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St. Paul-Minnesota Rangers (1963-1966)

St. Paul Rangers Jersey Crest

The St. Paul Rangers (NHL affiliation NY Rangers) were one of the original five teams in the "new" Central Professional Hockey League (CHL/CPHL). The CPHL was a minor professional ice hockey league that operated in the United States from 1963 to 1984. The Rangers played for three years in the league from 1963-1966 before the franchise was relocated to Omaha where the team continued in the league through the 1975 season. The Rangers name was changed to the Minnesota Rangers to begin the 1965-66 season to attract more fans from the entire Twin Cities area (since Minneapolis lost the Minneapolis Bruins Hockey team following the 1964-65 season).  Despite the name change the team still played in their home rink at the St. Paul Auditorium. Even though winning the league playoff championship, and being awarded the Adams cup in the 1964-1965 season the team continued to have a lackluster fan turnout that ultimately led to it's relocation. The 1965-1966 season turned out to be the last Rangers season in Minnesota, and the last CHL league team in Minnesota soil. Today's CHL league was revived in 1992 with the idea of central ownership of both the 

St. Paul / Minnesota Rangers All-Time Roster

Name Years Played
Paul Andrea 1963-66
Bob Ash 1964-66
Jim Baird 1965/66
Terry Ball 1965/66
Rich Balon 1963/64
Trent Beatty 1963/64
Ken Block 1965/66
Ron Boehm 1965/66
Gil Boisvert 1963/64
Dick Bouchard 1963/64
John Brenneman 1965/66
Rich Brown 1963/64
Wally Chevrier 1963-65
Bill Collins 1964-66
Michael Corbett 1965/66
Bob Cunningham 1963/64
Doug Davidson 1963/64
Lynn Davis 1963/64
Buzz Deschamps 1964,64/65
Marc Dufour 1964/65
Trevor Fahey 1965/66
Sandy Fitzpatrick 1965,65/66
Wayne Hall 1963-66
Al Hamilton 1964/65
John Hartig 1963/64
Doug Harvey 1963/64
Bill Hicke 1965/66
Bob Howard 1963/64
Don Hughes 1963/64
Howie Hughes 1963/64
Bill Hway 1964/65
Jim Johnson 1963-66
Norm Johnson 1963/64
Bob Kabel 1963/64
George Konik 1965/66
Jean-Pierre Lafond 1964/65
Ed Lawson 1965/66
Al Lebrun 1964-66
Dave McComb 1963-65
Mike McMahon 1963-66
John McMillan 1964/65
Larry Mickey 1965/66
Jim Mikol 1964/65
Wayne Muloin 1964/65
Maurice Oftebro 1963/64
Mel Pearson 1964/65
Marcel Pelletier 1963-65
Bob Plager 1963/64, 1965/66
Tracy Pratt 1963-65
Dave Richardson 1964/65
Barrie Ross 1963-65
Wayne Rutledge 1964-66
Gary Sabourin 1963-66
Rod Seiling 1965/66
Borden Smith 1964/65
Ulf Sterner 1964/65
Bob Stoyko 1965/66
Bill Taylor 1963-65
Ted Taylor 1963/64
Ken Turlik 1965/66
Eldon White 1963/64
Bob Woytowich 1963/64

1965-1966 Minnesota Rangers

1963/64 All-Star Goaltender: Marcel Pelletier 
1963/64 All-Star Defenseman: Bob Woytowich 

1964/65 All-Star Right Wing: Marc Dufour  
1964/65 All-Star Defenseman, Most Valuable Defenseman: Mike McMahon  
1964/65 Adams Cup Champions  

1965/66 First Team All-Star Defenseman, Most Valuable Defenseman: Al LeBrun   
1965/66 First Team All-Star Right-Wing: Paul Andrea  
1965/66 Second Team All-Star Goaltender: Wayne Rutledge