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2008 Hockey Day Minnesota - Baudette Bay February 9

On February 9th, 2008, Baudette Bay would once again host the event.  It was the location in the now inaugural HDM location the 1st 2 years of the now annual event.  This iteration, we would have 5 games. 3 High School games, 1 college and of course the NHL contest.  Kicking it all off, 2 far North teams took to the ice early in the day.  Eveleth and Lake of the Woods School played in what would end up being the coldest day in Hockey Day Minnesota lore.  Lake of the Woods worked over Eveleth 5-0 on a day where the high temperature reached a balmy -17 and wind chills dipping down towards -60 as day gave way to night, under 29 mph winds.

Hill-Murray and St. Thomas Academy would not make the trip up North for the day, instead facing off at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul.  Hill-Murray would get the best of STA this day, winning 4-3 in overtime.  Blaine would make the trip up to Baudette to continue the days action and take on Roseau in the great frozen tundra.  Roseau would win 1-0, but the mercury dipping so low, camera lenses for the FSN crew were freezing and production would be shut down.

The day would move back to St. Paul as the Minnesota Wild would invite the New York Islanders to town.  The Wild would get their first win on HDM, a 4-3 OT victory over the Islanders.  Some fun names on the score sheet for the Wild that day, Kurtis Foster had a goal and an assist.  Brian Rolston scored twice for the Wild and Brent Burns capped the game with an overtime winner.  Assists to Stephane Veilleux, Martin Skoula, James Sheppard, Mikko Koivu, Pierre-Marc Bouchard, Marion Gaborik, and Nick Schultz.  Quite the list of names there huh? A good blast from the past.

Closing out the day would be the Denver Pioneers against the Gophers once again.  This go around, the Pioneers would get the better result, scoring 4 goals to the Gophers 1.  It is also the only time in HDM history where the final live game of the day was not the Minnesota Wild, although in subsequent years there would be broadcasts of other games that had taken place during the day after the Wild finished off the live broadcast.

Vintage Minnesota Hockey Take:

For our second straight trip to Baudette, in the 2nd HDM,  I was able to convince a good friend Chad H. to join me on the trip to northern Minnesota with: - "it was so fun last year you should come with me".  He was sold hook, line and sinker to join me.  It was also this convincing that we heard about while in Baudette the morning of HDM from the FSN admin team to Roseau hockey coaches that almost decided to NOT make the frigid drive to Baudette to play that morning, as it was "dangerously cold if the bus broke down".  It must have taken a lot of convincing, as the team showed up to play on Baudette Bay.  While pulling again into the hotel the night before the first game - with car plug-ins I again thought to myself, it must get cold here for people to plug their head-bolt heaters in.  It was so cold on HDM, that the late afternoon slated Old Timers game was cancelled due to frigid temps, with Aaron Broten and others relegating to singing autographs within the local VFW after Broten dropped the ceremonial puck for Roseau vs. Blaine game.  Later that night, the extremely large fire-pit on the Baudette Bay was almost cold standing next too on the frozen river.  I personally walked into the heated tent between periods and my camera lens FROZE, taking almost half of the 3rd period to unfreeze.  We shot a iconic photo of FSN member ice fishing directly alongside the rink boards on the bay.  Chad and I braved the elements that day, and my photo I shot of Eveleth arriving to the Bay was later used in Minnesota Wild programs, and is on our website header.  I recall speaking to Kevin Gorg on the river late that night around the fire-pit, and Gorg said verbatim:  "It's so darn cold here, even the ice won't melt with a fire underneath it".  If memory recalls correctly, this is also the year the Anthony Lapanta and Kevin Gorg of FSN were in a car accident on the way home from Baudette.  In addition to car issues, my car was frozen and wouldn't start when departing Baudette.  After speaking with the Hotel owner - who happened to be University of Minnesota Hockey Dad of National Champion Johnny Waibel - and him saying "don't worry, I have a guy who will get this car started in no time for you, but you may need to pay him cash".

We (Chad and I) were elated, tired, and obviously COLD and any amount of $ would have sufficed - a local gentleman that Mr. Waibel called showed up to our hotel that looked like Davy Crockett full on with a beaver tailed hat, and literally with a blowtorch, some nice bent metal tubing, and time - heated my car under the oil pan, and had it running in under 15 minutes....Best $100 ever spent.

On the way way home, I was able to capture images of Roseau Memorial Arena, Warroad Gardens, and Olympic Arena that morning on our venture to Twin Cities home after Davy Crockett heated up my car & led us the way.  Needless to say, each stop on the way home to Monticello, we didn't stop the car...

The first three years of HDM were all sponsored by fast food chains.  2007 by McDonald's, Dairy Queen in 2008, and 2009 by Burger King fast food restaurants.  FSN on-air coverage the first three years increased every year: 11 hours in 2007, 16 hours in 2008, and 20 hours in 2009.

Hockey Day Minnesota Results & Rosters:

Game Results

Home Away Winner Score Time Location
Lake of the Woods Eveleth-Gilbert Lake of the Woods 5-0 10:00 a.m. Baudette Bay
Saint Thomas Academy Hill-Murray Hill-Murray 4-3 (OT) 1:00 Xcel Energy Center
Roseau Blaine Roseau 1-0 2:00 Baudette Bay
Minnesota Wild N.Y. Islanders Minnesota Wild 4-3 (OT) 5:00 Xcel Energy Center
Denver Pioneers University of Minnesota Denver Pioneers 4-1 8:00 Magness Arena

Lake of the Woods - Boys

Roster Position Number
Tim Sharp F 2
Kyle Poolman C 3
Zach Rasmussen C 4
Joncarlo Westerlund C 5
Jake Pelach D 7
Cody Hasbargen D 8
Danny Usiski C 9
Josh Smart C 10
Jordan Hansen F 11
Jalen Stay D 12
Eric Anderson D 13
Adam Nelson D 14
Nick Baade C 15
Garrett Nelson F 16
Jaydon Chorney C 17
Kyle Horntvedt D 18
Thomas Anderson F 19
Shae Pepera F 20
Alex Lyon G 35
Cody Carlson G 35
Mark Clifford G 30
Courtney Dahl Manager
Ryan Gough Manager
Keith Block Head Coach
Derrick Olson Assistant Coach

Eveleth/Gilbert - Boys

Roster Position Number
Chris Florey D 4
Jeremy Ross D 6
Joss Elverum F 7
Ben Delich F 9
Alex Loe D 10
Jacob Cogger F 11
Justin Gallus F 12
Marco Leoni D 14
Michael Maroste F 15
Jon Pernu D 16
Cory Hendrickson D 17
David Spragg F 18
Gian Mariucci F 19
Derek Kohlhase D 20
Ben Carey F 21
Erik Moe F 22
Ryan Stevens F 23
Jordan Purkat F 24
Erik Vincent G 33
Jesse Schilling G 34
Brittany Horoshak Manager
Jenna Rudolph Manager
Todd Kreibich Head Coach
Erik Ross Assistant Coach
Keith Johnson Assistant Coach

Roseau - Boys (Some players may not have participated - all listed in HDM program)

Roster Position Number
Allen Mekash G 1
Tim Tesarek D 2
Tom Rockis F 3
Mitch Martinson D 4
Trevor Hebel F 5
Jesse Stein F 6
Tyler Landman F 7
Kevin Erickson F 8
Adam Knochenmus F 9
Aaron Ness D 10
Zach Robinson F 11
Kyle Ross D 12
Trevor George F 14
Jason Fabian F 15
Andrew Lykken F 16
Ryan Weston D 17
Kyle Wensloff F 18
Dana Didrikson F 19
Taylor Hedlund F 20
Mike Koenig D 21
Erik Mattson D 22
Nick Oliver F 23
Cole Kostrewski F 24
Kyle Bodell F 25
Dustin Moser F 26
Ben Nelson F 27
Brooks Lommen F 28
Mike Lee G 30
Ethan Kvidt G 31
Levi Nelson G 31
Eric Massaro F 32
Brady Wrightsman G 35
Jake Johnson F 36
Adam Lykken F 38
Luke Holland F 39
Patrick Sandland D 40
Tyler Johnson F 42
Chris Olson F 43
TJ Erickson D 44
Grant Trangsrud G 45
Anne Beito Manager
Alyssa Horras Manager
Sara Kofstad Manager
Amy Thureen Manager
Kelly Sorenson Manager
Mark Oslund Manager
Spencer Wrightsman Manager
Scott Oliver Head Coach
Andy Lundbohm Assistant Coach
Bill Lund Assistant Coach
Jim Lundbohm Assistant Coach

Blaine - Boys

Roster Position Number
Tony Larson D 3
Ryan Johnson - Captain C 5
Steffen Hansen - Assistant Captain W 6
Mike Schaber - Assistant Captain W 7
Chaz Gerads W 8
Jon Walberg D 10
Mike Eggerichs C 12
Clayton Wagamon C/W 14
Jake Jensen D 15
Luke Bayer W 16
Matt Blomquist D 17
Zac Frischmon W 18
Benny Brovold W 19
Jay Wagamon D 20
Gavin Tufte W 22
Ryan Brockway D 23
Tyler Turnquist W 24
Nick Bjugstad C 27
Brent Hollerud G 30
Danny Harper G 31
Sammi Kolasa Manager
Jenna Jorgenson Manager
Dave Aus Head Coach
Darin Thompson Assistant Coach
Scott Richart Assistant Coach
Steve Witkowski Assistant Coach
Andy Shermoen Assistant Coach