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2017 Hockey Day Minnesota - Stillwater January 20 & 21

Vintage Minnesota Hockey Take:

2017 HDM moved to Stillwater, MN - the Birthplace of the State of Minnesota border town of Minnesota/Wisconsin nestled on the shores of scenic St. Croix River, with the history laden Stillwater lift bridge as the backdrop of the days event.  Stillwater Ponies hockey program has been a longtime community that loves hockey and has been supportive of growing the game for a long time.  Prior to 2017, the Ponies H.S. team made it to the State Tournament for the first time ever in 2014, and returned to the Tourney to win their first game in 2016.  The location, event, and amazing ice castles event was also located within feet of the rink, which many visiting fans visited adding to the overall winter park atmosphere, and made for a special few days in Stillwater.  Prior to the actual HDM date of Januray 21, event organizers took advantage of the ice sheet, and the evening and night prior (January 20) a Stillwater Fire vs. Police game was held at 4:30, followed by Minnesota Whitecaps vs Korean National Team at 6:00, followed by a fun Gophers vs. Badgers mens hockey alumni game at 7:30.  Many older alumni from each storied program, including current Wild players Ryan Suter (WI) and Jordan Schroeder (MN), including Minnesota Wild owner Craig Leopold were on-hand to drop the ceremonial puck for the night cap, and see the alumni play under the lights.  The University of Minnesota men came away with the win, and a home-made hockey stick handle, with an axe affixed to the end named the Border Battle Alumni Hockey Trophy.  (Craig Leopold was so intrigued, he came back the next day to watch the high school contests at actual HDM, and stood atop the media riser to watch the action).

The actual morning of scheduled HDM (Janurary 21) began with a light rain shower, causing the ice that morning to look more like a curling rink with an even coated orange peeled texture surface prime for throwing rocks.  This year marked the 3rd straight year of refrigerated ice at HDM with an on-site reefer that had no issues keeping the ice cool with the a.m. rain.  The days first games featured Thief River vs. Mahtomedi with one of Herb Brooks grandsons (Joe Paradise) on the Mahtomedi squad who came away as victors over the Prowlers 3-0, who were led by former NHL player Tim Bergland.  The marquee game of the day featuring the Ponies of Stillwater vs a strong visiting Eden Prairie team - led by future 1st round (8th overall) NHL draft pick - Casey Mittelstadt deemed to be too powerful for the hometown squad who fell 4-1 on Pony territory ice to the Eagles.

All in all, the weekend in history laden Stillwater, with restaurants, breweries and wineries within walking distance away from the rink made for a very memorable time in Stillwater.  Although not highly attended the night before, the addition of a collegiate game (although alumni) in 2017 marked what appears to be a new tradition at HDM as the 2018, 2019 and 2020 HDM also had scheduled D1 collegiate hockey games on the outdoor ice sheets.

Hockey Day Minnesota Results & Rosters:

Game Results

Home Away Winner Score Time Location
Mahtomedi Thief River Falls Mahtomedi 3-0 10:00 a.m. Lowell Park
Stillwater Eden Prairie Eden Prairie 4-1 1:00 Lowell Park
St. Cloud State Womens MSU Womens St. Cloud State 4-3 3:00 Herb Brooks Arena
University of Wisconsin University of Minnesota University of Wisconsin 5-3 5:00 Kohl Center
Stillwater Girls Minnetonka Girls Stillwater 2-0 5:30 Lowell Park
Minnesota Wild Anaheim Ducks Minnesota Wild 5-3 7:00 Xcel Energy Center

University of Wisconsin Alumni - Mens

Roster Position Number
Ted Carlson 2
Jay Reimers 2
Davis Drewiske 4
Sean Hill 6
Kelly Fairchild 7
T.R. Moreau 10
Jamie Spencer 12
Matt Murray 14
Adam Burish 16
Jeff Dessner 16
Woody Levin 16
Dustin Kuk 18
Tom Sagissor 19
Dan Boeser 20
Rob Andringa 21
Joe Bianchi 21
David Tanabe 21
John Funk 22
Mike Doers 23
Matt Doman 24
Paul Ranheim 25
Barry Richter 26
Mike Strobel 27
Dan Bjornlie 28
Jeff Henderson G 29
Dan Plante 32
Mark Baranczyk G 35
Jeff Sauer Coach

University of Minnesota Alumni - Mens

Roster Position Number
Lance Pitlick 2
Chris Harrington 3
Jordan Leopold 3
Chris McAlpine 4
Ryan Kraft 7
Erik Westrum 7
Eric means 8
Joe Dziedzic 9
John Pohl 9
Mike Anderson 10
Bobby Dustin 11
Erik Wendell 11
Tony Lucia 12
Keith Ballard 13
Nico Sacchetti 13
Jay Cates 14
Jake Taylor 14
Reggie Berg 19
Ben Hankinson 19
Justin McHugh 19
Troy Riddle 21
Matt Koalska 24
Bill Kohn 24
Pat O'Leary 25
Nick Angell 26
Scorr Bjugstad 27
Dan Hendrickson 29
Tom Newman G 29
Jeff Moen G 20
Lou Nanne Coach
Bill Butters Coach
Jim Boo Coach
Mark Bahr Coach

Mahtomedi - Boys

Roster Position Number
Luke Posner F 2
Cullen Gozzo D 3
Colin Hagstrom F 4
Aidan Pearson D 5
Connor Stoker D 6
Sam Ayd F 7
Noah Skillings D 8
Nikolai Dulak F 9
Hunter Solomon F 10
Jeff Kneale F 11
Michael Miller F 13
Tommy Broten D 14
Matt Vannelli F 15
Colline Mireault D 16
Joe Paradise F 17
Sam Lapadat F 19
Zach Roberts F 21
Dallas Duckson F 22
Charlie Bartholomew F 27
Dylan La'llier G 28
Bailey Huber G 32
Josh Campbell G 35
Chase Sullivan Manager
Erin Hoffman Manager
Mara Yaello Manager
Abby Arditto Manager
Jeff Poeschl Head Coach
Tom Strelow Assistant Coach
Russ Becker Assistant Coach
Matt Miskovich Assistant Coach
Jeff Mars Assistant Coach
Nick Boreen Assistant Coach

Thief River Falls - Boys

Roster Position Number
Keaden Kempert D 2
Dylan Defreece F 3
Hunter Larson F 4
Evan Bushy D 6
Christian Larson F 7
Kaiden Quinn F 8
Cole Gillespie F 9
Trandon Lehrer D 10
Brady Anderson D 12
Zachary Lee F 15
Aaron Myers F 16
Jace Jorde F 17
Danny Dicken F 19
Gunnar Fellman D 21
Parker Lane F 22
Gabe Trudeau F 26
Erik Buckley F 27
Brandon Gehrls D 29
Brandon Mack G 31
Nick Corneliusen G 35
Ethan Janisch F 66
Janae Erickson Manager
Janaka Erickson Manager
Tim Bergland Head Coach
Bob Huot Assistant Coach
Rick Johnson Assistant Coach
Scott Bergland Assistant Coach

Stillwater - Boys (Some players may not have participated - all listed in HDM program)

Roster Position Number
Teddy Sagissor G 1
Joe Raliegh D 2
Jesse Bjugstad D 3
Joey Novalany D 4
Logan Huber F 5
Evan Tomaro F 6
Lucas Monson F 7
Jack Reinseth D 8
Matthew Stanton F 9
Josh Long F 10
Noah Cates F 11
Thomas Bruchu D 12
Austin Murr D 13
Parker Dutko F 14
Matthew McGinley F 15
Jack Mapstone D 16
Brody Swanson F 17
Joey Pidde F 18
Luke Manning F 19
Brandan Peterson D 20
David VanOrt F 21
TJ Sagissor F 22
Adam Knapp D 23
Parker Wylie D 24
Michael Kaufman F 25
Max Timmons F 26
Cole Fernandez F 27
Spencer Scott F 28
Ethan Darby D 29
Jesse Brown G 30
Seth Eisele G 31
Adam Eisele F 32
Mitchell Bailey G 33
Wyatt Wasko F 34
Alexander Wells F 35
Sawyer Cote D 36
Mason Bartosh F 37
Ethan Connolly F 38
Andrew Eichten F 39
Sydney Slusher Manager
Laney Koontz Manager
Montana Miller Manager
Malory Roeske Manager
John Lindeberg Manager
Matt Doman Head Coach
Pete Hamilton Assistant Coach
Scott Bjugstad Assistant Coach
Paul Benson Assistant Coach
Rick Thomas Assistant Coach
Phil Fox Assistant Coach

Eden Prairie - Boys

Roster Position Number
Andrew Dietrich G 1
Tommy Hartle D 2
Sam Pajor D 3
Nicky Leivermann D 4
Jake Olson F 5
Noah Deraney D 8
Jarod Blackowiak F 9
Casey Mittelstadt F 11
Noah Sullivan F 12
Andrew Erwin D 15
Jack Jensen F 18
Ryan Lesko F 19
Tim Piechowski F 20
Joey Graen F 22
Nick Benson F 23
Dex Shavlik F 25
Hunter Johannes F 27
Cory Schoo D 28
Nick Wiencek G 30
Spencer Rudrud F 36

Stillwater - Girls (Some players may not have participated - all listed in HDM program)

Roster Position Number
Grace Roeske G 1
Hannah Affolter F 2
Alaina Tanski F 3
Claire Knowlan D 4
Ava Johnson F 5
Gina Jablonski F 6
Cleo Nystrom F 7
Hannah Anderson F 8
Meredith Parry F 9
Abbi Paduano F 10
Jenna Schwingler F 11
Olivia Konigson D 12
Hanna Anderson D 13
Lauren Gella F 14
Emma Salmi F 15
Grace Howe D 16
Lauren Einan F 17
Grace Arkell D 18
Grace Legato F 19
Tara Naugle D 20
Lexie Ligday D 21
Ava Yokanovich F 22
Abby Cronk D 23
Haley Eder-Zdelchlik F 24
Maya Yokanovich F 25
Eliza Darby D 26
Sophie Schuster D 27
Annie McGuire F 28
Abby Hagberg F 29
Lexi Huber F 31
Katherine Bartelings F 32
Olivia Knox G 33
Mirisa Lunzer G 34
Kacey Buzay G 35
Cassidy Jones F 36
Morgan Wohlers F 37
Sydney Reinseth D 38
Cassidy Scanlon Manager
Hanna Wilke Manager
Lee Gillespie Head Coach
Callie Dahl Assistant Coach
Matt Simcik Assistant Coach
Nate Wagner Assistant Coach

Minnetonka - Girls

Roster Position Number
Camille Von Seinbergs D 2
TaylorJohnson F 4
Julia Gallogly F 6
Bella Bertogliat F 7
Madison Fleming F 8
Lacey Martin F 12
Sierra Birkland F 13
Maggie Nicholson D 14
Chloe Behounek F 15
Grace Hoelscher F/D 16
Chloe Lewis F 19
Kailey Langfels D 20
Sarah McDonell D 21
Emma Bigham F 22
Grace Rothstein F/D 23
Molly McHugh F 25
Maren Beauchamp F 26
Lauren Brown F 29
Abby Manlove G 30
Racheal Ameling G 31
Elizabeth Kubicek G 35
Bella Broin Manager
Martha Haas Manager
Hunter Guilday Manager
Ella Johnson Manager
Caroline Manning Manager
Eric Johnson Co-Head Coach
Kim Abrahams Co-Head Coach
Adam Kragthorpe Assistant Coach
Gina Denucci Assistant Coach
Christina Lee-Balloy Assistant Coach
Elizabeth Bresnahan Assistant Coach
Dave Rogalski Assistant Coach