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WCCO Prep Parade All-State Hockey History/Teams

Starting in 1959 through (known information at this time 1981) WCCO Radio hosted a weekly radio event aptly named the Prep Parade Show where local long-time Star Tribune sports writer Sid Hartman, alongside former University of Minnesota Athletic Director Paul Giel were the main hosts.  WCCO had several players, coaches, referees and fans alike as guests on the show to discuss all things pertaining to high school sports, talked about on the AM 8-3-0 radio dial, and prided themselves as: The only radio series in the state devoted exclusively to the coverage of Minnesota high school athletics

As apart of the once popular and proud WCCO radio program, a yearly state wide Prep Parade All-State M.V.P. team of players and hockey coaches were nominated as inductees held at culminated Prep-Parade sports dinner, along with a named co-sponsor of the dinner induction event.  Nominations were voted by a panel of sportswriters and broadcasters, WCCO staff, and the Prep Parade advisory board.  Of note, the prep-parade advisory board was not biased as to only Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) participants, as in 1969 players from private schools not yet apart of the MSHSL, were additionally inducted as apart of voted All-State team.  Additionally - for reasons unknown - the Prep Parade appears to have ceased in 1981, with the Associated Press (AP) All-State 1st and 2nd teams beginning in 1979, and later AP Player of the year award).  As part of the hosted induction ceremonies with the hockey members, basketball and football inductees were voted in as WCCO All-State members.

WCCO TV later would hold the boys tournament TV rights from 1983 to 1991 that would be considered The Golden Age of State Tournament Coverage.  WCCO-TV bought the rights to the event and it turned out to be an all-station undertaking with Mark Rosen and Ralph Jon Fritz as studio hosts and other station personnel handling between periods and games features.  The best move the station made was bringing in outside help to handle the play-by-play.  In 1983, veteran Canadian broadcaster Don Chevrier would call the action for several games and also brought in was then Wisconsin badgers broadcaster Paul Braun.  The following season, Chevrier was replaced by fellow Canadian Chris Cuthbert, who handled the remaining years of WCCO’s coverage.  But what set the station’s coverage apart from its two predecessors was the outstanding camera work and production.  The overall sound and vision looked more like a network quality broadcast.

WCCO in 1959 was a trailblazer with this induction ceremony, as they also can be considered by many to have changed State Tournament TV broadcasting on Radio & TV.  

Phone calls to WCCO to seek additional missing years/inductions were 'not known, and likely lost to time' by WCCO station staff.  We are now seeking additional information pertaining to the missing years inductees from 1965-1981, to remember the accomplishment of induction of this once proud Prep Parade.


Players Team
Don Troumbly Coleraine
Lou Karakas Eveleth
Bill Cronkite International Falls
Len Lilyholm Robbinsdale
Jim Stordahl Roseau
Dave Peterson St. Paul Johnson
Coach Team
Oscar Almquist Roseau


Players Team
Bill Ramsay Breck School
Jimmy Ross Duluth East
Marinus Van Putten Eveleth
Don Laine Minneapolis Patrick Henry
Steve Nash Minneapolis Southwest
Tom Gould Minneapolis Washburn
Don Ross Roseau
Larry Stordahl Roseau
Rich Brown South St. Paul
Dugie McLellan St. Paul Harding
Dale Wennberg Thief River Falls
Coach Team
Unknown Unknown


Players Team
Coach Team


Players Team
John Lothrop Coleraine
Mike Tok Coleraine
Steve Nelson Eveleth
John Torrel Gilbert
Keith Christiansen International Falls
Mike Curran International Falls
Don Milette International Falls
Dick Swenson Minneapolis Roosevelt
Jim Boosalis Minneapolis Washburn
Jim Branch Richfield
Bob Lillo Roseau
Paul Rygh Roseau
Jerome Swenson Roseau
Bruce Larson South St. Paul
Doug Woog South St. Paul
Billy Johnson St. Paul Washington
Coach Team
Larry Ross International Falls


Players Team
Jack Dale Cretin
Dick Paradise Cretin
Gene Schweiger Duluth Denfeld
Jim Amidon International Falls
Dick Haugland International Falls
Jon Hall Minneapolis Roosevelt
Juha Rantasila Minneapolis West
Jim Branch Richfield
Bob Lillo Roseau
Larry Skime Roseau
Jerome Swenson Roseau
Bob Boysen Roseville Alexander Ramey
Brick Anderson Roseville Alexander Ramey
Hank Remackel St. Paul Johnson
Bob Shattuck St. Paul Johnson
Greg Page St. Paul Murray
Dennis Zacho White Bear
Coach Team
Rube Gustafson St. Paul Johnson


Players Team
Pete Markle Blake School
Tom Ahrens Duluth East
Doug King Edina
Tommy Kallevig Eveleth
Gary Gambucci Hibbing
Jim Green Hibbing
Pete Fichuk International Falls
Tim Sheehy International Falls
Gary Wood International Falls
Jerry Larson Minneapolis Patrick Henry
Barry Bloomgren Richfield
Jack Thoemke Roseville Alexander Ramsey
Terry Abram South St. Paul
Mike Crupi St. Paul Johnson
Greg Hughes St. Paul Johnson
Bob Shattuck St. Paul Johnson
John Bates St. Paul Murray
Gary Chilcote Virginia
Coach Team
Larry Ross International Falls


Players Team
John Amundsen Baudette
Mark Dayton Blake School
Terry Smith Bloomington
Gary Murphy Coleraine
Billy Enrico Duluth East
Bill Diercks Edina
Dave Merhar Ely
Pete Fichuk International Falls
Steve Ross International Falls
Tim Sheehy International Falls
Gary Wood International Falls
Rick Rotsch Minneapolis Southwest
Bob Olein Roseville Alexander Ramsey
Terry Abram South St. Paul
Jerry Trooien St. Paul Harding
Bill Klatt St. Paul Hill
Pat McKusky St. Paul Johnson
Bill Weller St. Paul Johnson
Coach Team
Charles 'Lefty' Smith South St. Paul


Players Team
Tom Phillips Benilde
Jim Hornig Blake School
Kent Nyberg Coleraine
Phil Hoene Duluth Cathedral
Ron Beck International Falls
Peter Hegg International Falls
Steve Ross International Falls
Tim Sheehy International Falls
Ron Docken Minneapolis Roosevelt
Pat Westrum Minneapolis Roosevelt
Bryan Grand Roseau
Bob Olein Roseville Alexander Ramsey
Dennis Sauter Richfield
Jim Carter South St. Paul
Phil DeHate St. Paul Johnson
John Jesky St. Paul Monroe
Jerry Krieger St. Paul Washington
Larry Sternal Wayzata
Scott Buchan White Bear Lake
Coach Team
Larry Ross International Falls


Players Team
Kent LeMoine Thief River Falls
Mike Baumgartner Roseau
Henry Boucha Warroad
Coach Team
Bob Gernander Coleraine


Players Team
Mike Antonovich Coleraine
Pokey Trachsel Duluth Cathedral
Bob Kreiger Edina
Brad Buetow Mounds View
Dixon Shelstad Minneapolis Southwest
Jeff Rotsch Minneapolis Southwest
Mike Lundbohm Roseau
Doug Peltier St. Paul Johnson
Henry Boucha Warroad
Coach Team
Unknown Unknown

Patch Image Courtesy Jeff Rotsch


Players Team
Chuck Ness Duluth Cathedral
Mike Randolph Duluth Cathedral
Pokey Trachsel Duluth Cathedral
Rick Fretland Edina
Doug Hastings Edina
Jim Knutson Edina
Bob Krieger Edina
Mike Antonovich Greenway of Coleraine
Nick Novak Hibbing
Dean Blais International Falls
Dixon Shelstad Minneapolis Southwest
Earl Anderson Roseau
Bill Green Roseville Alexander Ramsey
Mark Kronholm South St. Paul
John Olsen St. Bernard's
Henry Boucha Warroad
Alan Hangsleben Warroad
Coach Team
Willard Ikola Edina

Photo Courtesy Nick Novak


Players Team
Ric Schafer Blake School
Bob Lawson Coleraine
Tom Peluso Coleraine
Mike Randolph Duluth Cathedral
Scott Koidahl Duluth East
Bill Nyrop Edina
Bob Krieger Edina
Bruce Carlson Edina
Cal Cossalter Eveleth
Doug Palazzari Eveleth
Dean Talafous Hastings
George Milinovich Hibbing
John Perpich Hibbing
Mike Polich Hibbing
Bob Young Hill
John Prettyman International Falls
Bob Lundeen Minneapolis Southwest
Brad Shelstad Minneapolis Southwest
Dan Griffin North St. Paul
Mike Menard Osseo
John Harris Roseau
Mitch Brandt Roseau
Gordon Stangl St. Paul Harding
Steve Sertich Virginia
Alan Hangsleben Warroad
Frank Krahn Warroad
John Matschke White Bear Lake
Coach Team
Unknown Unknown


Players Team
Pete Moos Blake School
Tim Schroeder East Grand Forks
Dave Bremer Edina
Tim Carlson Edina
Pete LoPresti Eveleth
Dean Talafous Hastings
Mike Polich Hibbing
Pat Conroy Hill
Bob Young Hill
John Prettyman International Falls
Bob Lundeen Minneapolis Southwest
Doug Robbins Minneapolis Southwest
Dan Griffin North St. Paul
Dave Christoff Richfield
Robbie Harris Roseau
Kent Langlie Roseau
Les Auge St. Paul Johnson
Doug Long St. Paul Johnson
Alan Hangsleben Warroad
John Taylor Warroad
Dave Millington White Bear
Coach Team
Willard Ikola Edina


Players Team
Brad Morrow Anoka
Steve Alley Anoka
Gary Sargent Bemidji
Jim Warden Blake School
Jim Clauson Crookston
Terry Martin Duluth East
Dave Otness Edina
Steve Eichhorn Edina
Pete LoPresti Eveleth
Dan Benzie Grand Rapids
Kelly Cahill Grand Rapids
Mike Newton Grand Rapids
Dick Spannbauer Hill-Murray
Paul Green International Falls
Peter Waselovich International Falls
John Sheridan Minneapolis Henry
John Taft Minneapolis Southwest
Tom Sundberg St. Paul Harding
John Shewchuk South St. Paul
Warren Miller South St. Paul
Charles Zupetz Virginia
Coach Team
Gus Hendrickson Grand Rapids


Players Team
Steve Fischer Alexander Ramsey
Steve Jensen Armstrong
Mike Wong Burnsville
Tom Evans Detroit Lakes
Dave Otness Edina East
Brad Becker Edina West
Dave Geving Edina West
Doug Christy Grand Rapids
Kelly Cahill Grand Rapids
Joe Micheletti Hibbing
Jim Jeffries Hopkins Eisenhower
David Brown International Falls
Peter Waselovich International Falls
Dave Heitz Minneapolis Roosevelt
Dan Edwards Minneapolis West
Bill Moen Proctor
Tom Vannelli St. Paul Academy
Dan Bonk South St. Paul
John Sewchuck South St. Paul
Ken Yackel South St. Paul
Steve Carlson Virginia
Coach Team
George Perpich Hibbing


Players Team
Dick Howe Bemidji
Dana Decker Brooklyn Center
Craig Norwich Edina East
Steve Polsfuss Edina East
Dave Dornseif Edina West
Mark Decenzo Grand Rapids
John Rothstein Grand Rapids
Steve Janaszak Hill-Murray
Kevin Nugent Hill-Murray
Reed Larson Minneapolis Roosevelt
Dick Bain Minneapolis Roosevelt
Murray Johnson Minneapolis Southwest
Bruce Olson Roseau
John Albers Sibley
Doug Spoden Sibley
Robin Larson St. Paul Academy
Tony Dorn Thief River Falls
Coach Team
Willard Ikola Edina East


Players Team
Steve Schneider Babbitt
Bill Himmelright Bemidji
Tom Byers Bloomington Kennedy
Steve Shandley Bloomington Lincoln
Phil Verchota Duluth East
Dave Finks Edina East
Gene Purdy Edina West
Dave Delich Eveleth
Bill Baker Grand Rapids
John Rothstein Grand Rapids
Frank Serratore Greenway of Coleraine
Jim Korn Hopkins Lindbergh
Steve Janaszak Hill-Murray
Rod Romanchuk Hill-Murray
Bob Bonin Minneapolis Southwest
Jeff Johnson Minneapolis Washburn
Eric Strobel Rochester Mayo
Chick Yackel South St. Paul
Tom Gorence St. Paul Academy
Keith Hendrickson Virginia
Dave Christian Warroad
Coach Team
Gus Hendrickson Grand Rapids


Players Team
Stan Palmer Bloomington Jefferson
Bob Block Bloomington Kennedy
Carl Bloom Bloomington Kennedy
Gordon Hampson Edina East
Mark Pavelich Eveleth
Jim Jetland Grand Rapids
Dan Lempe Grand Rapids
Dave Johnson Hibbing
John Friedman Highland Park
Pat Regan Hill-Murray
Paul Joswiak Mahtomedi
Rob McClanahan Mounds View
Randy Lucas Park Cottage Grove
John Meredith Minneapolis Southwest
Carl Bloom Richfield
Geof Haraway Richfield
Steve Christoff Richfield
Peter Hayek Robbinsdale
Eric Strobel Rochester Mayo
Dan Hedlund Roseau
Nick Schwartz St. Paul Harding
Coach Team
Tom Wegleitner Mounds View


Players Team
Dave Dillon Bloomington Kennedy
John Muskat Duluth East
Todd Mishler East Grand Forks
Gordon Hampson Edina East
Steve Pepper Edina East
Dave Terwilliger Edina East
Al Cleveland Grand Rapids
Don Lucia Grand Rapids
Bill Perkl Hopkins Lindbergh
Kevin Constantine International Falls
Mark Gherity Minneapolis Southwest
Scott Lecy Rochester John Marshall
Mike Stone Roseau
Steve Ulseth St. Paul Kellogg
Dave Christian Warroad
Dan Gorowsky White Bear Mariner
Coach Team
Denny Tetu South St. Paul


Players Team
Brian Zins Aurora Hoyt Lakes
Scott Carlston Bloomington Jefferson
Mark Palkovich Bloomington Jefferson
John Donnelly Edina East
Tom Kelly Edina East
Gary DeGrio Grand Rapids
Jim Jetland Grand Rapids
Scott Kleinendorst Grand Rapids
Gary Sampson International Falls
Mike Ramsey Minneapolis Roosevelt
Scott Lynch North St. Paul
Bruce Aikens Rochester John Marshall
Paul Brandrup Rochester John Marshall
Jeff Nelson Rochester John Marshall
Jeff Teal Rochester John Marshall
Neal Broten Roseau
Wade Lau St. Paul Johnson
Coach Team
Unknown Unknown


Players Team
Coach Team
Unknown Unknown


Players Team
Bob Lakso Aurora Hoyt Lakes
Tom Kurvers Bloomington Jefferson
Jay North Bloomington Jefferson
Dave Ottum Burnsville
Phil Falcone Chisholm
Tim Sager Cretin Derham-Hall
Ted Pearson Edina East
Pat Tierney Edina West
Doug Evgen Forest Lake
Jon Casey Grand Rapids
Tom Rothstein Grand Rapids
Ben Belde Hill-Murray
Bill King Hill-Murray
Jeff Poeschl Hill-Murray
John Bader Irondale
Scott Richart Irondale
Dan May Minneapolis Southwest
Mark Huglen Roseau
Dave Geatz Thief River
Bill Jury Thief River
Ed Christian Warroad
Coach Team
Terry Skypek Hill-Murray