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2023 Hockey Day Minnesota - White Bear Lake January 26-29

Vintage Minnesota Hockey Take:

For the 17th annual edition of Hockey Day Minnesota (HDM) - the City of Lakes & Legends turn to shine in the National spotlight for Minnesota's beloved day/week turned to the city that Francis Xavier 'Moose' Goheen put on the map with his legendary play with the mighty St. Paul Athletic Club sextet in the early 1920's - it was only fitting some 100 years later HDM would be hosted in Goheens home-town of White Bear Lake, held in Polar Lakes Park Township.  The city and on-site sight(s) were all amazing from the official entrance that had adorned affixed Christian Hockey sticks signed by youth players, to retro restored original Aldrich Arena zamboni that was parked within the hockey village for fans to take pictures alongside, to large HDM ice sculpture logo & a fun HDM puck sponsorship wall - that will reside within the historic WBL Hippodrome Arena, to the festivities surrounding the day - including a now seemingly annual tradition large heated tent with vendor sales & on-site live sound(s) entertainment with bands rocking in the background while hockey ensued on the frozen refrigerated rink, sounds of hardened pucks banging off frozen dasher boards, and a sound that you could definitely feel - that stopped HDM visitors in their tracks, was with each home and away goal, from EVERY game played a nearby goal cannon fired off with each goal that sounded, and felt like a stick of M80 was exploding - many people were stopped in their tracks that were new visitors to HDM in White Bear, even clenching their chests with breath taken away saying aloud "Oh my, what was that"! Something that wasn't new to HDM, was of course the usual smell(s) from the busy vendor trailers making warm food for hungry cold HDM fans, to extremely large on-site wood buring crackling fire pits adjacent to rink where many frozen hearty Minnesota natives stood shoulder to shoulder warming up before watching hockey outdoors - that has become so accustomed to fans and visitors alike that yearly make the trek to each host community within Minnesota and taking the smell of HDM camp fire smoke filled clothes back home.

White Bear Lake didn't disappoint! 

For the grand finale, the public school Bears donning retro throwback jerseys, faced off against their fiercest rival in private school Pioneers from Hill-Murray, who additionally came dressed for the occasion wearing throwback 1980's Pioneers kelly green & gold uniforms with faux Cooperalls that had a vintage Civic Center tournament feel circa 1983.  With only minutes remaining in the game, and home-town Bears leading the game the 'party seemed to have begun too soon' and the pyrotechnic on-site fireworks lighted the sky with fans reveling to ask; 'what is happening' with only a minute left to play in regulation.  Once the smoke cleared the ice and stands, and veteran Pioneer Head Coach Bill Lechner rallied his squad to "stay in the game, calm down" - the Pioneers hit the ice with an extra attacker and empty net when Hill-Murray senior Brady Ingebritson scored off a rebound to tie the score, then later notched the game-winner in overtime as Hill-Murray upset the home-town Bears 3-2 – who were at the time ranked No. 9 in the state in Class 2AA.

“That just got me fired up,” Ingebritson said of the exploding fireworks. “It got my adrenaline going.”

The loss was a tough one for the Bears.  Who skated away after so much hard work was put into being host city of HDM with an OT loss.

“I’m at a loss for words,” Ingebretson said. “To play in Hockey Day Minnesota against White Bear Lake.  You couldn’t [have] asked for much better than this.”

Bally Sports North and Hockey Day administration announced the last night in White Bear Lake that the 19th annual 2025 HDM was awarded to City of Shakopee - marking the 1st year that a host association/City was awarded HDM for 2 years away (as Warroad was already aware they were the host City for 18th annual HDM)

Hockey Day Minnesota Results & Rosters:

Game Results

Home Away Winner Score Time Location
Forest Lake Girls Cretin-Derham Hall Girls Cretin-Derham Hall 4-1 Thur. Jan 26. 5:30 p.m. Polar Lakes Park
Celebrity Game Celebrity Game - - Thur. Jan 26. 7:30 p.m. Polar Lakes Park
Saint John's Mens Augsburg Mens Saint John's 5-4 (OT) Fri. Jan 27, 5:45 p.m. Polar Lakes Park
White Bear Alumni White Bear Alumni - - Fri. Jan 27, 8:30 p.m. Polar Lakes Park
White Bear Lake Girls Stillwater Girls Stillwater 8-3 Sat. Jan 28, 9:30 a.m. Polar Lakes Park
Mahtomedi Boys Hermantown Boys Hermantown 6-3 Sat. Jan 28, 1:00 p.m. Polar Lakes Park
White Bear Lake Boys Hill-Murray Boys Hill-Murray 3-2 (OT) Sat. Jan 28, 4:30 p.m. Polar Lakes Park
Minnesota Wild Buffalo Sabres Minnesota Wild 3-2 (SO) Sat. Jan 28, 8:00 p.m. Xcel Energy Center

Forest Lake Girls

Roster Position Number
Sami Pool D 2
Rylen Kissell F 3
Cordelia Hauck F 4
Avery Lundwall D 5
Abby Tuma F 6
Hailey Stanius D 7
Julia Hayek D 8
Noelle Johnson D 10
Ellie Hanowski F 13
Lexi Thompson F 14
Emma Halweg D 15
Ava Saxe F 17
Abbie Sklavenitis F 18
Maddy Monette F 19
Ellie Zowin F 21
Delaney Kuny F 22
Malia McKinnon F 27
Madigan Coleman D 28
Taylor Thompson G 30
Adria Haley G 35
Sam Scott F 39
Madison Messingham Manager
Brooke Murray Manager
Karley Starkey Manager
Andy Richardson Head Coach
Jordan Iverson Assistant Coach
Molly Larson Assistant Coach
Corey McKinnon Assistant Coach
Steve Wenzel Assistant Coach

Cretin-Derham Hall Girls

Roster Position Number
Sophia Schwab F 2
Anamaria Paradise D 3
Casey Coffey D 4
Hope Hadac F 5
Lily Vincelli D 7
Stella Hadac D 8
Delaney Schwab F 9
Lily Anderson F 10
McKinley Haycraft D 11
Meredith Anfang F 12
Abby Broz F 13
Natalia Martineau F 14
Isabelle Oelrich D 17
Lauren Fisher F 18
Ava Perry F 19
Josie Vance F 22
Mckenna Borene D 23
Grace Kemp G 35
Caroline Neurer G 39
Charlotte Fotsch Manager
Olivia Kimlinger Manager
Sarah McKeown Manager
Tony Scheid Head Coach
Callie Dahl Assistant Coach
Nic Leibold Assistant Coach

Saint John's Mens

Roster Position Number
Jaeger Reed G 1
Joe Raleigh D 2
Zach Enebak D 3
Peter Tabor D 4
Danny Eckerline D 5
Brett Meister F 8
Max Borst F 9
Mason Campbell D 10
Lewis Crosby F 11
Dan Wieber D/F 12
Joe Papa F 14
Cody Carlson F 15
Cooper Anderson D 16
Rob Christy F 17
Matt DeRosa F 18
Nick Michel F 19
Jack Johnson F 20
Spencer Rudrud F 21
Josh Maucieri F 22
Auggie Moore F 23
Michael Spinner D 24
Henry Enebak F 25
Garrett Smith F 26
Jack Olsen D 27
Jackson Sabo F 28
Bailey Huber G 29
Jon Howe G 30
Tom Kuriscak G 31
Adam Donlin Manager
Charlie Weick Manager
Doug Schueller Head Coach
Mac Berglove Assistant Coach
Chad Hommerding Assistant Coach
Cory Thorson Assistant Coach

Augsburg Mens

Roster Position Number
Jack Robbel G 1
Thomas Carls F 3
Brandon Ratzloff F 4
Vincent Weis D 5
Logan Kons D 6
Dylan Schneider F 7
Nick Woodward D 8
Mason Palmer D 9
Konnor Carlson F 10
Jarod Blackowiak F 11
Austin Dollimer F 12
Jake Osiecki D 14
Andrew Hicks D 15
Michael Redmon F 16
Erik Palmqvist F 17
Gavin Holland F 18
Nick Catalano F 19
Peyton Hanson F 20
Michael Ferrandino D 21
Kyler Yeo F 22
Jake Hale F 23
Grant Reichenbacher F 24
Fritz Belisle F 25
James Miller D 28
Daniel Chladek F 29
River Goodmanson G 30
Samuel Vyletelka G 35
Greg May Head Coach
Tom Doyle Assistant Coach
Garrett Hendrickson Assistant Coach
Janne Kivihalme Assistant Coach
B.J. O’Brien Assistant Coach

White Bear Lake Girls

Roster Position Number
Sterling Anderson G 1
Aubree Degel F 3
Madeline Lee F 4
Kiyo Ziegler F 5
Amanda Smythe F 6
Zoe Timmons F/D 7
Talia Domschot F 9
Grace Laszlo F 11
Lyla Beck D 12
Elaina Hosfield F 14
Grace Bailey D 16
Ava Johnson F 18
Annika Norman D 19
Hailey Dawe F/D 22
Maddy Belisle D 24
Lily Howard F 26
Olivia Simpkins D 27
Celia Spence F 28
Kendall Roeser F 29
Gabriella Casa de Calvo G 33
Maya Marston G 36
Alex Reiland Manager
Mallory Theissen Manager
Elsa Shorey Head Coach
Jeanette Bealke Assistant Coach
Colleen Cameron Assistant Coach
Mark Domschot Assistant Coach

Stillwater Girls

Roster Position Number
Maya Hanlon G 1
Avery Braunshausen F 2
Myah Krueger F 3
Ann McGlynn D/F 4
Riley Robinson F 5
Grace Cheney D 6
Josie St. Martin F 7
Alexa March D 8
Ava Mosley D 10
Hailey Olson F 11
Brooke Nelson F 12
Breanna Tubbs F/D 13
Josephine Lang D 14
Kylie Ligday D 15
Isabelle "Belle" McKenzie F 16
Annie Goulet F 17
Olivia "Lu" Williams F 18
Hunter Reardon F 19
Avery Irlbeck D 20
Sophia Hauer D 21
Addy Finn D/F 22
Maddy Richert D 24
Ashlyn Hoff F 26
Maya Schroeder F 27
Megan Boser D 28
Lauren Barbaris F 29
Olivia Dejarnett F 31
Lillian Timmons G 32
Mary Francis Williams F 34
Ella Wenzel G 35
Alexis Ryberg D 37
Payton Ryberg F 38
Madeleine Williams F 40
Belle Adams Manager
Ava Bies Manager
Abby Wenzel Manager
Annie Cashman Head Coach
Brinna Dochniak Assistant Coach
Dave Dochniak Assistant Coach
Alli O'Brien Assistant Coach
Nate Wagner Assistant Coach

Mahtomedi Boys

Roster Position Number
Cav Bruner D 2
David Wolsfeld F 4
Cole Swanson D 5
Sam Harris D 6
Will Brummel D 7
Jake Hodd-Chlebeck F 8
Jonny Grove F 9
Charlie Drage F 11
Laken Decker F 14
Seth Nelson F 15
Wyatt Tarnowski D 16
Patrick Egan F 17
Gene Wegleitner F 18
Max Egan F 19
Jimmy Egan F 21
Carter Haycraft F 22
Corey Bohmert F 24
Carson Marshall D 26
Noah Mogren F 27
Cody Dvorak D 28
Andrew Reister G 29
Charlie Brandt G 30
Jake Dalum Manager
Abbey Forster Manager
Harrison Irsfeld Manager
Kennedy Kruse Manager
Jeff Poeschl Head Coach
Chris Bennett Assistant Coach
John O'May Assistant Coach
Alex Rogosheske Assistant Coach
Tom Strelow Assistant Coach

Hermantown Boys

Roster Position Number
Henry Peterson D 2
Sam Swenson F 3
Wyatt Carlson F 4
Jaxsen Ericksen F 5
Andrew Johnson Jr. F 6
Evan Gunderson F 7
Drew Nelson D 8
Will Esterbrooks D 9
Carter Pietrusa F 10
Kade Kohanski F 11
Nolan Barker D 12
Weston Bohlman D 13
Aaron Evjen F 14
Mason Sundbom F 16
Matt Kauppinen F 17
Ford Skytta F 18
Josh Kauppinen F 19
Tatum Sawyer F 20
Cade Winans F 21
George Peterson D 22
River Freeman F 23
Dallas Vieau F 24
Peter Emerson D 25
Charlie Marchand F 26
Graff Mellin F 27
Rocco Ericksen F 28
Zach Thorsten F 29
Evan Sundell G 30
Garron Opsahl G 31
Dane Callaway G 32
Cole Sharrow G 33
Cole Palokangas F 34
Dakota Rowan F 36
Holdyn Evjen D 37
Sawyer Rust F 38
Jack Slattengren D 39
Cooper Caine D 40
Cam Lukovsky D 44
Gabby Belrose Manager
Paxtyn Misiewicz Manager
Caden Olson Manager
Will Peterson Manager
Patrick Andrews Head Coach
Greg Aker Assistant Coach
Nate Buck Assistant Coach
Chad Huttel Assistant Coach
Jameson Lundquist Assistant Coach
Matt Swanson Assistant Coach

White Bear Lake Boys

Roster Position Number
Andy Mudgett G 1
Grady Gallatin D 2
Kevin Laska F 3
Noah Driscoll D 4
Noah Norman F 5
Joe Belisle D 6
Devin Willett F 7
Aiden Welch F 8
Nolan Roed F 9
Will Distad D 10
Brady Borgestad F 11
Aiden Akins D 12
Sam Ganyaw D 13
Vincent Villella F 14
Charlie Olsen F 15
Kyle Gibson F 16
Dylan Buetow F 17
Jack Stanius F 18
Ethan Kindsvater D 19
Blake Eckerle D 20
Kellen Beck F 21
Michael Delaney F 22
Alex Doroff F 23
Connor Podewils F 24
Finn Karni F 25
Mason Jurkovich D 26
Kevin Zollinger D 27
Dylan Spence D 28
Rafa Bastida-Rickmyer F 29
Leo Gabriel G 30
Oliver Stopher G 31
Colin Thompson G 33
Kyle Christianson F 34
Caden Boos F 36
John Goben F 37
Tommy Bourgoin F 38
Michael Gibson D 39
Grace Castro Manager
Bella Kuyava Manager
Emily Raschick Manager
Brennan Schachtner Manager
Chloe Zender Manager
Tim Sager Head Coach
Chris Anderson Assistant Coach
Thomas Delaney Assistant Coach
Steve Henry Assistant Coach
Sean Padden Assistant Coach
Derek Simon Assistant Coach
Brandon Wahlin Assistant Coach

Hill-Murray Boys

Roster Position Number
Andrew Lane G 1
Joseph Luger D 2
Brayden Houge D 6
Ryan Madigan F 7
Simon Seidl F 8
Jude Bonin F 9
Cullen Ingebritson F 10
Ben Miller F 11
Caden Sampair F 12
Matthew Whisler D 14
Brady Ingebritson F 15
Lucas Mann F 16
Boden Sampair F 17
Jackson Reeves F 18
Graham Greeder D 19
Landon Cottingham D 20
Jack Blissenbach F 21
Zach Laumeyer F 22
Seth Klepac D 26
Casper Lang D 28
Jack Erickson G 33
Riley Quast Manager
Cali Quinlan Manager
Andrew Whisler Manager
Bill Lechner Head Coach
Tony Flint Assistant Coach
Jake Lechner Assistant Coach
Pat Schafhauser Assistant Coach
Mark Tollefsbol Assistant Coach

Celebrity Game - Team White (Not Televised)

Brian Bonin
Hannah Brandt
Winny Brodt
Ryan Carter
Tom Chorske
Matt Henderson
Scott Meyer
Geno Parrish
Peter Roed
Lee Stecklein
Thomas Vanek

Celebrity Game - Team Black (Not Televised)

Mike Craig
Joe Dziedzic
Paul Fletcher
Matt Greer
Yam Haus
Dan Hendrickson
Jordan Leopold
Mike Lundin
Brandon Mileski
Blake Sloan
Jeff Taffe

WBL Alumni - Black (Not Televised)

Roster Number Grad Year
Max Birkinbine 21 2011
Eric Bishop 28 1995
Tyler Bishop 28 2022
Garen David 8 2011
Thomas Delaney 2 2013
Evan Foss 33 2019
Dan Gallatin 93 1993
Randy Gallatin 19 1995
Tom Jensen 18 1995
Seth King 17 2013
Zach Loesch 17 2010
Mike Lovett 14 1995
Jared Reigstad 17 1995
Pete Roed 9 1995
Doug Schueller 15 1995
Tim Simpkins 23 1995
Todd Strohkirch 14 1994
Brandon Wahlin 20 2011
Andy Will 10 1995
Alec Will 8 2016
Mike Schwartz Coach -
Tim Simpkins Coach 1995

WBL Alumni - Orange (Not Televised)

Roster Number Grad Year
Jamie Bartlett 19 2000
Scott Brydges 23 1982
Steve Collova 7 2000
Ryan Connelly 9 2000
Joe Dustin 5 1998
Mike Esty 12 1999
Brian Johnson 23 1989
Eric Larson 11 1996
Josh Liebenow 8 1999
Billie Luger 20 2000
Nathan McClanahan 5 1999
Andrew Mielzarek 18 1996
Nick Moore 1 2016
Jon Norman 7 1988
Tim Olsen 20 1998
Shawn Roed 9 1999
Jeff Rose 7 1996
Jesse Turnbull 16 1998
Luke Wippler 6 2000
Eric Larson Coach 1996

WBL Alumni - White (Not Televised)

Roster Number Grad Year
Luke Ahles 22 2020
Jon Anderson 18 1986
Sam Anderson 19 2014
Will Anderson 32 1991
Brian Bonin 9 1992
Ben Butters 19 1993
Jon Gorowski 15 1982
Steve Gorowski 4 1990
Matt Henderson 15 1992
Grant Hofeld 5 2020
Jake Klein 11 2019
Tony Lammers 6 1994
Chad Marquardt 2 1993
Blake Meister 29 2019
Andy Peterson 7 1989
Jason Reigstad 7 1990
Billy Rose 10 2020
Jared Schletty 31 2012
Tyler Steffens 30 2020
Derek Wynne 14 1991
Chris Bailey Coach 1991

WBL Alumni - Gray (Not Televised)

Roster Number Grad Year
Chris Anderson 3 2003
Luke Beaverson 5 2003
Case Bill 26 2019
Charlie Bill 26 2015
Dan Bonne 21 2004
Ryan Carter 14 2002
Pat Connelly 17 2005
Peter Deppert 8 2013
Dan Gelderman 16 2001
Matt Greer 16 2004
Tim Hambly 4 2001
Chase Hamstad 17 2018
Tyler Johnson 14 2006
Matthew Jungwirth 13 2016
Lance Malark 12 2003
Dustin Mercado 4 2003
Bobby Parenteau 31 2017
Casey Parenteau 9 2004
Tim Hambly Coach 2001