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Minnesota Old Timers Hockey Association

The Minnesota Old Timers Hockey Association was founded in 1980's by founder Jack Berres, whom was a well-known figure in the St. Paul hockey community, and played goaltender for a number of local MN teams, such as the St. Paul Saints, the Rochester Mustangs, Koppy Motors and O'Gara's Bar.  In 26 years as a goalie, Berres never wore a mask but looked more like "a retired librarian or an accountant".  "I got hit, I got cut, I got stitches, and I know what the puck and a skate blade taste like, should I look worse?". [Berres quote in 1995]  Jack, was instrumental in starting the association, and the group became a benefactor of the Mariucci Lodge at Confidence Learning Center on Lake Sylvan near Brainerd, MN.  Jack Berres also served as a volunteer at the Minnesota Wild alumni room before he passed away from cancer in October 19, 2005.  Since the associations first ever inaugural "roast" on March 24, 1987, the association has grown in numbers, and participation now 30+ years old.

Beginning in 1979, the inaugural roasts were sponsored by the Minnesota Minute Men - who sponsors the Mr. and Ms. Hockey Award today.  The annual roast tradition, hosted by the Old Timers Association began in 1987*.  Annually, this non-profit group consisting of older Minnesota coaches, players, writers, fans, management, and U.S./NHL Hockey Hall of Fame inductees roast & toast a legendary Minnesota hockey alumni, into the now legendary Old Timers Hockey Association.  Over the years, the association has held the infamous 'roasts' at various Moose Lodges, Lions Hall and Maplewood Prom and Envision Center to honour a Minnesota hockey faithful.  Whatever the location, the roasts have drawn quite the crowd, and is now legendary to be inducted into this small Minnesota Hockey 'fraternity' of faithful roaster(s) that are inducted. Dick "The Polish Eagle" Jonckowski has been long-time emcee of the programs induction ceremony events.  The hockey old timers have a purpose beyond getting together to listen to Jonckowski.  Over the past 30 years, they've raised 100's of thousands for their special charity, the John Mariucci Lodge at Camp Confidence for disabled children at Lake Sylvan in northern Minnesota.  The lodge and camp were longtime causes for Mariucci, who died in 1987.  The association has three major events each year: the fall Thanksgiving luncheon traditionally held at Mancini's Char House, golf tournament, and the spring roast - at which a former coach or player is inducted into the the Old Timers Hall of Fame.  MHCA 1999 inductee Gordy Genz has served as long-time President of the annual events.

Camp Confidence - Brainerd Minnesota

Willard Ikola Old Timers Induction 1994 - Courtesy Ikola Family

Walter Bush Roast Program 4th Annual Sept. 16, 1982

Roastee Roast Year Date of Roast
Walter Bush 1982 9-16-1982
Bob Dill 1987* 3-24-1987
John Neihart 1988 3-22-1988
Bob Utecht 1989 3-28-1989
Ted Joyce 1990 3-27-1990
Earl Bartholome 1991 3-27-1991
George Karn 1992 3-31-1992
Charles "Lefty" Smith 1993
Willard Ikola 1994 3-29-1994
Jack Berres 1995 3-28-1995
Ron Vanelli 1996 4-16-1996
Glen Sonmor 1997 4-15-1997
Lou Cotroneo 1998 4-21-1998
Whitey Willer 1999 4-20-1999
Tom Reid 2000 4-25-2000
Gordy Genz 2001 4-24-2001
John Mayasich 2002 4-23-2002
Don & Ron Saatzer 2003 5-29-2003
Bob Paradise 2004 4-18-2004
Doug Woog 2005 4-5-2005
Ken Staples 2006 4-25-2006
Vic St. Martin 2007
Rod Magnuson 2008 4-22-2008
Paul Johnson 2009
Bob Schmidt 2010 4-20-2010
Marv Jorde 2011 5-3-2011
Peter & Whitey Aus 2012 5-1-2012
Phil Housley 2013 5-7-2013
Terry Skrypek 2014 4-29-2014
Jerry Kreiger & Greg Shepherd 2015 5-5-2015
Herb Brooks 2016 4-26-2016
John Bartz 2017 5-2-2017
Bart & Brad Buetow 2018 5-8-2018
Bucky Kendig 2019 5-7-2019
No Event Held 2020 -
No Event Held 2021 -
Tom Reid 2022 11-24-2022