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MHCA Hall of Fame Awards Nomination and Qualifications

Minnesota Hockey Coaches Association Hall of Fame Criteria Qualifications

In an effort to establish uniformity in voting criteria, the following is a considering for a candidate for the Minnesota Coaches Association Hall of Fame honors.  

These minimum criteria MUST be met:

1.    10 years minimum of high school coaching in the state of Minnesota (This is not limited to head coaching assignments).  This may be waived if a candidate has significant youth coaching which would place him over or near 20 years of service.
2.    Coaches are eligible AFTER their 3rd year of retirement  (Executive Board may wave this requirement due to special circumstances.)
a.    A coach with 25 years of coaching at the high school level is immediately eligible the year after his retirement.
3.    Nominee MUST be in good ethical and moral standing in his community
4.    Nominee MUST be judged to have made a SIGNIFICANT contribution to his program, high school hockey in Minnesota, Minnesota Hockey Coaches Association, Minnesota Hockey, or USA Hockey.
5.    Individuals who have not coached in the high school ranks may be judged as eligible if their contributions are determined to have greatly enhanced high school hockey and aided in its growth and prestige.

Suggested Guidelines (Not in order):

1.    Significant on ice achievement – career games coached, career victories, season records and championships.
2.    Significant contributions as a builder – youth hockey involvement, high school program, improved facilities, innovative programs, etc.
3.    Significant longevity in the high school hockey ranks
4.    Significant service to the Minnesota Hockey Coaches Association
5.    Significant recognition in hockey beyond high school – professional, collegiate, USA Hockey

(In determining which of many qualified candidates should be selected, the MHCA committee strives to recognize only those candidates who meet the above guidelines and criteria)