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2022 Hockey Day Minnesota - Mankato January 16-23

2021-2022 HDM Different Logos

Vintage Minnesota Hockey Take:

20,000 fans - 500+ volunteers. This is How We Hockey was the motto for #HDM2022 in southern Minnesota Mankato for the 2022 hockey day Minnesota festivities - the farthest southern city in Minnesota for HDM to date.  The official game program for HDM as shown proclaimed it was the 15th Annual Hockey Day, where as the telecast on Bally Sports North (BSN) proclaimed it as the 16th Annual year.  The event committee in Mankato had an extra year to plan & prepare due to COVID making sure HDM in the Maverick country wouldn't be un-done and promised to be the biggest and best showcase yet for HDM's illustrious 16 year history that began in 2007 on Baudette Bay, and the Maverick faithful didn't disappoint!  It truly was a festival of festivals, party of parties, and a Minnesota hockey celebration of celebrations - and is truly remarkable what HDM has now become over the years from it's humble beginning next to Willie the Walleye park as a single Hockey DAY, to a week long Hockey WEEK with over 5 days of games as apart of the main HDM on Saturday.  From the adjacent festival, vendor, food & beverage trucks, two Nice-Rink skating and boot hockey rinks for fans to take part in activities, and an enormously LARGE heated tent with night-time concerts on Thursday night in Johnny Holm band, and Shane Martin Friday night made it one of the largest to date hockey festival areas of HDM that rivals that what St. Cloud HDM set the prior mark.  The refrigerated ice sheet on the field of dreams that Vikings WR Adam Thielen etched his legacy atop the grassy playing surface, where the main rink was held at Blakeslee Stadium - home of Mav Football and former Minnesota Vikings training camps which made this feel like a mini NHL Stadium Series outdoor game, that will likely become the new benchmark of who can outdue what Duluth started with the adjacent festival park, St. Cloud tuned up, to what Mankato put the exclamation mark on the end of the sentence in 2022!  In usual fashion for prior Hockey Day Minnesotas' of yesteryears, weather has played a large factor in the days story from; Baudette extreme cold, Moorhead warm/sunny day ice fell apart, Grand Rapids extreme wind across the lake, Hermantown rain made ice mushy, Bemidji VERY frigid temp, to Minnetonka - where literally no outdoor ice was made and was moved sadly indoors.  Mankato can add to that weather played a factor list with snow....LOTS of snow that fell for another first at Hockey Day, a MEN'S outdoor collegiate game that was held on the outdoor rink for the broadcast/televised HDM between the home-town Mavs vs. newcomer to the D1 Men's hockey scene in St. Thomas.  During play stoppage and TV timeouts it required an army of local volunteers on skates, and the ever hard-working Arena Warehouse team to clear the snow accumulation that fell & fell.  An estimated over 10,000 people packed the stands to see the Mav mascot Stomper give high fives to fans, when the home team truly stompered the visiting Tommies 7-1 behind Sophomore #10 David Silye hat-trick under the lights and snow.  David was asked in the post game presser: when was the last time you scored a hat-trick? "A long time ago in Canada as a kid" he exclaimed with a grin, who growing up himself in Ontario, Canada "will remember this day forever playing with my teammates [that] brought back memories of my youth playing outdoors".

Another 1st for this HDM occurred when the host cities H.S. team was NOT apart of the actual broadcasted/televised games on the actual Hockey Day Minnesota.  A few HDM purists were quite upset about this leading up to the days festivities on social media, but was all washed away seeing the excitement first hand in person of the smiles of the players that participated from both Mankato East & West, coaches, referees and fans alike that packed Blakeslee that we witnessed first hand in person.

A huge stick-tap to ALL involved in the planning, execution, and festivities that ensued over our personal 4 days in Mankato to take in the town, meet some new friends, and visit a few new old rinks along the way on our yearly HDM field trips, and of course capture images as shown below (it should be noted here, 98% of shown captured game action images were shot through the glass due to lack of photo holes, and for the 1st time in HDM history - a photographer sign up sheet was instituted reserving places to capture images - thus showing the ever growing popularity of HDM year-to-year with more and more media coverage.  The images we captured made for a slightly harder time to obtain crisp images, or could it be that we are still learning the art of photography?).

To that we say: "OLE, OLE, OLE, OLEEE..OLLLEEE..OLLLEEE[If you know, you know]

Bally Sports North and Hockey Day administration announced the last night in Mankato that the 17th annual 2023 HDM was awarded to City of White Bear Lake - marking the 4th straight year of announcing the following years location at the currently hosted City.

Hockey Day Minnesota Results & Rosters:

Game Results

Home Away Winner Score Time Location
Mankato East Girls Mankato West Girls Mankato East 5-0 Wed, Jan 19 7:00 p.m. Blakeslee Field
Mankato Wounded Warriors St. Cloud Wounded Warriors St. Cloud W.W. 6-2 Thur. Jan 20 5:00 p.m. Blakeslee Field
Southern MN Celeb. Rivers Edge Southern MN Celeb. Mankato Clinic Mankato Clinic 6-3 Thur. Jan 20 8:00 p.m. Blakeslee Field
Mankato East Boys Mankato West Boys Mankato East 5-0 Fri. Jan 21 5:30 p.m. Blakeslee Field
MSU Mens Alumni Team Brose MSU Mens Alumni Team Purple N/A N/A Fri. Jan 21 8:30 p.m. Blakeslee Field
Andover Girls Edina Girls Andover 4-0 Sat. Jan 22 9:30 a.m. Blakeslee Field
East Grand Forks Boys Prior Lake Boys Prior Lake 7-1 Sat. Jan 22 1:00 p.m. Blakeslee Field
MSU Mens St. Thomas Mens MSU 7-1 Sat. Jan 22 4:30 p.m. Blakeslee Field
Minnesota Wild Chicago Blackhawks Minnesota Wild 4-3 (OT) Sat. Jan 22 8:00 p.m. Xcel Energy Center
MSU Womens Alumni Team Altmann MSU Womens Alumni Team Vogt N/A N/A Sun. Jan 23 11:oo a.m. Blakeslee Field
MSU Womens St. Thomas Womens MSU 3-1 Sun. Jan 23 1:00 p.m. Blakeslee Field
Minnesota Mullets Steele County Blades Steele County Blades 5-2 Sun. Jan 23 4:30 p.m. Blakeslee Field

Mankato East Girls - (Not Televised)

Roster Position Number
Jordan Thomas G 1
Sydney Wang F/D 2
Ashley Fischer F/D 3
Sophie Steindl D 4
Ava Tibodeau F/D 5
Piper Guillemette F 9
Christine Kim D 11
Morgan Evans F 12
Brielle Newton F/D 13
Emmy Schulz D 16
Kailey Newton F 17
Claire Christopher F 20
McKenzie Keller F/D 21
Jessica Eykyn F 22
Jaden Hague D 23
Ella Hudspith F 24
Kalea Homich F 27
Anna Rader G 33
Leo Pauval Manager
Eva Peters Manager
Anna Schultz Manager
Amber Prange Head Coach
Jake Kelcher Assistant Coach
Brianna Adams Assistant Coach

Mankato West Girls - (Not Televised)

Roster Position Number
Alayna Smith G 1
Eliana Rickbeil F 2
Emma Peterson F 4
Marleigh Jordan F 5
Delaney Giesen D 6
Caitline Hvinden F 7
Paige Olinger F/G 9/30
Abigail Pederson F 11
Trinity Jackson D 13
Brooke Pockrandt F 14
Alexis Reddy F 15
Tori Tosch D 17
Emily Bloemke F 18
Anna Benson D 22
Hope Rademaker D 23
Jenna Haman G/F 30/12
Jana Johnson Manager
Shaun Reddy Head Coach
Nate Brekke Assistant Coach
Ally Grabianowski Assistant Coach
Kent Hays Assistant Coach
Macenzie Hays Assistant Coach

Wounded Warriors - Mankato (Not Televised)

Roster Branch Number
Jon Fix U.S Navy 2
Andy Fellows U.S. Army 9
Sean Oliva U.S. Army 10
Andy Qualy U.S. Army 14
James Fumas U.S. Army 15
Karsten Backlund U.S. Army 20
Nick Fedderly U.S. Army 21
Chris Ewald U.S Navy 22
Jim Rich U.S. Army 27
Alex Schueller U.S. Marines 42
Brad Jamison U.S. Army 59
Joe Zelko U.S. Marines 66
Brett Parson U.S. Army 70
Tim Loney U.S. Army 79
Matt Aiken - Captain U.S. Army 89
Alex Kolnberger U.S. Air Force 97
N/A Head Coach

Wounded Warriors - St. Cloud (Not Televised)

Roster Branch Number
David Crowe U.S. Army 2
Nick Hathaway U.S. Navy 3
Tyler Sparks U.S. Army 6
Nicholas Busch U.S. Navy 8
Jesse Wolbeck U.S. Army 12
Jeremy Meyer U.S. Navy 17
Zach Mau U.S. Army 19
Brandon Heiber U.S. Marines 20
Joseph Meinhardt U.S. Navy 21
Lee Stevens - Captain U.S. Marines 22
Daryl Hathaway U.S. Navy 24
Troy Zenzen U.S. Army 24
Tim Pearson U.S. Marines 25
Curtis Wilson U.S. Navy 29
Jeremy Koelln U.S. Army 35
Justin Schommer U.S. Army 38
John Hew Len U.S. Navy 52
Dave Markgraf U.S. Army 54
Jeff Holt U.S. Army 55
Brian Hemmelgarn U.S. Marines 82
Kyle Kalkbrenner U.S. Marines 84
Eric Noetzelman U.S. Air Force 91
Anthony Brandt U.S. Army 96
Matthew Demenge Head Coach

Southern MN Celeb - Rivers Edge (No TV)

Roster Number
Matt Lacina 1
Tim Marshall 2
Alec Vanko 3
Chaun Cox 4
Joe Grabianowski 5
Nicole Neudecker 6
Kevin Durenberger 7
Dan White 8
Kyle Henkemeyer 9
Dave Bruggeman 10
Kelly Boelter 11
Tim Keech 12
Cody Woiwood 13
Jesse Lager 14
Dustin Swenson 15
Stunt from Hot 98.7 Coach

Southern MN Celeb - Mankato Clinic (No TV)

Roster Number
Matt Long 1
Jody Frederick 2
Nate Hermer 3
Nate Olsen 4
Dr. Richard Peller 5
Andy Oberle 6
Mike Arnoldy 7
Josh Miller 8
Brandt Brelje 9
John Huttemeier 10
Dave Cone 11
Eric Boelter 12
Nate Brekke 13
Aaron Anderson 14
Dr. John Benson 15
Jeff from Country 103 Coach

MSU Mens Alumni - Team Gold/Carter (No TV)

Roster Number
Westy Graves 1
Casey Nelson 6
Andy Hedlund 7
Derek Cooper 10
Steve Forliti 11
Shane Joseph 14
Steve Wagner 14
Jim Stangl - Assistant Captain 15
Paul Notermann 17
Tim Schnobrich 18
B.J. Abel 18
Grant Stevenson 19
Chad Lundeen 21
Ryan Carter - Captain 22
Johnny McInnis 22
Chad Brownlee 24
Eriah Hayes 25
Tim Potter 27
Peter Holoien 29
Matt Tyree 33
Stephon Williams 35
Ken Hilgert 35
Don Brose Coach

MSU Mens Alumni - Team Purple/Backes (No TV)

Roster Number
Des Christopher 1
John McNamara - Assistant Captain 4
Ben Christopherson 5
Zach Palmquist 7
Pat Carroll 8
Ryan Rintoul 13
Pat Martin 14
Tim Jackman - Captain 15
David Backes - Captain 18
Chris Hvinden 18
Matt Leitner 18
Brian Lyke 19
Rob White 19
John Wilharm 22
Jason Krug 23
Edwin Hookenson 24
RJ Linder 25
Brett Stern 27
Steve Carroll 30
Todd Kelzenberg 35
Jon Kalinski 37
Troy Jutting Coach

Mankato East Boys - (Not televised)

Roster Position Number
Carson Graves F 2
Jayden Larson F 4
Zachary Lebens F 5
Brayden Borgmeier F 6
Parker Anthony F 7
Christian Theuninck F 8
Rafe Bowman F 9
Jayton Frederick F 10
Owen Quist D 11
Aaron Kamm D 12
Andrew Sorbo F 14
Alexander Morgan D 15
Quintin Steindl F 16
Andrew Bastian F 17
Aiden Prochaska D 18
Shae Gavin D 20
Austin Arnoldy F 21
Ethan Stude F 22
Kaden Oachs D 24
Landon Metcalfe F 26
Tyler Gropel G 29
Caelin Brueske G 30
Jackson Faust Manager
Ava Rabenhorst Manager
Adam Fries Head Coach
Hunter Johnson Assistant Coach
Drew Magur Assistant Coach
Luke Meyers Assistant Coach
Matt Tyree Assistant Coach

Mankato West Boys - (Some players may not have participated - all listed in HDM program). No TV

Roster Position Number
Ethan Tauber F 1
Zach Birkmaier D 2
Gavin Villagomez F 3
Brody Stedman F 4
Gage Schmidt F 6
Gavin Brunmeier - Captain F 7
Braeden Steiert D 8
Hunter Rigdon F/D 9
Toby Essay D 10
Sam Oltman F 11
Carter Mihim D 12
Parker Wittenberg F 14
Owen Essay F 15
Chance Pockrandt F 16
Ethan Cox D 17
Nick Morgan F 18
Sam O'Neil F 19
Zach Benson F 20
Finnley Brewer F 21
Jaeger Zimmerman D 22
Maddox Langworthy F 23
Derek Stierlen D 24
Blake Murphy F/D 25
Zach Chelstrom F 26
Wes Johnson F 27
Brady Hatkin - Captain F 28
Levi Krueger F 29
Gavin Holmes G 30
Bob Hanson F 32
Matthew Birkmaier G 33
Brendan Gruber D 34
Wyatt Lund G 35
Mason Janzen D 39
Blake Como D 41
Anne Anderson Manager
Ellie Anderson Manager
Julia Ulman Manager
Nate Olsen Head Coach
Jason Anderson Assistant Coach
Nick Campbell Assistant Coach
Jake Staczak Assistant Coach

Andover - Girls

Roster Position Number
Courtney Stagman G 1
Ella Thoreson D 2
Sara Kaiser F 3
Cailin Mumm D 4
Nora Sauer F 8
Emma Heath F 9
Madison Brown F 10
Maya Engler F 11
Isa Goettl F 12
Ella Boerger F 15
Abby McQuay F 17
Pacie Krause F 18
Mackenzie Jones D 19
Ashley Grabau F 20
Merrill Delich D 22
Avery Kasick D 24
Courtney Little D 25
Hanna Olson F 28
Hannah Christenson F 34
Laura Boersma G 40
Mya Bastain Manager
Brooklynn Carlson Manager
Melissa Volk Head Coach
Ronnie Druk Assistant Coach
Shannon Kangas Assistant Coach
Beth Kuehl Assistant Coach

Edina - Girls

Roster Position Number
Nora McConnell D 2
Mia Maxwell D 5
Taylor Porthan F 7
Sami Hankinson D 9
Hannah Halverson F 10
Jane Kuehl F 11
Lorelai Nelson F 12
Haley Maxwell D 14
Whitney Horton F 15
Tori Anderson D 16
Lauren Zawoyski F 17
Annika Kilberg F 18
Ellie Chapman F 19
Berit Lindborg F 20
Audrey Keeley F 21
Vivian Jungels D 22
Reese McConnell G 30
Nora Hannan G 35
Uma Corniea G 41
Molly Knopick Manager
Tori Mawn Manager
Kate Miller Manager
Sami Reber Head Coach
Megan Arceneaux Assistant Coach
Casey Purpur Assistant Coach
Scott Ryerse Assistant Coach

East Grand Forks - Boys

Roster Position Number
Chase Mero G 1
Cole Bies D 2
Adam Vatnsdal F 3
Cullen Schmaltz D 4
Sam Schumacher D 5
Landon Woidtke D 6
Landon Jamieson F 7
Caleb Schmiedeberg F 8
Sam Frost D 9
Justin Overgaard D 10
Jonah Tollefson D 12
Gage Seydel F 15
Zach Stocker F 16
Jaksen Panzer F 17
Grady Magner F 18
Jace Fore F 19
Cam Kofstad F 20
Brock Magnell F 21
Brock Schultz F 22
Finley Lizakowski F 23
Seth Aaker F 27
Lucas Wavra G 33
Elijah Kolstoe G 35
Jack Christiansen Manager
Tyler Palmiscino Head Coach
Phil Hartwig Assistant Coach
Carter Krier Assistant Coach
Scott Oliver Assistant Coach
Alex Robertson Assistant Coach
Casey Swanson Assistant Coach

Prior Lake - Boys

Roster Position Number
Trevor Boschee G 1
Jackson Anderson D 4
Justin Simonson D 5
Ben Pfannestein D 6
Riley Dueber F 8
Sam Rice F 9
Richard Carsten D 10
Brady Kearns F 11
Matthew Pacek F 12
Levi Eiter F 15
Justin Kingery F 17
Tanner Lykken D 18
Alex Bump F 19
Parker Boyce F 20
Joe Rice F 21
Will Emerson D 22
Will Schumacher F 24
Blake Dicke F 27
CJ Sheffield F 28
Ben Mickett G 35
Ella Carlson Manager
Melisse Little Manager
Eric Nelson Manager
Joe Pankratz Head Coach
Matt Crist Assistant Coach
Matt Sartor Assistant Coach

MSU - Mens

Roster Position Number
Akito Hirose D 2
Jack McNeely D 3
Andrew Carroll D 4
Sam Morton F 6
Wyatt Aamodt D 7
Nathan Smith F 8
Tanner Edwards F 9
David Silye F 10
Benton Maass D 11
Josh Groll F 12
Brendan Furry F 13
Ryan Sandelin F 14
Julian Napravnik F 15
Reggie Lutz F 16
Bennett Zmolek D 17
Ondrej Pavel F 18
Will Hillman F 19
Connor Gregga F 20
Lucas Sowder F 21
Steven Bellini D 22
Jake Livingstone D 23
Zach Krajnik F 24
Brenden Olson F 25
Tony Malinowski D 27
Cade Borchardt F 28
Dryden McKay G 29
Andrew Miller G 32
Keenan Rancier G 35
Mike Hastings Head Coach
Todd Knott Assistant Head Coach
Paul Kirtland Assistant Coach
Scott Rideout Equip Manager

St. Thomas - Mens

Roster Position Number
Peter Thome G 1
Trevor Zins D 2
Michael Ferrandino D 3
Nolan Sawchuk D 4
Vincent Weis D 5
Cameron Recchi F 8
Matthew Jennings F 9
Andrew Kangas F 10
Lucas McGregor F 11
Tim Piechowski F 12
Shayne Monahan D 14
Grant Loven F 15
Luke Manning F 16
Paul Schmid F 17
Ethan Gauer D 18
Justin Kelley F 19
Aaron Swanson F 20
Joey Sofo F 21
John Schuldt D 22
Logan Ommen F 24
Trevor LeDonne D 25
Blaine Warnert F 26
Kyler Grundy F 27
Kimball Johnson D 28
Christiano Christiano F 29
Jacob Berger G 31
Henry Baribeau G 35
Rico Blasi Head Coach
Leon Hayward Assistant Coach
Cory Laylin Assistant Coach

MSU Womens Alumni Team - Altmann (NO TV)

Roster Position Number
Alli Altmann G 1
Lauren Kapetanovic D 5
Kristina Koga Reserve 5
Lindsey Coleman F 7
Kala Buganski F 7
Sara Bustad D 8
Mckenzie Sederberg D 9
Ariel Mackley Reserve 9
Katie Johnson F 10
Shera Vis D 11
Natalie Stoltz F 11
Corbin Boyd F 11
Amanda 'Ozzie' Osborn F 12
Moira O'Connor Reserve 12
Maggie Fisher F 14
Sandra Hood Reserve 14
Mandy Krause D 15
Erin Hafermann Reserve 16
Jenna Hewitt F 17
Amber Sharratt D 20
Jordan Jackson D 21
Jenna Peterson D 21
Tris Stephenson F 21
Kristina Bunker F 22
Rebekah Kolstad F 22
Kearstin Solberg D 23
Brittany Mackley F 24
Tina Serafin F 24
Kari Lundberg F 26
Megan Jedinak D 27
Ryann Geldner F 39

MSU Womens Alumni Team - Vogt (NO TV)

Roster Position Number
Savannah Quandt F 3
Amy Udvig D 4
Anne Rickbeil D 4
Emily Antony F 4
Anna Keys D 5
Abby Jacobs F 6
Jodi Rankin D 7
Autumn Conway F 7
Lindsay McCulloch D 8
Melanie Salatino D 9
Christina Lee F 10
Taylor Gulenchyn F 10
Kate Hainrich Reserve 10
Ashleigh Miller F 11
Kathleen Rogan F 13
Lyndsay James F 14
Sofia Poinar F 15
Ashley Young Reserve 15
Megan Hinze D 18
Cara Samuelson F 18
Devon Nichols Reserve 18
Kim Corona Reserve 19
Amanda Stohr F 21
Tristen Renfroe D 26
Sheri Maisonnueve F 26
Shelby Moteyunas D 27
Casey Hirsch F 29
Shari Vogt G 30
Chloe Crosby G 31
Erin Krichiver D 33
Ruthann Cantile Coach-Reserve 8

MSU Womens - (Not Televised)

Roster Position Number
Jessica Kondas - Assistant D 2
Sydney Langseth F 3
Taylor Wemple D 4
Anna Wilgren - Captain D 5
Claire Butorac - Assistant F 7
Charlotte Akervik D 8
Ellen Nelson D 9
Jamie Nelson F 10
Shelbi Guttormson F 11
Kennedy Bobyck F 12
Alexis Paddington F 14
Sydney Shearen F 16
Brooke Bryant F 17
Jayden Seifert D 18
Brittyn Fleming - Assistant F 19
Kelsey King F 20
Jessica Boland F 21
Madison Mashuga F 22
Lyndsey Howard D 23
Chantal Burke G 33
Lauren Barbro G 37
Avery Stilwell G 41
Danielle England F 43
Emerald Kelley G 55
Calla Frank G 77
John Harrington Head Coach
Jeff Giesen Assistant Head Coach
Shari Dickerman Assistant Coach

St. Thomas Womens - (Not Televised)

Roster Position Number
Megan Korzack F 2
Anna Erickson F 3
Maija Almich F 5
Jenna Hartung F 6
Emma Larson D 7
Fiona Claugherty F 8
Isabel Lippai D 10
Abby Promersberger F 11
Maddy Clough D 12
Alli Pitlick F 13
Allie Monrean F 14
Luci Bianchi F 15
Lauren Stenslie F 16
Megan Cornell D 17
Anna Solheim D/F 19
Marki Oberg F 20
Alli Pahl D/F 21
Maddie Jurgensen F 22
Brieja Parent F 23
Elvira Svensson D 24
Nicole Vallario D 26
Saskia Maurer G 29
Alexa Dobchuk G 30
Eryn Cooley G 35
Joel Johnson Head Coach
Bethany Brausen Assistant Coach
Marty Sertich Assistant Coach

Steele County Jr. Blades - (Not Televised)

Roster Position Number
Elliott Wrigley G 1
Jackson Blough D 4
Gavin Ellis F 5
Brady Nance F 7
Ryan Kerr D 8
Kole Fitzpatrick F 9
Jordan Nawrocki D 10
Joey Bunton F 11
Jake Miltko F 12
Seva Bannikov F 15
Charlie Smith F 16
Ronan McLaughlin F 18
Braden Trivelpiece D 19
Noah Murphy F 20
Evan Axell D 21
Ethan Secord F 22
Jack Stock F 23
Brady Rossbach F 24
Connor Lee F 25
Aiden Pethick D 27
Anders Thorager D 28
Pierce Lee F 29
Jacob Snyder G 33
Dylan Carlson D 44
Connor Movalli F 55
AJ Burke D 77
Nick Adamek Head Coach & G.M.
Wilson Anderle Assistant Coach
Erik Colstrup Assistant Coach

Minnesota Jr. Mullets - (Not Televised)

Roster Position Number
Josh Koziol G 1
Simon Eklund D 2
Cole Komarek F 4
Austin Poole D 6
Dylan Grunnare D 7
Brody Sannes F 8
Gabriel Vijuk F 9
Ethan Saldanha F 10
Alex Bren F 11
Jack Erspamer F 12
Gabriel Monrad F 13
Trey Ponto D 16
Jackson Szmul F 17
Jack DiNardo D 18
Finn Seamans D 19
Sully Tikkanen D 20
Matthew Brooker F 21
Jacob VonTersch F 23
Jonah Slater F 25
Zach Kilen F 27
Ethan Poole F 28
Cole St. Laurent F 34
Noah Shuck G 35
Liam Pepper F 47
Alex Falkenhagen G 71
Gage Everson D 73
Elliot Van Orsdel F 77
Brent Scott D 82
Jack Seamans F 88
Tyler Ortega F 89
Tarin Perez D 95
Chris Walby Head Coach & G.M.
Max Seiter Assistant Coach
Marty Sertich Assistant Coach
Tom Strelow Assistant Coach