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2013 Hockey Day Minnesota - Grand Rapids January 19

January 19th, 2013 would earn its place in Hockey Day Minnesota lore for a host of reasons.  Nothing bigger than it marked the start of the regular season in the NHL though.  As I’m sure the memory of the 2012-13 lockout is still a painful moment, Minnesota kicked off the regular season right by marking it with the annual celebration in the State of Hockey.

The outdoor games were also fraught with some heavy winds, and near white out conditions during the games.  It was quite the sight, and very tough on the kids to keep the puck moving across the ice.

The day would start off with the girls Grand Rapids-Greenway team skunking Hibbing-Chisholm 6-0.  Again, this game would not be seen on TV until much later in the evening.  It was not a good day for Hibbing-Chisholm, as their boys team fell by a 9-2 margin to Eagan.  It would be a good day for Grand Rapids, as the GR boys team was able to get past Benilde-St. Margaret’s with a 3-2 overtime victory.  Jack Jablonski who was paralyzed in a game on December 30th, 2011, was on the bench as an assistant coach for the game.

The Gophers this go around would take on one of their biggest rivals, the University of North Dakota.  These games are often physical, and often hard fought.  This one however, there would be no winner as the teams battled to a 4-4 tie.

The feature game of the day would of course be the Wild taking on the Colorado Avalanche.  After 2 Dany Heatley power-play goals, and another by Pierre-Marc Bouchard, the Wild would come out victorious in a 4-2 victory over the Avs at the Xcel Energy Center.

Zenon Konopka showed up in penalty log after fighting Cody McLeod 2 1⁄2 minutes into the game.  Konopka’s bunny however did not show up in the game logs, just later on Twitter that night.

Vintage Minnesota Hockey Take:

For the 7th edition of HDM, it continued a tradition of northern Minnesota to Twin Cities, and back to Northern Minnesota of what fans were thinking was a newly found tradition of 'how it would be yearly now going forward' with this North-South arrangement.  The game marked the first HDM on an actual lake surface, but was the 3rd such rink created on a natural frozen body of water (Baudette Bay-Rainy River 2007, and 2008) were the 1st and 2nd.  Grand Rapids is known as the gateway town to the Iron Range of Minnesota, home to Dorothy of Wizard of Oz lore, and home to several State Championship teams at the history laden IRA Civic Center.

Girls once again took part in the day, and although the Halloween Machine has a storied history and a tradition of excellence among the ranks in Minnesota, the girls program was in its infancy relative to the boys program.  It was only a few short years prior to HDM Grand Rapids Hockey Association fielded its first hockey team.  Lake Pokegama play host on the frozen lake, and although the frigid temperatures of the 2nd HDM were colder - the wind coupled with the colder temperatures across the lake were so cold, it created white-out conditions during the latter periods of the marquee Grand Rapids vs. Benilde game, and a few set-up tents on the lake started to blow away across the ice surface.  (It was so chilly, following the game and quick hand shakes - the teams quickly departed the ice surface on the Lake to their respective locker-rooms, and we were not able to obtain any team photos as a group (a few of the photos in the photo slider below were not edited to show the extreme nature of how the day actually was with very poor visibility).  Jack Jablonksi was present on the cold ice surface to begin the game, in addition Bill Baker - 1980 USA Olympian and native of Grand Rapids, MN dropped the ceremonial puck to begin the days festivities.  Following a dramatic hometown win by the Thunderhawks of Grand Rapids over a strong Benilde team, the x5 friends that made the trip with me to the 7th annual HDM made our way to the then 4th annual Bisch Bash (Itasca Area Crisis Cancer Fund - IAACF) at the Eagles Club that was across from our hotel.  While WALKING into the Eagles club a large fight erupted by a few locals, that reminded us all of the movie RoadHouse that was quickly de-escalated by Grand Rapids finest police.  Team Bisch is a team of about 30 volunteers that started a non-profit to assist a friend suffering from cancer, and evolved into something much bigger.  It was created in Jackie Bischoffs memory and a fund to provide small crisis grants to families and individuals dealing with cancer in the Itasca County area.  During the calendar year 2012, IACCF awarded 150 crisis grants totaling over $50,000.

Hockey Day Minnesota Results & Rosters:

Game Results

Home Away Winner Score Time Location
Grand Rapids/Greenway Girls Hibbing-Chilsholm Grand Rapids/Greenway 6-0 Tape Delay 11 PM Lake Pokegama
Hibbing-Chisholm Eagan Eagan 9-2 10:00 a.m. Lake Pokegama
Grand Rapids Benilde-St. Margaret's Grand Rapids 3-2 (OT) 1:30 Lake Pokegama
University of Minnesota University of North Dakota TIE 4-4 (OT) 5:00 Mariucci Arena
Minnesota Wild Colorado Avalanche Minnesota Wild 4-2 8:00 Xcel Energy Center

Hibbing - Boys

Roster Position Number
AJ Allison G 1
Dylan Pechovnik D 3
Ryan Hoag F 4
Derek Abrahamson F 5
Ty Birdsall C 6
Adam Johnson F 7
Eric Gooden F 8
Cole Shafer D 9
Eric Riihinen C 10
Mitch Vesel C 11
Billy Wherland F 12
Taylor Persson F 13
Joe Kanipes F 16
Eric Gotz D 19
Logan Peratalo C 20
Dylan Calrson D 22
Josh Bestul F 23
Cole Maki F 26
Colten Perkins F 27
Tyler Carlson G 30
Irish Dilley G 31
Kaylie Majkich Manager
Mark DeCenzo Head Coach
Dan Gotz Assistant Coach
Grant Claftin Assistant Coach
Travis Weber Assistant Coach

Eagan - Boys

Roster Position Number
Tom Muck D 2
Jack Malloy D 3
Nick Wolff D 5
Kyle Stebbing F 7
Max Elsenheimer F 9
Ian Entzion F 10
Peter Zibley F 11
Jonathan Estes F 12
Joe Howe F 13
Cullen Willox - Captain F 15
Jesse Gabrielle F 16
Josh Loew F 19
Zach Schultz F 21
Taylor Karel D 22
Will Peterson - Captain D 23
Jack Jensen F 24
Nick Smallidge - Captain D 25
Nick Gray D 26
Zach Glienke - Captain F 27
Matt Richmond G 30
Ryan Erickson G 33
Andrew Lindgren G 35
Spencer Roth F 40
Blair Blanchette Manager
Hope Nelson Manager
Kendra Plashchko Manager
Shelbie Werden Manager
Anne Yetzer Manager
Mike Taylor Head Coach
Doug Wattson Assistant Coach
Todd Carlson Assistant Coach
Mike Thomas Assistant Coach
Jim Becker Assistant Coach
Pat Dockendorf Assistant Coach
Ben Williams Assistant Coach
Tom Freeman Assistant Coach

Grand Rapids - Boys

Roster Position Number
Daulton Anderson F 2
Zach Frazier W 3
Shaffer Holum D 4
Ben Monley W 5
Patrick Rajala C 6
Reid Holum - Captain W 7
Avery Peterson C 8
David Horsmann - Captain D 9
Connor LaRoque D 10
Eli Mangi W 11
Jonah Bischoff C 12
Coleton Anderson D 14
Michael LaRoque W 15
Cody Mann - Captain W 16
Curtis Simonson - Captain D 17
Petter Sahlstrom W 19
John Crippa W 20
Hunter Mackenhausen C 21
Jake Bischoff - Captain D 22
Quinn Mischke D 23
Noah Troumbly G 30
Hunter Shepard G 35
Drew Haynes Manager
Bruce LaRoque Head Coach
John Rothstein Assistant Coach
Nate Elsen Assistant Coach
Tony Clafton Assistant Coach

Benilde-St. Margaret's - Boys

Roster Position Number
Paul Lundberg G 1
Chris Hickok D 2
Jack Lawton D 3
Johnny Austin D 4
Jack Sims D 5
Ben Newhouse D 6
Spencer Naas F 8
Zach Hale F 9
Alec Baer F 10
Chase Jungels F 11
Grant Besse - Captain F 12
Peter Heimbold D 15
Patrick Graham - Captain D 17
Even Fleming F 18
Matt Arnason F 21
T.J. Moore - Captain F 23
Nick Austin D 25
Will Duda F 26
Dan Labosky - Captain F 27
Nate Meyer F 28
Andrew Sprang G 30
Seth Chumley F 34
Harrison Grones Manager
Michael Nanne Manager
Danny Tift Manager
Ken Pauly Head Coach
John Russo Assistant Coach
Tom Klein Assistant Coach
Troy Riddle Assistant Coach

Grand Rapids/Greenway - Girls

Roster Position Number
Maddi Peart D 4
Alta Brown D 5
Jordan McLaughlin F 6
Sydney Anderson F 7
Bethany Giles F 8
Chantal Holum D 9
Kaya Baker F 11
Delaney Kohorst F 12
Aspen Anderson F 13
Meaghan Cemensky F 16
Jessica Stejskal D 18
Mackenzie Dumm F 20
Danielle Heitkamp D 23
Steph Hart F 24
Hannah Schmoll F 28
Sydney Helmbrech G 29
Kinsey McCaughtry G 33
Morgan Bruns D 36
Abby Geislinger Manager
Charlie Garmaker Manager
Brad Hyduke Head Coach
Chris Johnson Assistant Coach
Dale Gunderson Assistant Coach
Darin Illikainen Assistant Coach

Hibbing - Girls

Roster Position Number
Allyson Brandt F 3
Jessica Marsalla F 5
Raini Heyblom F 6
Nichole DeBoom F 7
Val Gooden D 8
Leah Coughlin D 9
Maddy Roberts F 10
Mallorie Iozzo F 11
Miranda Garrelts D 12
Lilly Rewertz F 14
Jessica Hanegmon F 15
Katie Carpenter D 16
Madi Sdanders D 18
Amy Brownell F 19
Gina Marsalla D 21
Sarah Fairbanks F 23
Jacque Laliberte D 25
Katie Dye F 26
Erin Scovill F 28
Samantha Argir D 29
Megan Frider G 31
Amanda Klennert G 33
Abby Haben Manager
Janelle Shea Manager
Pete Hyduke Head Coach
Eric Rewertz Assistant Coach
Michele Vesel Assistant Coach
Pat Iozzo Assistant Coach