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Warroad Lakers Timeline/Team Photos

Laker Timeline/Team Photos 1946-1997

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1946-1947 Warroad pharmacist E.J. Holland called a meeting in late November of 1946 to organize a team that would play in the States Dominion League. A 12 game, home and away schedule was developed with arean teams from Hallock, Crookston, Thief River Falls, Roseau and Grand Forks, plus Emerson and Letellier in Manitoba. The Lakers won the league tournament in the first season, defeating Roseau, 10-2, in the title game. In that game, Don Stoskopf was brilliant for the Lakers in goal and Wes Cole scored four times. Gordon Christian and Bernie Broderick each scored twice and Ted Wilson amd Cal Marvin each scored a single goal. Other team members were: Paul McKinnon, Clarence Schmidt, George Dickenson, Don and Pete Frolander. The season ended the next week with a 15-13 win over an all-star team made up of players from Fort Frances, Ont., and International Falls, MN.

1949-1950 The newly constructed Warroad Memorial Arena was opened for the Lakers and Warroad Warriors high school hockey team which shared the new "castle on the corner" located in downtown Warroad on the corners of Main and MacKenzie.

1951-1952 The E.J. Holland memorial scoreboard was dedicated in a ceremony on December 26, 1951, to honor the late team organizer and president of the States-Dominion Hockey League. The Holland Memorial Cup was later developed to be presented to the league champion. R.A. "Tut" Marvin served as the Lakers coach this year.

1952-1953 Willie Toninato, a Laker from Fort Frances, was named coach. Besides Toninato, the "imports" on the Lakers included goalie Harry Barefoot, Frank "Ike" Eisensoph and Mike Person. New lights- 500 watt light bulbs in 48 locations around the rink- were installed in the arena.

1953-1954 Former University of Minnesota Gophers stalwarts Larry Ross and Dick Dougherty, both of International Falls, and Laurie Mitchell, Jimmy Young with Art and Gordie Stratton, all of Winnipeg, were brought in to bolster the Lakers' roster. Ross was coach of the International Falls high school team. Dan McKinnon, Gordon Christian, Dick Roberts and Cal Marvin were among veterans still with the team from its first years. R.A. "Tut" Marvin came back as coach this season.

1954-1955 The Lakers defeated Great Falls, MT 11-8 and 7-6 in a best of three-game play-off in Great Falls to become the U.S. National Open Intermediate champions. On their return to Warroad, the team was greeted by the town fire truck and a mile-long caravan of well-wishers who led the way to a reception that was held at the school gym. A dinner followed at the American Legion Club. The team then added the Northwest League's Holland Memorial Trophy by defeating Roseau, 11-1, to win a five-game playoff series, 3-2. Team members included: Coach Tut Marvin, Ron Gross, Gordie Stratton, Art Stratton, Joe Cyr, Frank Eisensoph, Dick Dougherty, Dick Roberts, Cal Marvin, Jim Doyle, George Guibault, Gordie Palmquist, Gordie Christian, Ed Krysanowski (aka Sonny Calder).

1955-1956 Cal Marvin retired as player and succeeded his brother, Tut Marvin, as coach. Tut moved up to manager. A new Warroad line of Roger Chistian, Sam Gibbons and Buster Oshie joined the team along with imports Murray Belagus and Hec Bourgeois of Winnipeg and Sambo Fedoruk of Fort Frances. The Lakers won both the Northwest League regular season and playoffs. In a game played at Eveleth, the Lakers lost 7-2 to the high-flying U.S. Olympic team (which included Lakers Gordie Christian and Dan MCKinnon). Season record: 21-6-1.

1956-1957 Again Cal Marvin succeeded his brother, Tut, this time becoming the team manager. The Northwest League was re-organized with five team after Grand Forks, which was encountering financial problems, and the Thief River Falls Thieves, whose players didn't like the idea of having imports and voted instead to play with locals only, agred to field teams at the last minute. Other teams in the league were: Crookston, Roseau and Warroad. Among the new faces for the Lakers were Billy Christian, Serge Gambucci of Grand Forks, and Bob Johnson, who would later coach Wisconsin to three NCAA National Championships, and earning the name "Badger Bob Johnson" and won a Stanley Cup as coach at Pittsburgh in the NHL when defeating the Minnesota North Stars in the 1991 Cup Finals. The highlights of the year were Northwest League and play-off championships. Season record: 18-3.

1957-1958 After coaching the Lakers to a stunning 5-1 win over the U.S. National team early in the season, Cal Marvin, 32, was selected to take over as coach of the Nationals. His duties as Lakers coach and manager were given back to his brother, Tut. When the Northwest League finally folded, the Lakers joined the Ontaio-Minnesota Hockey League and in their first year won that league's Crawford Cup. With five members of the Lakers on the National team (Bill, Roger and Gordon Christian, Dan McKinnon and Coach Cal Marvin,) Warroad Mayor Morris Taylor dubbed the city "HockeyTown USA." The Lakers beat the National team again later in the season, 6-4, at Warroad. This was also the year that Warroad Pioneer editor Marvin Kellogg, who doubled as secretary-treasurer of the board of directors for the Lakers, began printing game programs. They were sold at 10 cents a program. Season record: 11-6.

1958-1959 The Lakers repeated as both the Ontario-Minnesota Hockey League's regular seaon champion and Crawford Cup play-off winner. Lakers Sammy Grafstrom (rookie of the year), Jim Henry (top goalie), and Gordie Pennell (leading scorer) claimed special honors while eight Lakers made the league's first and second team all-star units. Included in the year's highlights were wins over the University of Minnesota-Duluth, University of North Dakota and a loss to Denver before more that 10,000 fans at Denver. The season ended with a four-year win-loss record of: 86-21-1. Season record: 26-6.

1959-1960 The Lakers were the Ontario-Minnesota Hockey League champions and Crawford Cup winners for the third straight year. The team defeated te gold medal winning U.S. Olympic team, 6-4, at Warroad in a game just before the 1960 Olympics began. Lakers Billy and Roger Christian were on the Olympic team. Season record: 31-8.

1960-1961 Again the Lakers claimed the Ontario-Minnesota Hockey League championship. Season record: 25-13-1.

1961-1962 Ontario-Minnesota League champions for the fifth straight season. Season record: 31-8.

1962-1963 Ontario-Minnesota League champions for the 6th consecutive season; Thunder Bay Champions; Manitoba-Saskatchewan champions; and Canadian Intermediate Tournament finalists (Olds, Alberta, defeated the Lakers in the finals). Season record: 26-13-1

1963-1964 This time, the Lakers were ready and they disposed of Kamloops, B.C., in three games to become the first U.S. team to win the Edmonton Journal Trophy and become the Canadian Intermediate Tournament champions. Player-Coach Dayton Grafstrom, who was the Ontario-Minnesota League coach of the year, was among a number of Lakers who were honored. On the all-league first team were goalie Allie Reynard, defenseman Bill Mathew, and forwards Bill and Roger Christian. On the second team were forwards Murray Belagus and Jim Stordahl. Stordahl, who was second in scoring to Belagus, was named rookie of the year. Other members of the team were Bob Bartlett, Ron Shalley, Buck Forslund, Reggie Morelli, George Goodacre, Bob Lund, and Myron and Sam Grafstrom.

Cal Marvin

1964-1965 The Lakers were a Western Canadian Allan Cup finalist, losing a best of five-game series, 3-1, on the road to Nelson, B.C. The tournament was a big expense for the Lakers, who sent a delegation of 21 to the far west for nine days. Manager Cal Marvin, who remained at home for the play-offs, couldn't stay there and boarded a flight to Nelson, arriving just in time to see the final game. Season record: 30-8-1.

1965-1966 Manitoba Senior League champions. Season record: 17-4-5.

1966-1967 Season record: 19-13.

1967-1968 Season record: 15-8-1.

1968-1969 The Lakers won the Pattison Cup and the Manitoba Senior Hockey League championship, winning a best of seven-game series 4-3 against the Selkirk Mohawks.

1969-1970 Manitoba Senior Hockey League champions. A highlight of the season was meeting the U.S. National team in the dedication game on February, 12 for the new Thief River Falls Sports Arena. The Lakers lost the game 6-4 before a crowd of near 4,000. Warroad's Henry Boucha was on the National team. Season record: 25-11.

1970-1971 Manitoba champions; Ontario champions; Western Canadian Intermediate finalists. Playoff record: 13-6.

1971-1972 Central Canadian Hockey League champions; Manitoba champions; Thunder Bay champions. Season record: 34-9.

1972-1973 Manitoba-Tunder Bay Intermediate champions.

1973-1974 Manitoba-Tunder Bay champions (H.M. Heneman Trophy); Manitoba Intermediate AA champions; Central Canadian champions; Saskatchewan champions; Western Canada champions (Edmonton Journal Trophy); and Canadian Intermediate champions (Hardy Cup). The Lakers defeated the Embrun, Ont., Panthers 3-0 in the best of five Canadian Intermediate championship series play-offs played at Roseau, MN. This team has its photo in both the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame and the Canadian Hockey Hall of Fame as the first U.S. team to win the Canadian Intermediate championship.
Team members wereL Blaine Comstock, Allie Reynard, Grant Clay, Tim McKinnon, Dave McConacky, Mike Marvin, Dick Braun, Vic Magda, George Forgie, Warren Harrison, Dave Richardson, Jim Cole, Brian Dyck, Jim Trosky, Bill Christian, Harry Beuchert and Bryan Grand. Player-Coach Bob Tuff. Season record: 37-11-1. Play-off record: 15-6.

1974-1975 Manitoba Eastern Hockey League champions. Season record: 38-4. Play-off record: 8-3.

1975-1976 Centennial Cup winners; Manitoba Eastern Hockey League champions; and Manitoba Intermediate A finalists. Season record: 35-7-2.

1976-1977 Manitoba Eastern League champions; Manitoba champions; Saskatchewan champions; Western Canadian Intermediate champions; Hardy Cup finalists. The Lakers lost a five game series 3-1 to Campbelltown, N.B., for the Canadian championship. Season record: 37-11.

1977-1978 Manitoba-Assiniboine Hockey League and Western Canadian champions. Season record: 33-9-1. Play-off record: 8-3.

1978-1979 Manitoba-Assiniboine Hockey League champions; Manitoba Intermediate champions; Western-Canadain Intermediate finalists. The Lakers' appearance in the Western Canadian Intermediate championship series was their last in intermediate competition. The Manitoba Amateur Hockey Association decided in May of 1979 that Warroad would no longer be allowed to represent Manitoba in intermediate AA hockey play-off competition. The reason was that "the Lakers (who had won Manitoba honors in 1971, 72, 73, 74, 77 and 78 along with the Western Canada title in 1964, 74, 77 and 1978, and the Hardy CUp in 1974) were too good; that they "should be competing at a higher level." Season record: 47-8. Play-off record: 14-1.

1979-1980 Central Amateur Senior Hockey (CASH) League champions. Season record: 29-24.

1980-1981 Season record: 24-24-3.

1981-1982 Season record: 13-25.

1982-1983 Season record: 18-26-2.

1983-1984 Season record: 25-22-2.

1984-1985 Southeastern Manitoba Hockey League champions. Season record: 25-15.

1985-1986 The Lakers made their first European tour playing games in Holland, France, Germany and Austria. Season record: 20-15-1. European tour record: 6-0.

1986-1987 Southeastern Manitoba Hockey League champions. Season record: 21-9

1987-1988 Lakers 40th season. Southeast Manitoba League play-off finalists. Season record: 26-17.

1988-1989 Manitoba Intermediate champions. Season record: 16-7. U.S. team returns to face the Lakers on January 10,1988 in Warroad

1989-1990 Southeastern Manitoba Hockey League champions; Manitoba Intermediate AA champions. Season record: 32-11.

1990-1991 Central Amateur Senior Hockey (CASH) League finalists. Season record: 22-11-1.

1991-1992 Central Amateur Senior Hockey (CASH) League champions; Manitoba-Saskatchewan champions; Allan Cup final four team. The Lakers made their second European tour- (Holland, France, Germany and Austria). The "new" Gardens was under construction. Season record: 35-10.

1992-1993 Central Amateur Senior Hockey League champions; Manitoba-Saskatchewan champions; Western Canada champions; Allan Cup final-four team. Season record: 33-11-2.

1993-1994 Manitoba champions. Western Canada champions. Allan Cup champions. Team members: Player-Coach David Marvin, Captain Scott Knutson. Assistant Captain Mike Ross, Assistant Captain John Hanson, John Gillie, Bruce Elson, Jared Baines, Todd Kriebich, Larry Olimb, Greg Lund, Shane McFarlane, Wyatt Smith, Steve Ross, Jamie Byfuglien, Steve Johnson, Denny Fry, Rger Lien, Darin Olimb, Steve Johnson, Dan Marvin, Chris Imes, Matt Knox, Vince Huerd, Derick Ewald. Manager: Cal Marvin. President: Jim Cass. Board Members: Spenver Estling, Frank Marvin and Stu Weston. Season record: 37-6.

1994-1995 Manitoba champions. Western Canada champions. Allan Cup champions. Team members: Player-Coach David Marvin, Captain Scott Knutson, Assistant Captain John Hanson, Assistant Captain Jared Baines, John Gillie, Steve Ross, Bruce Elson, Todd Kriebichm Greg Lund, Shane McFarlane, Wyatt Smith, Jamie Byfuglien, Vince Huerd, Denny Fry, Roger Lien, Clay Hahn, Ted Brickey, Donnie Riendeau, Dale Lund, Todd Kemball, Wayne Bartley and Shawn Pomplun. Manager: Cal Marvin. President: Jim Cass. Board members: Spencer Estling, Frank Marvin, Stu Weston. Season record: 33-8-1.

1995-1996 Manitoba champions. Western Canada champions. Allan Cup champions. Team members: Player-Coach David Marvin, Captain Scott Knutson, Assistant Captain John Hanson, Assistant Captain Jared Baines, John Gillie, Bruce Elson, Shane McFarlane, Jamie Byfuglien, Billy Lund, Todd Kriebich, Sandy Gasseau, Donnie Riendeau, Aaron Novak, Bryan Lundbohm, Adrian Hasbargen, Vince Huerd, Wayne Bartley, Greg Lund, Keith Stewart, Roger Lien, Kaine Martell, Clay Hahn and Mike Ross. Manager: Cal Marvin. President: Jim Cass. Board Members: Spencer Estling, Frank Marvin, Stu Weston, Dave Gray, Denny Fry, Mike Larson. Season record: 35-1.

1996-1997 Warroad Lakers 50th and final season. Hanover-Tache League regular season champions. Manitoba champions. Western Canada champions. Allan Cup runner-up. Team members: Player-Coach David Marvin, Captain Scott Knutson, Assistant Captain John Hanson, Assistant Captain Jared Baines, John Gillie, Bruce Elson, Shane McFarlane, Todd Kriebich, Billy Lund, Sven Grafstrom, Jamie Byfuglien, John Tykeson, Mike Ross, Aaron Murphy, Greg Lund, Adam Rodak, Donnie Riendeau, Rocco Cammarata, Roger Lien, Matt Ulwelling, Adrian Hasbargen, Lee Marvin, Neal Vatnsdal, Robin Cook, Trent Proctor. Manager: Cal Marvin. President: Jim Cass. Board Members: Mike Larson, Dennis Fry, Spencer Estling, Frank Marvin, Stu Weston. Season record: 37-7-1.