji started to have a feeling where each town, and HDM spectacle was trying to 'one up' the previous host city.  I personally had not been to Bemidji since a youth where I attended Bemidji Summer Hockey School while in Pee-Wees and Bantams, but the City was much of what I recall as a child - with the exception of the bone-chilling COLD.  The HDM rink was another artificial ice sheet with an on-site reefer, that we were told by the amazingly hard working ice crew 'they were essentially piping in warmed coolant to prevent the ice from flaking and cracking as the mercury dipped to record Hockey Day freezing temperatures of -26.

The ice event crew from Arena Wharehouse deserves the weekend award for hardest working ice crew ever at a HDM, other than the locals in Moorhead trying to prevent the ice from melting away with CO2 extinguishers from 2011 HDM - Arena Warehouse with their hands in wet slush buckets repairing minor blemishes of the playing surface and cracks in the ice between periods, had the ice in tip-top shape all day under the frigid conditions.  Greenway native, and now Head Coach who is known for his legendary press-conferences was in town for the days HDM festivities leading his Beavers men over the visiting Michigan Tech Huskies 4-3 of OT, for the 1st ever Collegiate Mens game held outdoor on HDM outdoors.  Serratore was quoted as saying 'those ice crew guys deserve a medal' the following night at his press conference following the Saturday tilt, within the warm comfy confines of Sanford center when addressing the local media about his teams experience playing outdoors Friday night.  Just as the previous year in St. Cloud and the now yearly Dream State show by State of Hockey was featuring the Spuds team, the traveling camera crew of Dream State made the trip to Bemidji alongside the Skippers of Minnetonka that too had tournament aspirations under the tutelage of Sean Goldsworthy - son of former Minnesota North Stars fan favorite Bill Goldsworthy.  The Skippers would not be denied and came away with the victory on national TV 5-2, over a tough Andover team led by Former Air Force One Presidential Pilot - Mark Manney who moved to Bemidji himself as a third grader from his home-town of Morris, MN.   The days marquee game featured the hometown Bemidji  Lumberjacks face-off against rising Raiders from Greenway of Coleraine.  The Lumberjack boys had this date circled on the calendar for over a year, and were not to be denied defeating Greenway 3-0 to defend their home turf.

Legendary Bemidji youth, and set-to be a future NHL player before he tragically was lost in a car accident - George Pelawa's family was on-hand during the days festivities and dropped the ceremonial puck drop.

FSN and Hockey Day administration announced the last night that the 14th annual 2020 HDM was awarded to City of Minneapolis - marking the 2nd straight year of announcing the following years location at the currently hosted City.

Hockey Day Minnesota Results & Rosters:

Game Results

Home Away Winner Score Date Time Location
Bemidji Girls Woodbury Girls Woodbury 2-1 Jan. 17 7:00 p.m. Lake Bemidji
Bemidji State Michigan Tech Bemidji State 4-3 (OT) Jan. 18 7:00 p.m. Lake Bemidji
Andover Minnetonka Minnetonka 5-2 Jan. 19 9:30 a.m. Lake Bemidji
Bemidji State Womens Minnesota State Womens Minnesota State 2-1 Jan. 19 1:00 p.m. Lake Bemidji
Minnesota Duluth Womens Ohio State Womens Minnesota Duluth 6-3 Jan. 19 4:00 p.m. Amsoil Arena
Bemidji Greenway Bemidji 3-0 Jan. 19 6:00 p.m. Lake Bemidji
St. Cloud State Western Michigan St. Cloud State 5-2 Jan. 19 6:00 p.m. Herb Brooks Arena
Minnesota Wild Columbus Blue Jackets Minnesota Wild 2-1 Jan. 19 8:00 p.m. Xcel Energy Center

Bemidji - Girls (Not Televised)

Roster Position Number
Nettie Kimble G 1
Maggie Marcotte F 2
Ariyah Thomas F 3
Chloe Hasbargen D 4
Eva Laituri F 5
Sarah Bruder F 7
Alexis Leitner D 8
Maddie Hanson D 9
Bella Webb F 10
Sara Oster D 11
Austyn Tobey F 12
Kinsey Younggren F 13
Meray Eichstadt F 14
Becca Josefson F 15
Jemma Copiskey D 16
Gracie Fisher D 17
Marryn Wilberg D 18
Olivia Johnson F 20
Molly Defatte F 21
Kendra Wilberg F 24
Brooklyn Delap G 33
McKenzie Jordahl Manager
Sierra Arthur Manager
Mike Johnson Head Coach
Becca Gregg Assistant Coach
Laura Carleton Assistant Coach
Neal Holmstrom Assistant Coach

Woodbury - Girls (Not Televised)

Roster Position Number
Allison Beix G 1
Nicole Stickels F 2
Isabel Burt D 5
Marta Struve F 6
Lexie Decker F 7
Paige Skordahl D 8
Isabella Cotroneo F 9
Isabel Lippai D 10
Hayley Zwakman F 12
Isabel Chmielewski F 14
Annika Johnson F 15
Amelia Karelitz D 16
Alison Langert F 17
Maya Struve F 18
Amy Holberg D 19
Elizabeth Lange D 20
Elizabeth Molnau F 21
Erika Roepke F 22
Hannah Graunke D 26
Erica Gillen G 30
Kennedy Kadela Manager
Abigail Bryant Manager
Megan Danley Manager
Claire Felter Manager
Chris Lepper Head Coach
Bay Shock Assistant Coach
Christine Schendel Assistant Coach
Katie Kantrud Assistant Coach
Rick Dubois Assistant Coach
Paul Moen Assistant Coach

Bemidji State Mens - (Not Televised)

Roster Position Number
Dan Billett D 2
Tommy Muck D 3
Ian Janco D 5
Jay Dickman F 6
Darby Gula D 8
Ethan Somoza F 9
Charlie Combs F 11
Owen Sillinger F 12
Mike Soucier F 13
Alex Ierullo F 14
Tyler Jubenville D 15
Aaron Miller F 16
Ross Armour F 17
Brad Johnson D 18
Adam Brady F 19
Dillon Eichstadt D 20
Brendan Harris F 21
Tyler Vold D 22
Hampus Sjodahl F 23
Alex Adams F 25
Nick Cardelli F 26
Tyler Kirkup F 27
Connor Brown-Maloney F 28
Justin Baudrey D 29
Jack Burgart G 30
Zach Driscoll G 33
Henry Johnson G 35
James Murray Manager
Jacob Snuggerud Manager
Toby Palmiscno Manager
Tom Serratore Head Coach
Eddie Olczyk Assistant Coach
Cole Workman Assistant Coach
Travis Winter Assistant Coach
Cory Anderson Assistant Coach

Michigan Tech Mens - (Not Televised)

Roster Position Number
Seamus Donohue D 2
Tyrell Buckley D 3
Andrew Bellant F 4
Cooper Watson D 6
Keegan Ford D 7
Dylan Steman F 8
Tommy Parrottino F 9
Jake Jackson F 10
Zach Noble F 11
Brian Halonen F 12
Thomas Beretta F 13
Gavin Gould F 14
Jake Lucchini F 15
TJ Polglaze F 16
Justin Misiak F 17
Greyson Reitmeier F 18
Eric Gotz D 19
Alex Smith F 20
Todd Kiilunen D 21
Tyler Rockwell D 22
Raymond Brice F 23
Colin Swoyer D 24
Marcus Russell F 26
Mitch Meek D 27
Trenton Bliss F 28
Alec Broetzman F 29
Matt Jurusik G 30
Devin Kero G 31
Robbie Beydoun G 35
Anthony Harris Manager
Matthew Sanregret Manager
Joe Shawhan Head Coach
Chris Brooks Assistant Coach
Tyler Shelast Assistant Coach
Dallas Steward Assistant Coach

Andover - Boys

Roster Position Number
Wesley Swenson G 1
Parker Hines F 2
Nate Bauer D 3
Mitchell Wolfe D 4
Wyatt Kaiser D 5
Luke Kron F 7
Eric Chartier D 9
Kyle Nelson F 10
Hunter Jones F 11
Gunnar Thoreson F 12
Tommy Nowacki D 14
Holden Dunleavy F 16
Garrett Schifsky F 17
Dylan Livgard D 18
Hunter Zinda F 19
Michael Clough F 20
Harrison VanderMey F 21
Nick Dainty F 22
Mason Cotter D 23
Cade Williams F 24
Charlie Schoen F 25
Ethan Lindahl F 26
Ben Fritsinger G 30
Gavin DeBettignies F 34
Mark Manney Head Coach
Bill Thoreson Assistant Coach
Brett Barta Assistant Coach
Jake Mellem Assistant Coach
Al Fritsinger Assistant Coach
Mark Cotter Assistant Coach

Minnetonka - Boys

Roster Position Number
Charlie Glockner G 1
Grant Docter D 2
Josh Luedtke D 3
Jack Anderson D 4
Jet Lee Swift F 5
Joe Simpson F 6
Mason Hendrickson F 7
Griffin Streeter F 8
Hunter Newhouse F 10
Braedon Lacomy F 11
Dylan Zitzloff D 12
Patrick Wyers F 13
Will Crull D 14
Duke Kiffin D 15
Nic Henry F 16
Mack Motzko F 18
James Miller D 21
AJ Kittelson F 24
Liam Worms F 28
Jack Bayless F 29
Josh Brown G 30
Teddy Lagerback F 34
Max McMahan Manager
Rylan Campbell Manager
Sean Goldsworthy Head Coach
Jack Hillen Assistant Coach
Mike Johnson Assistant Coach
Steve Aronson Assistant Coach

Bemidji State - Womens

Roster Position Number
Mak Langei D 2
Lydia Passolt F 3
Kara Werth D 4
Melissa Hunt D 5
Claudia Verkerke F 6
Abby Ecker D 7
Kiki Radke F 8
Emily Bergland F 9
Lindsey Featherstone F 10
Tina Kampa D 11
Jacqueline Kaasa F 12
Sylvia Marolt F 13
Briana Jorde D 14
Ellie Moser F 16
Lexi Cheveldayoff D 17
Paige Beebe F 18
Haley Mack F 19
Heather Olson D 20
Abby Halluska F 21
Graysen Myers F 23
Clair DeGeorge F 26
Lexi Baker G 30
Kerigan Dowhy G 33
Lauren Bench G 35
Jesse Wilkins Manager
Jacob Snuggerud Manager
Jim Scanlon Head Coach
Amanda Snyder Assistant Coach
Cory Anderson Assistant Coach
Shane Veenker Assistant Coach
Amber Fryklund Assistant Coach
Toby Palmiscno Assistant Coach

Minnesota State - Womens

Roster Position Number
Jessica Kondas D 2
Emily Antony F 4
Anna Wilgren D 5
Jordan McLaughlin F 6
Claire Butorac F 7
Madison Oelkers F 8
McKenzie Sederberg D 9
Taylor Gulenchyn F 10
Corbin Boyd F 11
Mallorie Iozzo F 12
Leila Kildruff D 13
Demi Gardner F 14
Sofia Poinar F 15
Mariah Gardner F 16
Brooke Bryant F 17
Megan Hinze D 18
Brittyn Fleming F 19
Jordan Jackson D 21
Rebekah Kolstad F 22
Tristen Truax F 26
Lena Dusterhoft D 27
Chloe Crosby G 31
Katie Bidulka G 34
Abigail Levy G 39
John Harrington Head Coach
Jeff Giesen Associate Head Coach
Shari Dickerman Assistant Coach

Bemidji - Boys

Roster Position Number
Andrew Johanns G 1
Casey McNamara D 3
Andrew Dondelinger F 4
Reid Colley F 5
Ethan Maish F 7
Chase Mock F 9
Zac Justice F 10
Gage Mostad F 13
Bjorn Jorgenson F 14
Connor Savard D 16
Nathan Mannausau D 17
Hunter Olson F 18
Wyatt Halvorson F 19
Lincoln Huerd F 20
Chase Fillipi D 24
Tate Hammitt D 26
Ethan Mock D 27
Hunter Marcotte F 29
Broc Waldhausen G 31
Tom Oster D 46
Henry Michalicek Manager
Max Larson Manager
Eric Monsrud Head Coach
Matt Menne Assistant Coach
Pete Stahnke Assistant Coach
Travis Smith Assistant Coach

Greenway - Boys

Roster Position Number
Jace Nyberg D 0
Ezra Carlson C 2
Mitchell Vekich F 4
Brock Trboyevich D 6
Tristan Birdsall W 7
Ben Troumbly F 8
Cameron Lantz D 10
Aaron Elich D 11
Christian Miller D 12
Donte Lawson F 13
Steven Ugrich F 14
Ty Donahue D 15
Logan Seeley F 16
Micah Gernander W 17
Nikolai Rajala F 19
Will Jurgansen F 20
Spencer Bonham F 23
Logan Wright G 24
Tyler Penney G 30
Ethan Andreson Manager
Tom Cuellar Manager
Logan Bluntach Manager
Grant Clafton Head Coach
Adam Johnson Assistant Coach
Andy Sertich Assistant Coach
Steve Arbour Assistant Coach