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Oscar Johnson Arena

Oscar Johnson Arena is located nearby the MN State Fair grounds at 1039 Decourcy Circle in St. Paul, MN within Energy Business Park by Bandana Square. Oscar Johnson was erected in 1971 is one of the numerous Ramsey County Area rinks erected within the 1970's including Biff Adams, Aldrich, Phalen, Harding, Pleasant, Ken Yackel, White Bear, and many more arena's - all erected within Ramsey County during the 1970's. Outwardly, the building shares the same design as Shoreviews' Arena. The arena is a bare-bones "no frills" classic with a small lobby upon entering the rink, and tiny makeshift locker rooms. With one regulation ice sheet, and seating for 300, Oscar Johnson is a classic arena located within the shadows of the historic St. Paul State Fair Hippodrome/Coliseum.