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2010 Hockey Day Minnesota - Hermantown January 23

January 23rd, 2010, Hockey Day Minnesota traveled to Hermantown.  This would be a special sort of monster, as the weather wasn’t exactly cooperating with keeping the outdoor ice conditions playable.  Auxiliary plans were in place were in place to move the games indoors if needed, and with rain coming down in the days preceding it seemed almost inevitable.  Mother nature would yield, and the outdoor games took place as scheduled.

Hopkins would start the day off with a 6-0 drubbing of Marshall School, followed by host Hermantown falling to Eden Prairie 4-3 in a game marred by poor ice conditions due to freezing rain and snow.  Weather of course, isn’t helpful for creating optimal conditions, but this would not be the worst of ice conditions HDM would experience over the years.

Following the High School games, the Gophers would welcome the St. Cloud State Huskies to Mariucci Arena for a rematch of the previous years college hockey action.  This go around, the Huskies would get the best of the Gophers, winning a 4-1 game

The NHL action this year would be a battle of the 2000 NHL expansion teams as the Wild would play host to the Columbus Blue Jackets.  This would also be the first year the Wild would play under a new coach on HDM as well.  Jacques Lemaire retired after the 2008-09 season, and first time bench boss Todd Richards had taken over.  Mikko Koivu would score 2 goals for the Wild in the 4-2 victory, with additional goals coming from Eric Belanger and Robbie Earl.

Some other fun names on the scorecard, Antti Miettinen for the Wild this time, Andrew Brunette, Owen Nolan, Shane Hnidy and Martin Havlat, all earned assists in the game.  Derek Boogaard also shows up earning a major penalty for fighting.

Vintage Minnesota Hockey Take:

HDM would move back to the North, this time in history laden Hermantown to the outdoor sheet of ice adjacent to Hermantown Arena.  The days preceding, and the morning of hockey day saw freezing rain making the roads for travel treacherous.  I awakened the morning of HDM to find my car covered in over 1 inch of ice, and couldn't unlock my car door to drive to the Hermantown rink.  It took a hotel blow dryer to unfreeze the door to get in finally, followed by some vigorous windshield scraping.  The HDM rink was similar in fashion to that of 2009 HDM at Phalen Park with no side glass, and chain link fencing only on the net ends of the rink making again for some classic style outdoor hockey.  A now yearly tradition at HDM was adopted in Hermantown with the 1st fire pit rings and burning wood throughout the day, which has become a commonplace scent for yearly hockey day visitors smelling the odor of burning wood that surrounds the outdoor grounds.

A good friend of ours Mike H. - who also captured images with us at several State Boys Hockey Tournaments over the years, ended up taking an errant puck to the face that left the rink into the crowd.  Kevin Gorg can be heard on TV during the 2nd period of the Hopkins vs. Marshall game saying "oh boy, someone got hit with a puck there, be careful fans and remember to watch for flying pucks".  Mike required x4 facial surgeries due to a broken nose and zygomatic arch, in addition he suffered a fractured eye orbit requiring a metal plate in his cheek.  Both Mike and I feel because of this incident - this forever changed the landscape of Hockey Day Rinks going forward.  FSN Director of Communications Becky Ross reached out to me asking for Mike's contact information, and following Mike received a nice call and letter from FSN essentially apologizing that this happened, and gave him some Minnesota Wild tickets.  He of course didn't pursue legal action against FSN, etc. he did share to FSN, et al, that "it could have been a child that was hit, and could be much, much worse - including someone dying".  Following, I left the Hermantown arena and drove a bloodied Mike down the hill to St. Lukes Duluth ER where he was at until late that afternoon.  I was able to get back for HDM action for the 2nd and 3rd periods of Eden Prairie vs. Hermantown game to see x2 future Minnesota Wild players in Kyle Rau, and Nick Seeler with Eden Prairie defeat the hometown Hawks 4-3.  The ice for the marquee game began falling apart due to warm temperatures and rain creating havoc for photographers like myself while shooting photos.  The ice, especially at the lines in the rink, players were spraying red and blue into the air while stopping with skates at the red and blue lines.

Hockey Day Minnesota Results & Rosters:

Game Results

Home Away Winner Score Time Location
Duluth Marshall Hopkins Hopkins 6-0 10:00 a.m. Hermantown
Hermantown Eden Prairie Eden Prairie 4-3 1:15 Hermantown
University of Minnesota St. Cloud State St. Cloud State 4-1 5:00 Mariucci Arena
Minnesota Wild Columbus Blue Jackets Minnesota Wild 4-2 8:00 Xcel Energy Center

Duluth Marshall - Boys

Roster Position Number
Ryan Gotelaere D 4
David Grannis F 5
Matt Bauer D 7
Matt Morsette F 8
Dane Morin F 9
Darrick Howard F 10
Patrick Sheedy D 11
Aaron Rich F 12
Nate Rich F 14
Mac Dow F 15
Zach Scalzo D 16
Joe Rectenwald F 17
Judd Peterson F 18
Jordan Shockley F 19
Jake Bushey D 20
Josh Wentz F 21
Patrick Hurley D 23
Zach Isaacson D 25
Aaron Dusek D 28
Dan Letoumeau D 29
Max Elstad G 30
Brian Anderson G 35
Brendan Flaherty Head Coach
Dave Grannis Assistant Coach
Jason Watt Assistant Coach
Jim Watt Assistant Coach

Hopkins - Boys

Roster Position Number
Rob Weiner G 1
Jon Groom F 5
Tom McCue D 6
Zac Zoidis F 7
Hunter Anderson F 8
Joey Brettingen D 9
Matt Hazuka - Captain F 10
Archie Skalbeck - Captain F 11
Erik Kiihn F 12
Kyle Dalton F 13
Andy Wicklund D 14
Mike Magnuson D 15
Michael Mazzitelli F 16
Connor Thie F 17
Derek Brueske D 18
Matt Baillie D 19
Luc Lescarbeau F 20
Jimmy Kortum F 21
Dave Link D 22
Tanner Holmquist F 25
Jenna Dailey Manager
Jordyn Dass Manager
Maggie Dionne Manager
Chad Nyberg Head Coach
Jeremy Stier Assistant Coach
Justin DeGriselles Assistant Coach
Tod Dungan Assistant Coach

Hermantown - Boys

Roster Position Number
Andrew Mattson W 2
Jeff Paczynski D 4
Charlie Comnick W 5
Jake Knowles D 6
Brett Ludwig W 7
Corey Kolquist W 8
Willis Kantonen W 9
Jared Thomas W 10
Kevin Danielson W 13
Connor Hady D 14
Jared Kolquist D 16
Garrett Skrbich C 17
Cody Christopherson W 18
Chris Phillips W 19
Chad Bannor D 20
Brian LeBlanc D 21
Joe Hicks C 22
Jesse Dyson W 23
Mike Robertson D 26
Adam Krause C 27
Andrew Oakes C 29
Tiegen Brickson G 30
Tyler Ampe G 39
Casey Peterson Manager
Tyler Johnson Manager
Krista Anderson Manager
Abby Flaten Manager
Bruce Plante Head Coach
Daryl Illkainen Assistant Coach
Craig Peterson Assistant Coach
Matt Swanson Assistant Coach
Nate Buck Assistant Coach

Eden Prairie - Boys

Roster Position Number
Jimmy Stewart D 2
Dan Molenaar D 4
Mark Rath C 5
Kyle Rau C 7
Dan Vack W 8
Mitch Rogge W 9
Curt Rau D 10
Nick Seeler D 11
Joe Kerker D 15
Jack McCartan W 21
Matt Stover D 23
Ben Boldenow F 24
David Rath C 25
Mike Erickson W 26
Chase Loken D 27
Luc Gerdes W 28
Andrew Ford G 29
Matt Halloran G 30
Murphy Alexander F 33
Caty Ferris Manager
Isa Kurvers Manager
Lee Smith Head Coach
Ty Eigner Assistant Coach
Greg Aslakson Assistant Coach
Matt Bertram Assistant Coach

Proctor/Hermantown/Marshall - Girls

Roster Position Number
Amanda Bockovich G 1
Reilly Fawcett F 2
Hannah Buchite D 3
Melinda Nelson D 4
Steph Strapple F 5
Steph Thun F 6
Emma Stauber D 7
Alyssa Wargin F 8
Abby Miner D 9
Rachel Rossiter F 10
Sam Nelson F 11
Justina Lindberg F 12
Courtney Simmons G 13
Julia Gilbert F 14
Allison Jonas F 15
Casie Ecklund D 16
Nichole Mathews F 17
Amanda St. Germaine F 18
Abbey Fox F 20
Anja Morris G 30
Hannah Bergman Manager
Jen Asanovich Manager
Linzie Becks Manager
Glen Gilderman Head Coach
Bruce Bordson Assistant Coach
Amber Frykland Assistant Coach

Duluth Northern Stars - Girls

Roster Position Number
Emilie Ball D 3
Kristin Trapp F 4
Claudia Gagnon F 9
Jane Goldfarb F 10
Tabitha Kunst F 12
Sarah Buckner D 13
Sarah Lyle D 14
Emy Albert F 15
Sam Buckley F 16
Ashley Hansen D 17
Abby Atol D 18
Sarah Tellinghuisen F 19
Frankie Bergman F 20
Kari Romano D 21
Rachel Halligan F 26
Rosie Nelson F 27
Andie Hyduke F 28
Nikki Logergren F 29
Megan Hansen G 31
Paige Turner G 33
Shannon Kerr Manager
Shawna Davidson Head Coach
Amber Hasbargen Assistant Coach
Kellie Scissons Assistant Coach