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2020 Hockey Day Minnesota - Minneapolis January 16-18

Vintage Minnesota Hockey Take:

The 14th annual HDM was hosted by the states largest city, basking under the glow of the beautiful skyline in historic Parade area of Minneapolis, adjacent to the cherry & spoon within the Sculpture Garden/Walker Art Center.  The Mill City put on an amazing spectacle, and no other city will be able to match the sky-line back drop in the future, regardless of where the host city is.  The local event committee including former NHL player and Minneapolis Southwest alum - Tom Chorske were slightly nervous leading into HDM as the weather was somewhat warm for January - as their was NO on site reefer this year, which has been standard the last 5 years at HDM since 2015 at Holman Field.  It is unknown as to the exact 'why' but can likely be because of funding as it is in excess of $250,000 to have the on-site S.U. reefer system for HDM.  Mother nature and the hockey gods played in the favor of the local organizing committee, as the water that was layed upon the large rink tarp finally FROZE, lines were painted, and HDM ice was all natural which was just epic - natural ice for Minneapolis, a very rich hockey history city.  Hockey in the mill city can be traced back to the late 1800's when hockey made it's way from Hallock to Minneapolis.  We had the distinct pleasure of assisting FSN Tom Hanneman with a story that was featured as part of the days broadcast about Cleve Bennewitz, how this hockey pioneer can be credited for bringing the game from northern Minnesota to Minneapolis.  Our great friends at Minnesota Hockey Magazine were elated to include a 125 year Minneapolis hockey history timeline we prepared as apart of the official game program of HDM this year as well (Minnesota Hockey Magazine has been the official publication the last x2 years at HDM).

2020 HDM began Thursday evening with two girls games featuring hometown Minneapolis girls dropping the puck against Academy of Holy Angels with home turf Minneapolis winning in dramatic fashion 3-2 in OT, followed by hometown Blake girls vs. Grand Rapids/Greenway.  The following day the slated outdoor games commenced as day made way to night, the week long forecasted weather with accumulating snow finally arrived - that maybe kept some weary worried drivers away for the night - but those that were present were apart of a special womens State of Hockey All-Star game in what some referred to as a snowglobe game, followed by a fun NHL Alumni game where the chirps were aplenty among the former players - including NHL Hockey Hall of Fame member and former Minnesota North Stars centerman Mike Modano.

The 3rd day (a 1st for HDM scheduling with three days of games) marked the actual HDM where the temps were in the single digits, followed by increasing winds and partial sun to clowds for the day saw Warriors of Warroad making their inaugural HDM, and sporting their Class A 1st place record defeated home-town Minneapolis handily 5-1.  Warriors alumni Henry Boucha and 1980 Olympian Dave Christian were in the crowd cheering on their alma mater to the victory, including Henry rooting for his 9th grade grandson, and varsity starter Gabbi Boucha.  The days high school games commenced with home-town Blake Bears, coached by former 1980 Miracle on Ice Rob McClanahan who led his team over Blaine in a close contest 3-2.  The days outdoor games finished with the University of Minnesota Womens team, also making their 1st ever HDM appearance defeated Ohio State Womens Buckeyes 2-1 who were sporting fresh new throwback uniforms adorned with special HDM patches.

Star Tribune Sports Reporter, David LaVaque had written in his column leading up to HDM as quoted by former NHL, and Minneapolis Boys Head Coach - Joe Dziedzic who eloquently stated that can also be said of EVERY HDM: "Hockey Day Minnesota is like having the Stanley Cup for the day, you get to have your party with it, and this is your party.  It's been like a countdown to Christmas, and having your own wedding; there is so much planning, but you have to sit back and enjoy it because before you know it, it's over".

FSN and Hockey Day administration announced the last night that the 15th annual 2021 HDM was awarded to City of Mankato [later moved to 2022 due to COVID-19 pandemic] - marking the 3rd straight year of announcing the following years location at the currently hosted City.

Hockey Day Minnesota Results & Rosters:

Game Results

Home Away Winner Score Date Time Location
Minneapolis Girls Academy of Holy Angels Girls Minneapolis Girls 3-2 (OT) Jan. 16 6:00 p.m. Parade Stadium
Blake Girls Grand Rapids/Greenway Girls Blake Girls 8-0 Jan. 16 8:00 p.m. Parade Stadium
Minneapolis Warroad Warroad 5-1 Jan. 18 9:30 a.m. Parade Stadium
Blake Blaine Blake 3-2 Jan. 18 1:00 p.m. Parade Stadium
St. Cloud State Minnesota Duluth St. Cloud State 2-0 Jan. 18 4:30 p.m. Herb Brooks Center
University of Minnesota Womens Ohio State Womens University of Minnesota Womens 2-1 Jan. 18 4:30 p.m. Parade Stadium
Minnesota Wild Dallas Stars Minnesota Wild 7-0 Jan. 18 8:00 p.m. Xcel Energy Center

Minneapolis - Girls (Some players may not have participated - all listed in HDM program). Not Televised

Roster Position Number
Molly Taylor G 1
Celia Midbto F 2
Piper Sorock D 3
Lucy Pham - Captain D 4
Annika Anderson D 5
Augusta Crow - Assistant Captain F 6
Lydia Peterson - Captain F 7
Ava Miller D 8
Maddy Helmstetter F 9
Julia Stevens D 10
Ana Davis F 11
Audrey Garton F 12
Talia Christman F 13
Eloise McKinney D 14
Ritu Boyer-Conway F 15
Erin Leib F 16
Elsie Lawless D 17
Clara Schmiesing F 18
Lilah Kyllonen F 19
Ruby Christman D 20
Jojo Crow F 21
Savannah Forrest F 22
Lizzy Hamel F 23
Lily Andersen F 24
Hazel McKinney D 25
Adelaide Bruce F 26
Nyagach Kueth F 27
Avery Cheeseman D 28
Brielle Anderson F 29
Tess Bieringer G 30
Bridget Anderson G 31
Grace Ann Goodale F 32
Natalia Hardcopf F 33
Ava Weaverling D 44
Syd Bieringer Manager
Maggie Deering Manager
Sarma Ozmen Head Coach
Hailey Field Assistant Coach
Steve Barrett Assistant Coach

Academy of Holy Angels - Girls (Some players may not have participated - all listed in HDM program). Not Televised

Roster Position Number
Kaitlyn Kneeland D 2
Shelby Bemis F 3
Ava Dean F 4
Abby Bercich - Captain D 5
Madalyn Johnson F 6
Mara Poidinger F 7
Bella LaMere F 8
Grace Clements F 9
Lillian Ziegler D 10
Annie Knapp - Captain D 11
Ella Clow F 16
Anna Jensen - Captain D 19
Amanda Folk D 20
Bridget McGuire - Captain F 22
Reagan Loichle F 29
Lauren McQuillan G 30
Celeste Rimstad G 33
Yaretzi Garza F 4
Ellory Snook F 5
Ali Dugan F 6
Caroline Carson F 7
Vivian Alexander D 10
Makayla Clow F 11
Maren Clow F 12
Molly Bauer D 15
Claire Krieger D 16
Alexis Swartout D 17
Zoey Lovett D 19
Marin Kaster F 21
Aislin Lacher F 28
Lauren McQuillan G 30
Sara Cooney F 35
Tucker Snook Manager
Ryan LaMere Head Coach
Mike Reierson Assistant Coach
Holly Noble Assistant Coach
Laura Jacobson Assistant Coach
Leah Schwartzman Assistant Coach

Blake - Girls (Not Televised)

Roster Position Number
Abigail Ziehl G 1
Adelaide Burton F 2
Kylie Gage F 3
Bailey Abraham D 4
Audrey Wethington F 6
Lily Delianedis F 7
Grace Johnson D 10
Julia Blum D 11
Isabel Meyer D 12
Georgia Pettygrove D 13
Julia Jung F 14
Suzy Higuchi F 15
Sam Broz F 16
Elizabeth Morrison F 17
Ruth Goldenberg F 18
Charlotte Opp D 19
Jackie Wethington D 20
Remy Abraham F 21
Rilee Winters F 22
Lucky Lillygreen F 23
Kate Kasica D 24
Molly Haag G 33
Ava Christie G 35
Jing Jing Munson Manager
Shawn Reid Head Coach
Kendall Christian Assistant Coach
Alex Ward Assistant Coach
Dani Cameranesi Assistant Coach

Grand Rapids/Greenway - Girls (Not Televised)

Roster Position Number
Kenny Martinson G 1
Jade Rohloff F 4
Kayden Broking D 5
Kallee Reed F 6
Amber Elich D 7
Claire Vekich - Captain F 8
Kaisa Reed D 10
Jordan Troumbly F 11
Mercury Bischoff F 12
Hannah Mark - Captain D 16
Ellie Tillman F 17
Alli Miska F 19
Molly Pierce F 21
Jazzy Bischoff G 22
McKenzie Cole G 24
Grace Sevigny F 25
Emily Trast G 29
Makenzie Cole G 31
Ruby Hyduke Manager
Brad Hyduke Head Coach
Reed Larson Assistant Coach
Kelsey Johnston Assistant Coach

Minneapolis - Boys

Roster Position Number
Cole Kloek G 1
Sam Pearson - Captain F 3
Mack Nall F 4
Zander Zoia F 5
Ben Murray - Captain F 7
Henry Evenson F 8
Nick Wombacher F 9
Frank Lindgren - Assistant Captain D 10
Ryan Wagner D 11
Oliver Crowell F 14
Simon Weed F 16
Jackson Schueller D 18
Jack Hanson F 19
Levi Kyllonen F 20
Jack Stock F 21
Joseph DeGeorgeo D 22
Sam Cooper F 23
Drew Pitts D 24
Evan Grimm F 27
Nick Sachs D 28
Alex Lamont G 31
Like Gilbertson D 34
Sawyer Cirone F 36
Alessandra Courbois Manager
Ella Sapecky Manager
Julia Bachman Manager
Joe Dziedzic Head Coach
Drew Palmer Assistant Coach
Dave Shute Assistant Coach
Tony Pnewski Assistant Coach
Gavin Miller Assistant Coach

Warroad - Boys (Some players may not have participated - all listed in HDM program)

Roster Position Number
Emmett Marvin F 2
Gabbi Boucha F 4
Blake Norris - Assistant Captain D 5
Nelson Cole D 6
Luke Erickson F 7
Sky Solig F 8
Luke Johnson - Assistant Captain F 9
Vance Kleinschmidt D 11
Tyrus Culleton D 12
Gage Wilmer D 13
Gabe Maunu F 14
Jayson Shaugabay F 17
Matt Hard F 18
Anthony Foster F 19
Cooper Cole D 20
Saizha Norwegian F 21
Levi Gesielhart F 22
Owen Meeker F 23
Mason Skogman F 24
Jack Jones F 25
William Johnson F 26
Grant Slukynsky - Captain F 27
Jack Kotlowski D 28
Iver Hanson D 29
Landon Haggan G 32
Bo Thompson D 33
Jack Orchard G 34
Zach Foster - Captain G 35
Max Casperson F 36
Carson Reed D 37
Todd Powassin D 38
Keane Russell F 40
Jay Hardwick Head Coach
Son Shaugabay Assistant Coach
Michael Tveit Assistant Coach
Scott Knutson Assistant Coach
Dane Shaugabay Assistant Coach

Blake - Boys

Roster Position Number
Lachen Reid - Captain D 2
Ben Dexheimer D 4
Eli Daniel F 5
Brett Witzke F 6
Ryan Ressemann D 7
Gavin Best - Captain F 8
Jack Sabre - Captain F 9
Connor Mahony F 10
Thomas Nelson F 13
Nate Hietoff F 15
Carter Krenke F 16
Will Svenddal - Captain D 19
Joe Miller F 20
Matt Olive D 21
Theo Crosby F/D 22
Anderson Blum F 24
Jake Svenddal D 26
William Matzke F 27
Aksel Reid G 30
Jonah Spaeth G 31
Rowan Heitoff F 36
Sam Hykes Manager
Landon Peterson Manager
Andrew Leslie Manager
Jack Richardson Manager
Rob McClanahan Head Coach
Jay Phillips Assistant Coach
Tom Doyle Assistant Coach
Nick Oslund Assistant Coach
Dan Delianedis Assistant Coach
JT Wyman Assistant Coach

Blaine - Boys (Some players may not have participated - all listed in HDM program)

Roster Position Number
Kasen Raniere G 1
Franco Canevari D 2
Joe Penner F 3
Matt McIntyre F 4
Dane Anderson F 5
Mason Streeter - Assistant Captain D 6
Bryce Laager F 7
Hunter Hanson F 8
Zach Buzick F 9
Landon Steffen F 11
Nate Shaffer D 12
Boden Parent F 13
Finn Loftus D 14
Cam Shoberg D 15
Ben Wallraff F 16
Carsen Richels - Captain F 17
Cole Hansen - Captain F 18
Luke Steffen F 19
Jack Reimann - Assistant Captain F 20
Alex Hauck F 21
Derek West D 23
Sean Schweiger F 24
Kaden Brazinsky D 25
Jonny Bukovich F 26
Ty Bunes F 28
Braeden Lindsay F 29
Jonah Simonson G 31
Aaron Sculthorpe G 32
Ryan Wallin G 35
Garrett Helmeke D 36
Noah Hitchcock D 37
Nolan Bethel F 38
Dominick Romo D 39
Alex Urness F 40
Josie Marshall Manager
Ryan Olson Manager
Jack Kratkramer Manager
Marysa Loomis Manager
Noah Wehlage Manager
Chris Carroll Head Coach
Jonathan Krell Assistant Coach
Nick Kulenkamp Assistant Coach
Mark Ziegler Assistant Coach
Chad Hockenmeyer Assistant Coach
Brett Theisen Assistant Coach
Steve Witkowski Assistant Coach

University of Minnesota - Womens

Roster Position Number
Olivia King G 1
Emily Brown - Assistant Captain D 2
Catie Skaja F 3
Madeline Washington D 5
Gracie Ostertag D 6
Sydney Shearen F 7
Kippin Keller F 8
Taylor Heise F 9
Grace Zumwinkle F 12
Crystalyn Hengler D 13
Amy Potomak F 16
Katie Robinson F 18
Alex Woken - Assistant Captain F 20
Emily Oden F 21
Abigail Boreen F 22
Olivia Knowles D 24
Sarah Potomak F 26
Patti Marshall - Captain D 27
Taylor Wente F 28
Alex Gulstene G 29
Makayla Pahl G 33
Sydney Scobee G 37
Brad Frost Head Coach
Joel Johnson Associate Head Coach
Bethany Brausen Assistant Coach
Karel Popper Assistant Coach

Ohio State University - Womens

Roster Position Number
Elise Reimenschneider D 2
Ramsey Parent F 4
Maddie Babnik D 5
Addi Scribner F 6
Eve Savander D 7
Brooke Bink F 8
Madison Bizal D 9
Tatum Skaggs F 11
Jennifer Gardiner F 12
Miranda Anthony F 13
Gabby Rosenthal F 15
Rebecca Freiburger F 16
Emma Maltais F 17
Sophie Jaques D 18
Olivia Soares - Captain F 19
Andrea Braendli G 20
Liz Schepers F 21
Lisa Bruno D 22
Sara Saekkinen F 25
Teghan Inglis D 26
Paetyn Levis F 27
Lynsey Wallace G 30
Jincy Dunne - Captain D 33
Quinn Kuntz G 35
Nadine Muzerall Head Coach
Milica McMillen Assistant Coach
Emily West Assistant Coach
James Wisniewski Assistant Coach

State of Hockey Women - Team Minneapolis White

Roster Position Number
Chelsea Brodt-Rosenthal D 4
Liv Halvorson D 7
Kelly Pannek F 12
Rose Alleva D 14
Blair Parent F 14
Sadie Lundquist F 17
Meghan Lorence F 20
Nina Rodgers F 23
Lauren Barnes F 25
Allie Morse G 31
Sam Donovan F 32
Haylea Schmid F 91
Laura Slominski Coach

State of Hockey Women - Team Minnesota Green

Roster Position Number
Julie Friend G 1
Winny-Brodt Brown D 5
Taylor Williamson F 7
Allie Thurnstrom F 9
Lisa Martinson D 11
Kelsey Cline D 12
Meaghan Pezon F 15
Gigi Marvin F 19
Audra Richards F 21
Kalli Funk F 22
Erica McKenzie F 22
Nicole Schammel F 26
Krissy Wendell Coach

NHL Alumni Game - Team Minneapolis White

Roster Position Number
Shawn Chambers D 26
Dave Christian F 23
Ben Clymer D 7
Joe Dziedzic F 16
Mike Greenlay G 35
Darby Hendrickson F 14
Reed Larson D 28
Jordan Leopold D 33
Mike Modano F 9
Erik Rasmussen F 9
Gordie Roberts D 10
Robb Stauber F 35
Stephane Veileux F 19
Wes Walz F 37
Tom Chorske Coach
Dan Brooks Coach

NHL Alumni Game - Team Minnesota Green

Roster Position Number
Keith Ballard D 2
Connor Beaupre G 33
Brian Bonin F 32
Aaron Broten F 14
Ryan Carter F 18
Matt Hendricks F 15
Paul Martin D 7
Chris McAlpine D 7
Mark Parrish F 21
Shjon Podein F 25
Chris Porter F 7
Dave Snuggerud F 18
Erik Westrum F 7
Paul Broten Coach