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2012 Hockey Day Minnesota - Minnetonka January 21

Hockey Day Minnesota in 2012 was a unique monster, in that it featured no outdoor hockey games.  Temperatures had soared into the 50’s just a few days before the event, causing all kinds of issues and making the outdoor surface unplayable.  So this January 21st, HDM would head indoors to the Pagel Activity Center for the youth games.  It was also a year where girls were welcomed back into the fold, and showcased 5 hockey games once again.

Kicking off the day, a game not seen on TV until much later as the girls of Minnetonka beat up on Hopkins by a 5-1 margin.  The first game on television this day was a battle between the boys of Grand Rapids and White Bear Lake.  Grand Rapids would edge WBL 4-3.  Then a battle of behemoths as Minnetonka took on Duluth East to close out the H.S. games.  Minnetonka proved the better team this day, by a wide margin, winning the game 9-3.  The Gophers would call on Colorado College this year, and the Gophers would edge them out in the end, winning 2-1 before the NHL’ers took to the ice.  For the second time in HDM history, the Wild would take on the Dallas Stars, and earn a 5-2 victory.  Some of your favorite names of Minnesota Wild past would end up on the scoring sheet this day, with goals from Devin Setoguchi, Cal Clutterbuck, Kyle Brodziak, Dany Heatley, and Eden Prairie, MN native Chad Rau.  Carson McMillan, Jed Ortmeyer and Warren Peters would also get assists in the game with Wild defeating Stars 5-2.

Vintage Minnesota Hockey Take:

For the 6th edition of HDM, it started a tradition of northern Minnesota to Twin Cities, and back to Northern Minnesota of what fans were thinking was a newly found tradition of 'how it would be yearly now going forward' with this North-South arrangement.  The day was billed as Hockey Blast, with a website created by Minnetonka organizers for the day at to sell tickets, merchandise, and for social media purposes.  The program, and even the ticket stubs (that looked like old theater tickets from the 1940's with vintage printing reading: ADMIT ONE Hockey Blast Minnesota) for the day were absolutely amazing, including having our first laminated press credential which was a new addition never issued 5 years prior.  What was not amazing; the game was sadly moved indoors to Pagel Activity Center located behind Minnetonka High School as temperatures soared to above 50 degrees the week prior, making ice literally un-make-able relying only on mother nature.  Following rain in Hermantown, ice turning to mush in Moorhead, and this year being moved indoors - Hockey Day advisors from FSN and Minnesota Wild had to have started speaking about 'what would it would take to have refrigerated outdoor ice in the future'? (first year of reefer ice was 2015 St. Paul Holman Field).  The games, and the striking Duluth East throwback uniforms were legendary, but the whole mystique of Hockey Day was not that of what everyone has become to know - bringing the game back to it's roots...outdoors.  On the way to cover HDM, we stopped by the shores of Lake Minnetonka in Excelsior Bay where the rink lay vacant set up in it's destined spot for HDM, but only grass and snow was seen where the playing surface should have been.  For the 2nd year in a row, we were happy to have assisted this year the Minnetonka Youth Association with a 3 page Minnesota Hockey History intro story within the commemorative program, for the assistance the event organizers were happy to place a VintageMNHockey proud supporters of HDM ad within the program.

Hockey Day Minnesota Results & Rosters (NO student Managers, Coaches listed in program):

Game Results

Home Away Winner Score Time Location
Minnetonka Girls Hopkins Girls Minnetonka 5-1 Tape Delay 11 PM Pagel Activity Center
White Bear Lake Grand Rapids Grand Rapids 4-3 10:00 a.m. Pagel Activity Center
Minnetonka Duluth East Minnetonka 9-3 1:30 Pagel Activity Center
University of Minnesota Colorado College University of Minnesota 2-1 5:00 Mariucci Arena
Minnesota Wild Dallas Stars Minnesota Wild 5-2 8:00 Xcel Energy Center

White Bear Lake - Boys

Roster Position Number
Thomas Delaney D 2
Mike Abrahamson F 6
Jon Tauer D 11
Jack Morisette D 12
Peter Deppert F 13
Dan Sorbo F 15
Ben Wilke F 16
Seth King F 17
Hunter Halonen D 18
Mitch Morrisette F 19
Jake Wahlin F 20
Lance Carney D 21
R.J. Majkozak D 22
Adam Heinger D 24
Neal Burke F 26
Alex Bocchi F 27
Jake Dittel D 28
Anthony Zappa G 30
Jared Schletty G 31
Josh Bartness F 40

Grand Rapids - Boys

Roster Position Number
Patrick Flaherty G 1
Zach Frazier W 3
Jordan Stejskal - Captain D 4
Nick Koerbitz W 5
Conor Hoolihan W 6
Travis Underwood - Captain C 7
Avery Peterson C 8
David Horsmann D 9
Reid Holum W 10
Nate Mondry W 11
Grant Carlisle C 12
Austin Jaeger W 14
Cody Mann W 16
Curtis Simonson D 17
Matt Soderberg D 18
Evan Anderson D 19
Jake Bischoff D 22
Hunter Shepard G 35

Minnetonka - Boys

Roster Position Number
Michael Prochno D 3
Thomas Vannelli D 4
Steve Johnson D 5
Connor Thie F 7
Max Coatta F 9
Jack Tea D 11
Joe Schuldt D 15
Jack Ramsey F 16
Vinni Lettieri F 19
Jimmy Schuldt D 21
Erik Baskin F 22
Sam Rothstein F 23
Justin Bader F 24
Phil Katopodis F 25
Jared Ridge F 26
Matt Behounek G 30
Paul Caiccio G 35

Duluth East - Boys

Roster Position Number
Andrew Kerr D 3
Steven Holappa F 4
Alex Trapp D 5
Kyle Campion D 6
Wyatt Irvin F 8
Trevor Olson F 12
Domenick Bergeland F 13
David Lofstuen F 14
Meirs Moore D 15
Jake Randolph F 16
Cody Packingham F 17
Dom Toninato F 19
Nate Kotter D 20
Ryan Lundgren F 21
Alex Toscano F 23
Phil Beaulieu D 25
Conner Valesano F 26
Jack Forbort F 27
Nate Repensky D 28
Dylan Parker G 30
Beau Hughes D 32
Hogan Davidson F 37
Paige Skoog G 41
Mike Randolph Head Coach

Minnetonka - Girls

Roster Position Number
Hannah Ehresmann G 1
Emma Krueger D 2
Diana Draayer F 4
Sidney Morin D 5
Alicia Randall D/F 6
Sydney Baldwin D 8
Amy Petersen - Captain F 9
Hannah Behounek D 11
Maggie Bazany F 12
Hadley Cookson - Captain F 14
Laura Bowman - Captain F 16
Christine Gagnon F 18
Kelsey Crow D 19
Megan McGlynn F 20
Darby Flatley F 24
Holly Korn F 25
Sydney Rossman G 35
Kira Von Steinbergs F 37

Hopkins - Girls (Some players may not have participated - all listed in HDM program)

Roster Position Number
Molly Dionne G 1
Rachael St. Clair F 2
Melaina Johnson D 4
Corbin Boyd F 5
Grace Bizal D 6
Olivia Chase F 7
Nina Rodgers F 8
Alli Rolandelli - Captain D 9
Jilliane DeYoung F 10
Miranda Oestreich F 11
Leah Chase F 12
Shortie Sheran F 13
Michele Guenther F 14
Hope Brettingen D 15
Mari Mankey - Captain F 16
Terese Warden F 17
Josie Ries F 18
Jess Harrington F 19
McKenna Moe F 20
Jenni Howes F 21
Hannah Spooner F 22
Laura Clemens D 23
Stephanie Sween F 24
Jesie Dupay D 25
Sadie Schneider D 26
Ali Freie D 27
Gretchen Patterson D 28
Erin O'Neil G 29
Sadie Miller G 31
Natalie Roy G 33
Samantha Ostenso D 36