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2011 Hockey Day Minnesota - Moorhead February 12

HDM in 2011 would take place in Moorhead on February 12th.  Once again it would feature 2 outdoor High School hockey games, followed by the college game and finishing with the Wild.  Wayzata and Roseau would start things off with Wayzata needing overtime to secure a 2-1 victory over the Rams.  Hill-Murray would win a 3-2 game over the host Moorhead later in the day before we worked our way into the 2nd half of the day.

The Gophers would play host to the University of Denver, and the Gophers would lay down a 7-3 victory over the Pioneers.  Following the college game, the Wild would welcome the St. Louis Blues to town and once again find themselves on the winning side of things, securing a 3-1 victory over the Blues.  Cal Clutterbuck would score for the Wild in a game that featured more penalty minutes than actual game minutes.  Also scoring for the Wild would be Antti Miettinen and Kyle Brodziak.

Vintage Minnesota Hockey Take:

The 5th Anniversary edition of HDM moved to Minnesota/North Dakota border town of Moorhead, MN.  Held at the outdoor rink located adjacent to the Moorhead Youth Ice Arena (Later renamed Cullen Hockey Center). The rink was a 1st for HDM featuring a fully enclosed standard plexi-glass arena (see our VMH take from 2010 HDM as to why we feel this is).  The mid-February 12th day for the outdoor event, was the latest calendar date HDM thus far - with most being held in January.  The day was unseasonably warm with bright sunshine making for striking photos of the teams on ice.  Many fans in the stands were wearing t-shirts for the first game, that featured Roseau vs. Wayzata.  Curiously enough both teams skated out of their respective locker-rooms donning white uniforms, (per Moorhead organizers Wayzata was to be the away team, but didn't pack their away uniforms for the game).  Fans poked fun in the stands at this faux pas with signs reading: Go Team White! 

Following a spectacular OT session for 1st game with Wayzata coming out as the victors 2-1, the afternoon marquee game between home-town Spuds vs. Pioneers from Hill-Murray.  Head Coach Bill Lechner of Pioneers roster featured future Stanley Cup champion Jake Guentzel in his Sophomore year of high school.  The biggest story of this year, following rain in Hermantown, ice turning to mush in Moorhead, and the subsequent year in Minnetonka with game being moved indoors - Hockey Day advisors from FSN and Minnesota Wild had to have started speaking about 'what would it would take to have refrigerated outdoor ice in the future'? (first year of reefer ice was 2015 St. Paul Holman Field).

Although the volunteer ice team armed with CO2 extinguishers to attempt to re-freeze the ice, the East end of the ice (closest to rink side) with the glare of sunshine off of the plexi-glass turned the ice into absolute mush.  Skaters attempting to circle the net found themselves falling immediately as the playing surface was likened to that of standing in a snow bank, vs. being atop a hard playing surface.  Referees came out for the last period late, to determine if they should either call the game over after the 2nd period.  After speaking with each coach and FSN officials, the decision was made to move each net some 10 feet on either end towards the center ice circle to try and avoid a player being hurt on the poor ice.  About 1/2 way through the 3rd period, the goaltenders and team alternated attacking ends, in an attempt to make it even to be on the really poor end.  All-in-all, the HDM event in Spud town was a great day, it was a learning experience and fun trying to navigate where to capture images with the new [now yearly similar] rink set-up (with no photo holes through the glass).

Hockey Day Minnesota Results & Rosters:

Game Results

Home Away Winner Score Time Location
Roseau Wayzata Wayzata 2-1 (OT) 10:00 a.m. Moorhead
Moorhead Hill-Murray Hill-Murray 3-2 1:30 Moorhead
University of Minnesota Denver Pioneers University of Minnesota 7-3 5:00 Mariucci Arena
Minnesota Wild St. Louis Blues Minnesota Wild 3-1 8:00 Xcel Energy Center

Roseau - Boys

Roster Position Number
Jared Strand G 1
Alex Ziegler F 2
Justin Anderson D 3
Dylan Gjovik F 4
Shane Omdahl F 5
Ryan Leverington F 6
Chase Broten F 7
Tanner Okeson D 8
Josh Erickson F 10
Corey Olson F 11
Ben Vatnsdal D 12
Jordan Robinson D 14
Cody Olson D 15
Trevor Johnson F 17
Jeremy Markstrom F 18
Jordan Olson F 19
Brandon Gunderson F 22
Mike Johnson F 25
Travis Connell F 26
Tanner Stechmann F 28
Jared Nelson F 29
Ryan Erickson G 31
Mike Tangen G 40
Trustin Gust F 42
Lyle Norman D 44
Logan Hulst G 45
Andy Lundbohm Head Coach
Aaron Broten Assistant Coach
Bryan 'Butsy' Erickson Assistant Coach
Scott Barry Assistant Coach
Jared Gustafson Assistant Coach
Dave Bjugson Assistant Coach

Wayzata - Boys

Roster Position Number
Andrew McIntyre G 1
Miles Death D 2
Tyler Klein F 3
Tanner jensen F 7
Kage Tiller F 8
Bryan Tabery F 9
Brady Anderson D 10
Sam Majka F 11
Tony Cameranesi F 12
Blake Hallenberg F 14
Kenzie Vold F 15
Michael Lee F 16
Alec Waszczenko F 17
Kyle Olson D 18
Paul Voelker F 19
Matt Halverson D 20
Nick Kurszewski D 21
Max Leschek F 21
Mario Lucia F 22
Eric Fong D 23
DJ Jones D 24
Marc Richards D 25
Aaron Dingmann G 30
Ben Grabowski G 30
Carl Davis Head Coach
Pat O'Leary Assistant Coach
Mark Fabian Assistant Coach
Tom Starkey Assistant Coach

Moorhead - Boys

Roster Position Number
Ben Welle D 2
Simon Selberg D 3
Brady Rapske D 3
Nic Oxton D 4
Jacob Uglem D 5
Terry Leabo D 6
Evan Cook F 7
Noah Julin D 8
Tony Uglem F 10
Bryant Christian F 11
Brendan Johnson F 12
Nicholas Peterson F 14/24
Eric Barker D 14
Ben Doda F 15
Nicholas Uglem F 17
Cody Rahman F 19
Crosby Steen F 20
Jesse Doschadis F 21
John O'Connor D 22
Eric Brenk F 22
Sean Kunkel D 23
Nate Johnson F 24
Zach Quaife F 25
Logan Ness F 26
Thomas Carey F 27
Evan Cochran G 31
Michael Bitzer G 33
Dave Morinville Head Coach
Erik Grafstrom Assistant Coach
Josh Arnold Assistant Coach
Greg Salvevold Assistant Coach
Joe Emmerich Assistant Coach

Hill-Murray - Boys

Roster Position Number
John Dugas G 1
Travis Wood D 6
Kevin Becker F 9
Luke Voltin F 10
Ben Bahe F 11
Ryan Holler F 12
Charlie Sampair F 14
Conrad Sampair F 15
Blake Heinrich D 16
Jonah Johnson D 17
Andrew Herlofsky D 18
John Phillippi F 19
Jake Guentzel F 20
Zach LaValle F 21
Bobby Bruski F 22
Andy Faust F 25
Loren French F 26
J.D. Cotroneo D 27
Kevin Schulze D 28
Tim Shaughnessy G 33
Bill Lechner Head Coach
Pat Schafhauser Assistant Coach
Tony Ciro Assistant Coach