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Harding Arena

Harding Arena is located at 1496 6th St. E in St. Paul and lies directly behind Harding High School.  A clascic small rink that was erected in 1975 - Harding is one of the numrous Ramsey County Arena's that services the Harding Youth hockey programs.  The storied Harding Boys hockey team hasn't iced a team alone for several years now, that is part of the Twin Cities growing trend of disappearing inner-city teams.  Johnson and Harding games in the 1970's used to "draw thousands to see this storied rivalry", but today ironically they are in a co-op team with the historic St. Paul Johnson Governors High School team.  Harding arena has nominal seating for 300 spectators to cheer on the local youth program, or a late-night mens "beer league" contest.