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Minnesota Youth Hockey PeeWee & Bantam State Champions

The first state Pee Wee tournament was held at the Hippodrome in White Bear Lake on February 10-11, 1951, under the direction of MAHA Secretary-Treasurer Don Clark.  White Bear Lakes high school hockey coach Pete Loricas acted as local tournament chairman.  Duluth Glen Avon narrowly edged host White Bear Lake 3-2 in the finals of the eight team event before a crowd of 700 fans.  Other teams entered in the tournament were: Grand Forks, Wayzata, South St. Paul, East Grand Forks, Minneapolis Loans and St. Paul Como.  The statewide event was the first state youth (under high school age) tournament to be held in the United States.  Duluth, under coach Bob Fryberger and led by his three sons’ line of Jerry, Bob and Dates, continued on to win the 1951 AHAUS National Pee Wee Championship at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

In addition to the Senior and Pee Wee class tournaments, the next category to be formed a was Juvenile, which was restricted to players 18 years of age and under.  This class was adopted in 1956 and the initial tournament held at Duluth was won by St. Paul Arlington, who defeated Mountain Iron in the finals of the four team event.  Presently, this class corresponds to Junior Gold, which nomenclature was selected in 1984.

For the season of 1960-61, Minnesota adopted the classes and nomenclature that the AHAUS, the national governing body, has decided to employ.   The system, which had been borrowed from Canada, included Junior, Juvenile, Midget, Bantam, Pee Wee and Squirt classes.  In 1961, the agent for the Minnesota Pee Wee class was lowered one year and the name of the class changed to Bantam.  For the sake of the lists below - that is different that what is shown on MinnesotaHockey [If the Tournament was called a PeeWee, or Bantam State Tournament, the lists below depict the result as PeeWee or Bantam in the appropriate column and year]

Duluth Lower Chester defeated Owatonna in the finals of MAHA’s first state Midget tournament, held a Duluth in 1961.  In 1966, Grand Rapids hosted the first state Pee Wee tournament while the initial Junior B Championship was staged at Polar Arena in North St. Paul in 1974

Pee-Wee State Champions

Year Location Champion Runner-Up Score
2024 AA Shakopee Minnetonka Woodbury 9-3
2024 A Shakopee Thief River Falls Warroad 7-4
2024 B Cloquet Osseo-Maple Grove Black Eden Prairie 5-3
2023 AA New Ulm Moorhead Osseo/Maple Grove 2-1
2023 A New Ulm Hibbing/Chisholm Warroad 8-2
2023 B Warroad Woodbury Hermantown 3-0
2022 AA Cottage Grove Moorhead Edina 5-1
2022 A Woodbury East Grand Forks Warroad 5-0
2022 B Blaine Edina Green Edina White 5-0
2021 AA St. Michael-Albertville Edina Osseo/Maple Grove 5-1
2021 A Monticello Hibbing Northfield 7-1
2021 B New Ulm Edina Green Farmington 9-3
2020 AA Cancelled/COVID - - -
2020 A Cancelled/COVID - - -
2020 B Cancelled/COVID - - -
2019 AA Stillwater Eden Prairie Woodbury 2-1
2019 A Stillwater Orono Edina 7-1
2019 B Plymouth Orono Eden Prairie 4-3
2018 AA Duluth Woodbury Hermantown 4-2
2018 A Duluth Warroad Sartell 6-3
2018 B St. Cloud Edina Green Farmington 7-2
2017 AA Blaine Chaska Chanhassen Osseo/Maple Grove 3-2 (OT)
2017 A Blaine Johnson/Como/NSP Edina 4-2
2017 B Prior Lake Edina Green Moorhead Black 5-1
2016 AA Grand Rapids Osseo/Maple Grove Duluth East 3-2
2016 A Coleraine Mound Westonka Johnson/Como/NSP 4-2
2016 B Moorhead Edina Green Osseo/Maple Grove 4-1

MN PeeWee State Champions Coat Patch

1951 First PeeWee MAHA Tournament

1951 State PeeWee White Bear Lake

1952 State PeeWee Warroad

Pee-Wee State Champions

Year Location Champion Runner-Up Score
2015 AA Woodbury Prior Lake Minneapolis 3-2
2015 A Lakeville Highland Central Warroad 8-4
2015 B Rochester Edina White Orono White 5-2
2014 AA Thief River Falls Edina Rochester 6-2
2014 A Crookston Highland Central Mahtomedi 2-1
2014 B Two Harbors White Bear Lake Edina White 5-4
2013 AA Edina Edina Wayzata 7-0
2013 A Faribault Minneapolis Orono 5-4
2013 B Cottage Grove Edina Johnson/Como 5-0
2012 A Alexandria Prior Lake/Savage Hermantown 9-4
2012 B Hoyt Lakes Prior Lake/Savage Osseo/Maple Grove 5-4 (3OT)
2011 A Bloomington Edina Farmington 7-3
2011 B Stillwater Wayzata Blue Rosemount 6-1
2010 A Faribault Edina Elk River 5-3
2010 B Roseau Edina Green Edina White 3-0
2009 A New Hope Roseau Woodbury 6-1
2009 B St. Cloud Elk River Edina Green 5-2
2008 A Willmar Edina Grand Rapids 5-2
2008 B New Ulm Edina Green Edina White 2-1 (OT)
2007 A Oakdale Wayzata Apple Valley 3-2
2007 B Plymouth Wayzata Gold Wayzata Blue 3-2
2006 A Duluth Eden Prairie Wayzata
2006 B Buffalo Chaska Wayzata Blue
2005 A Blaine Centennial Chaska
2005 B Burnsville Wayzata Gold Eden Prairie
2004 A Virginia Edina White Bear Lake
2003 A South St. Paul White Bear Lake St. Cloud
2002 A Warroad Duluth East Bloomington Jefferson
2001 A St. Paul Highland Bloomington Jefferson Bloomington Kennedy
2000 A Brainerd Edina White Bear Lake
1999 A Burnsville White Bear Lake Eden Prairie
1998 A Mankato Bloomington Jefferson Hastings
1997 A New Hope Rochester North Duluth East
1996 A Willmar Eden Prairie Wayzata
1995 A Roseville Osseo/Maple Grove Elk River
1994 A Hermantown White Bear Lake Duluth Staubers
1993 A Blaine Bloomington Jefferson Anoka 5-2
1992 A Chisholm Hibbing Anoka
1991 A South St. Paul Duluth Stewarts Bloomington Jefferson 9-3
1990 A Coleraine Moorhead White Bear Lake
1989 A Minneapolis Cottage Grove Hibbing
1988 A Brainerd Bloomington Jefferson Edina 4-3
1987 A Burnsville Grand Rapids Roseau 3-2
1986 A Duluth Roseau Duluth Stewarts
1985 A Litchfield Roseau Grand Rapids 5-2
1984 A Warroad Roseau Rochester 2-1
1983 A Austin Crookston Greenway of Coleraine 2-1
1982 A Virginia Greenway of Coleraine Brooklyn Park 5-3
1981 A Minneapolis Duluth Strewarts White Bear Lake 4-3
1980 A International Falls International Falls New Hope 6-3
1979 A Albert Lea Duluth Stewarts Minnetonka 3-2
1978 A Grand Rapids Grand Rapids Duluth Stewarts 5-4
1977 A Cottage Grove Rochester South St. Paul
1977 B Duluth Edina West St. Anthony
1976 A Thief River Falls Irondale Duluth Stewarts
1976 B Minneapolis Edina West North St. Paul
1975 A Minneapolis White Bear Lake St. Croix 4-2
1975 B Litchfield Edina West South St. Paul
1974 A Hoyt Lakes Duluth Stewarts St. Croix 8-4
1973 A Bloomington Grand Rapids Hopkins-Glen Lake-Lindberg 4-1
1972 A Bloomington Edina Roseville 5-4
1971 A Bloomington Mounds View Roseau 7-1
1970 A Roseville Edina Virginia 9-1
1969 A International Falls Edina Duluth East 5-2
1968 A Bemidji Edina Grand Rapids 6-0
1967 A Duluth Grand Rapids International Falls 3-2
1966 A Grand Rapids Duluth Zephyr Anoka 6-2
1960 A St. Louis Park White Bear Lake Duluth Glen Avon 3-2 (OT)
1959 A St. Paul Roseau Eveleth 2-1 (OT)
1958 A Warroad Duluth Glen Avon St. Paul Shop Pond 3-2
1957 A Duluth Minneapolis Harriers Duluth Irving 4-1
1956 A Hibbing Eveleth International Falls 3-2
1955 A Thief River Falls Duluth International Falls 2-1
1954 A Rochester Eveleth Minnehaha Falls A.C. 4-3
1953 A Eveleth Eveleth Duluth Glen Avon 4-3
1952 A Warroad Eveleth Warroad 5-4
1951 A White Bear Lake Duluth Glen Avon White Bear Lake 3-2

1954 State PeeWee Tournament Telephone Pole Sign

1953 State PeeWee Eveleth Hippodrome

1954 State PeeWee Rochester Mayo Civic

1955 State PeeWee Thief River Falls

1957 State PeeWee Duluth Curling Club

1958 State PeeWee Warroad

1960 State PeeWee St. Louis Park

1974 State PeeWee Hoyt Lakes Arena

1976 State PeeWee B Augsburg Ice Arena

1979 State PeeWee Albert Lea

1981 State PeeWee VMIA Minneapolis

1984 State PeeWee Warroad

State PeeWee East Grand Forks Unknown Year

Bantam State Champions

Year Location Champion Runner-Up Score
2024 AA Grand Rapids Moorhead Hermantown 7-0
2024 A Virginia Warroad Hopkins 3-0
2024 B Proctor Roseville Mahtomedi 6-2
2023 AA Prior Lake Edina Moorhead 3-2 (2OT)
2023 A Prior Lake Hibbing Delano 8-1
2023 B Bemidji Prior Lake/Savage Edina White 6-2
2022 AA Baudette Moorhead Eden Prairie 5-3
2022 A East Grand Forks East Grand Forks Northern Lakes 7-0
2022 B Blaine Prior Lake/Savage Lakeville South 4-1
2021 AA Edina Wayzata Osseo/Maple Grove 2-1 (2OT)
2021 A Edina East Grand Forks Warroad 6-3
2021 B New Ulm Alexandria Black Mahtomedi 2-1
2020 AA Cancelled/COVID - - -
2020 A Cancelled/COVID - - -
2020 B Cancelled/COVID - - -
2019 AA Moorhead Osseo/Maple Grove Chaska Chanhassen 5-0
2019 A Moorhead Warroad Osseo/Maple Grove 2-0 (OT)
2019 B Plymouth Edina Green Rogers 3-0
2018 AA Minneapolis Osseo/Maple Grove Eden Prairie 7-2
2018 A Minneapolis Edina Cottage Grove 2-1
2018 B St. Cloud Edina White Osseo/Maple Grove 5-0
2017 AA Marshall White Bear Lake Osseo/Maple Grove 5-2
2017 A Marshall Edina Orono 2-1
2017 B Prior Lake Edina Green Edina White 3-2
2016 AA Stillwater Minnetonka Moorhead 3-2 (2OT)
2016 A Stillwater Orono Warroad 6-5
2016 B Moorhead Edina Green Elk River Black 2-1
2015 AA Duluth Minnetonka Edina 3-1
2015 A Duluth Orono Edina 4-2
2015 B Rochester Wayzata Blue Elk River Black 7-2
2014 AA Rogers Grand Rapids Stillwater 3-2
2014 A Coon Rapids Highland Central Wayzata 3-2
2014 B Silver Bay Wayzata Navy North St. Paul 4-3 (OT)
2013 AA Edina Edina Duluth East 4-3 (OT)
2013 A Buffalo Mahtomedi Edina 6-0
2013 B Woodbury Wayzata Navy North Metro 4-3 (OT)
2012 A Cottage Grove Edina East Grand Forks 5-1
2012 B Coleraine Duluth Denfeld Osseo/Maple Grove 2-1
2011 A Virginia Eden Prairie Woodbury 4-3
2011 B Marshall Osseo/Maple Grove Edina White 3-0
2010 A Richfield Woodbury Richfield 2-1
2010 B Bemidji Tartan Blaine 3-2
2009 A Thief River Falls Wayzata Rochester 3-1
2009 B St. Cloud Duluth East Wayzata Blue 3-2
2008 A Edina Eden Prairie Centennial 2-0
2008 B New Ulm Blake Wayzata Blue 2-1 (OT)
2007 A Alexandria Eden Prairie Centennial 3-2
2007 B Plymouth White Bear Lake Orange Eden Prairie Red 2-0
2006 A New Hope Centennial Edina
2006 B Buffalo Wayzata Blue Chaska
2005 A New Ulm Edina Centennial
2005 B Burnsville Maple Grove Centennial Red
2004 A Stillwater Moorhead Duluth East
2003 A Cloquet White Bear Lake Centennial
2002 A Blaine Wayzata Roseville
2001 A Willmar Centennial White Bear Lake
2000 A South St. Paul Eden Prairie Alexandria
1999 A International Falls Rochester North Brooklyn Park 2-0
1998 A Minneapolis Eden Prairie White Bear Lake
1997 A East Grand Forks Osseo/Maple Grove White Bear Lake
1996 A Edina Duluth East Osseo/Maple Grove
1995 A Moorhead Anoka Rochester John Marshall 5-0
1994 A New Hope Hibbing Rochester John Marshall 4-1
1993 A Albert Lea Bloomington Jefferson Duluth Perkins 4-1
1992 A Roseville St. Paul Johnson Moorhead
1991 A Cloquet Moorhead Anoka
1990 A St. Cloud Bloomington Jefferson Moorhead
1989 A Roseau Richfield Moorhead
1988 A Cottage Grove Bloomington Kennedy Grand Rapids 6-1
1987 A Eveleth Grand Rapids Roseau
1986 A Minneapolis Wayzata International Falls 6-5
1985 A Hibbing Rochester Bloomington Jefferson
1984 A Edina Bloomington Kennedy Greenway of Coleraine
1983 A Bemidji St. Paul Johnson Duluth Stewarts 4-3
1982 A St. Paul Park Cottage Grove Burnsville
1981 A Cloquet Duluth Sports Locker Fergus Falls 9-5
1980 A Minnetonka Columbia Heights Minnetonka 4-3
1979 A Fridley Bloomington Jefferson Minnetonka
1978 A Roseville Irondale Fridley
1977 A Eveleth Greenway of Coleraine Duluth Rotary
1977 B Minneapolis Duluth Heights Phalen Park 6-5 (OT)
1976 A New Hope Edina West Rochester 7-4
1976 B Rochester New Ulm Falcon Heights
1975 A Grand Rapids Grand Rapids Rochester 5-4
1975 B Brooklyn Park Brooklyn Park Roseville
1974 A Roseville Roseville VFW South St. Paul 8-3
1973 A Bloomington Mounds View Greenway of Coleraine 5-2
1972 A Bloomington Edina Greenway of Coleraine 9-1
1971 A Bloomington Edina Mounds View 4-1
1970 A Edina Edina Grand Rapids 7-5
1969 A South St. Paul Grand Rapids Roseville 3-2
1968 A South St. Paul Edina South St. Paul 1-0
1967 A South St. Paul Edina Eveleth 8-1
1966 A South St. Paul Eveleth Minneapolis Lucky Leven 6-2
1965 A South St. Paul Mounds View Minneapolis VFW
1964 A South St. Paul Warroad Duluth Lower Chester 8-3
1963 A South St. Paul Duluth Lower Chester South St. Paul 4-3
1962 A Hibbing Greenway of Coleraine Duluth Steelers 4-1
1961 A Duluth International Falls Duluth Lower Chester

1961 State Bantam Duluth Curling Club

1965 State Bantam South St. Paul

1967 State Bantam South St. Paul

1975 State Bantam Grand Rapids

1976 State Bantam New Hope

1977 State Bantam Eveleth

1977 State Bantam B Augsburg

1978 State Bantam Roseville

1980 State Bantam Minnetonka

1981 State Bantam Cloquet

1982 State Bantam St. Paul

1983 State Bantam Bemidji

1984 State Bantam Edina

1985 State Bantam Hibbing

1987 State Bantam Eveleth