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2018 Hockey Day Minnesota - St. Cloud January 19 & 20

Vintage Minnesota Hockey Take:

Hockey Day Minnesota 2017 was the 11th of the series and was played outside in Lowell Park in west metro St. Cloud, MN on the shores of historic Lake George - birthplace and listed home ice to St. Cloud Teachers College Hockey later renamed Huskies.  Seemingly a magnificent location for HDM that had event organizers eyeing this location for years due to the proximity to the Twin Cities, history laden hockey programs, and was the correct time to be host to the beloved day.  The 11th edition also marked the 1st time that the Minnesota Gophers Mens team were not apart of the days festivities - which two years prior in Duluth saw several fans disgusted that UMD Bulldogs were playing nearby at Amsoil, but were not included in the days lineup, (who were playing within walking distance away at Amsoil).  St. Cloud men faced off against MSU Mavericks within the comfy confines of nearby Herb Brooks National Hockey Center.  Another 1st at HDM took place in St. Cloud, when collegiate hockey was played outdoors in a regular season game between home-town Husky women facing off against the visiting Bulldogs of UMD.  The first day of HDM action was kicked off by Granite City Mayor Dave Kleis verbalizing 'Let's Play Hockey' within the utterly amazing Hockey Day Village that began in Duluth, but St. Cloud perfected it unlike any other for the 11th anniversary celebration.  Event planners and organizers deserve the absolute highest stick-tap honors as the set-up hockey village was utterly amazing - from recycled hockey stick benches, to hockey sticks entrance pergolas welcoming fans to the spectacle, to even the Christmas trees giving it a north woods & Minnesota Wild feel that were set-up all over the place in the grounds that we were told on-site - 'the City just went around after Christmas and saved all of the thrown out trees to decorate the place for essentially FREE' - Genius!  Both days from sun-up to sun-down there were scores of fans skating on adjacent Lake George, and youth playing actual games on the lake all day, bands on stage, skating with the Huskies following the womens game, hockey film festival, beer garden, hot air balloon torch to heat up the visitors walking around the village, and oh yes - an actual tethered hot air balloon on Lake George that took spectators up into the air for an aerial view of the show that St. Cloud and it's beloved hockey community had to offer every 30 minutes the entire day Saturday! 

St. Cloud HDM ice again featured an on-site refrigerated ice sheet with the reefer working to keep the ice in tip-top shape with the days full action, which again was good as this matched the warmest HDM temp at 38 degrees, exactly that of 2015 HDM.  Adoring local fans saw a Granite City spectacle in local St. Cloud vs. St. Cloud Cathedral.

The Crusaders deemed to be too strong and defeated St. Cloud handily 8-3 in their striking powder blue patched HDM uniforms.  The night cap marquee game was Moorhead facing off against the Centennial Cougars, the Spuds from Moorhead too were being followed with cameras all season long as they were apart of the annual State of Hockey Dream State show, where the team had State Tournament winning aspirations as they took their team and show to HDM ice.  The Spuds needed more than regulation to defeat the Centennial Cougars winning 3-2 in OT.  HDM at St. Cloud was one of the best in our eyes with a set-up HDM fan experience, and truly was a showcase of not only what a hockey community can do when a passionate group of people come together to showcase their talented high school programs, but also what an ENTIRE City can do to showcase their whole community on now Nationally televised TV.  To future HDM prospective cities and future locations - St. Cloud has THE MODEL to follow (other than Elk River historic Handke Pit, the St. Cloud HDM was a close....very close 2nd to us behind that of historic Handke Stadium.  Thanks Granite City, the memories and photos taken will last a life-time.

FSN and Hockey Day administration announced the last night that the 13th annual HDM was awarded to City of Bemidji - kicking off seemingly a new tradition of announcing the following years location at the currently hosted City.

Hockey Day Minnesota Results & Rosters:

Game Results

Home Away Winner Score Time Location
St. Cloud Icebreakers Girls Sartell/Sauk Rapids Girls 5:00 p.m. Jan. 19 Lake George
St. Cloud St. Cloud Cathedral St. Cloud Cathedral 8-3 10:00 a.m. Lake George
St. Cloud State Women Minnesota Duluth Women St. Cloud State 2-1 (SO) 1:00 Lake George
Centennial Moorhead Moorhead 3-2 (OT) 4:30 Lake George
St. Cloud State MSU Mankato MSU Mankato 5-2 5:00 Herb Brooks Arena
Minnesota Wild Tampa Bay Lightning Minnesota Wild 5-2 8:00 Xcel Energy Center

St. Cloud Icebreakers - Girls (Some players may not have participated - all listed in HDM program). Not Televised

Roster Position Number
Madison Dahnke F 2
Abigail Chamernick D 3
Kaylee Athmann D 4
Taylor Mathiasen F 5
Allie Cornelius F 6
Lauren Brettingen F 8
Rachel Long F 9
Kennedy Erickson F 10
Courtney Donnelly D 11
Chloe Woodman D 13
Annika Lenaghan D 14
Taylor Holm F 15
Brooke Arvidson F 17
Jordann Swingle D 18
Allison Hayward F 19
Miranda Milbauer F 20
Caitlin Ruhl F 21
Leah Stiegel F 22
Gabbie Rud F 24
Lauren Cumming D 28
Sophia O'Neal D 29
Trinity Shields G 30
Ema Posingerova G 31
Emily Musielewicz G 32
Ashlea Arvidson G 40
Nick Thibault Head Coach
Jenna Traut Assistant Coach
Logan Traut Assistant Coach
Zayda Ewing Assistant Coach
Katie Windschitl Assistant Coach
Mary Spethmann Assistant Coach

Sartell/Sauk Rapids - Girls (Some players may not have participated - all listed in HDM program). Not Televised

Roster Position Number
Carlie Hansen D 2
Anna Orth F 3
Lizzy Minnerath F 4
Alexa Paulson F 5
Maggie Kulus F 6
Lauren Wensel D 7
Madison Jennings F 8
Mallory Heder F 9
Makenzy Heder D 10
Sammy Quaal F 11
Libby Asper F 12
Madison Mollner F 13
Makayla Anderson F 15
Rachel Nierengarten F 16
Amber Heun F 17
Tori Gaida F 18
Ashlynn Stranberg D 19
Brooke Walters F 20
Hannah Van Derveer F 21
Taylor Schoenberg D 22
Riley Trobec D 24
Morgan Cromwell D 25
McKenna Rohe D 26
Grace McCabe F 27
Abby Arend D 29
Madison DeMarais G 30
Chloe Stockinger G 31
Breanna Sattler D 37
Jonathon Lommel Manager
Michaela Fimrite Manager
Marty Anderson Head Coach
Alex Kampa Assistant Coach
Jon Erickson Assistant Coach
Madeline Rainey Assistant Coach
Scott Anderson Assistant Coach

St. Cloud Alumni Mens - White

Roster Number Class Of
Dave Reichel 8 1979
Paul Edelstein 13 1983
Paul Miller 4 1986
Craig Shermoen 1 1989
Bret Hedican - Captain 24 1991
Steve Haataja 88 1991
Chris Scheid 17 1991
Eric Johnson 10 1995
Jay Geisbauer 16 1996
Kelly Rieder 12 1996
Mike O'Connell 11 1997
Dave Paradise 26 1997
Andrew Vicari 7 1998
Marty Mjelleli 42 2008
John Swanson 62 2009
Jon Ammerman 2 2010
Brent Borgen 22 2010
Ryan Peckskamp 20 2010
Brett Barta 6 2011
Aaron Marvin 71 2011
Nick Oslund 61 2011
Jared Festler 9 2012
Sam Zabkowicz 3 2012
Joey Holka 77 2015
Joe Rehkamp 37 2015
Jimmy Murray 21 2016
Mike Lee 30 2012

St. Cloud Alumni Mens - Black

Roster Number Class Of
Mark Parrish - Captain 21 1997
George Awada 5 1999
Brad Goulet 18 1999
Matt Bailey 10 2000
Geno Parrish 3 2000
Michael Rucinski 33 2000
Aaron Dwyer 6 2001
Scott Meyer 1 2001
Mark Hartigan 3 2002
Chris Purslow 9 2002
Jon Cullen 7 2003
Garrett Larson 17 2003
Joe Motzko 19 2003
Ryan Malone 12 2003
Ryan Johnson 14 2004
Andy Lundbohm 15 2004
Nate Wright 81 2004
Mike Doyle 49 2005
Dave Iannazzo 11 2005
Ethan Lyerly 35 2005
Casey Borer 55 2006
Justin Fletcher 27 2006
Billy Hengen 20 2006
T.J. McElroy 30 2006
Nate Raduns 8 2006
Grant Clafton 26 2007
Dan Kronick 41 2007
Matt Hartman 62 2008

St. Cloud Alumni Womens - White

Roster Number Class Of
Katy Battis 13 2002
Nicki DelCcastillo 3 2003
Amanda Mathison-Pickett 21 2003
Gretchen Schow 29 2003
Calise Cheesebrow 25 2004
Kobi Kawamoto-Trevis 14 2004
Carrie Holldorf 11 2005
Kari Turkowski 26 2005
Lauren Hespenheide 9 2017
Christa Moody 12 2017
Hanna Brodt 5 2016
Lexi Slattery 15 2016
Audrey Hanmer 33 2015

St. Cloud Alumni Womens - Black

Roster Number Class Of
Amanda Arbogast 66 2015
Abby Ness 10 2015
Kallison Funk 22 2015
Julia Gilbert 20 2014
Alex Nelson-Kampa 12 2013
Callie Dahl 18 2013
Haylea Schmid 91 2013
Lisa Martinson 11 2013
Holly Roberts-Sunderman 6 2010
Felicia Nelson-Stalock 13 2010
Amy Currier-Mickelson 19 2009
Sammy Nixon 21 2009
Megan McCarthy 44 2009

St. Cloud - Boys (Some players may not have participated - all listed in HDM program)

Roster Position Number
Noah Althaus G 1
Blake Kremers F 2
Blake Keller F 3
Peyton Bigaoette D 4
Eric Warner F 6
Lars Olson D 7
Logan Johnson F 8
Brad Amundson F 9
Casey Hormann D 10
Zach Kowarsch F 11
Noah Bissett F 12
Tyler Lunderby F 13
Sam Rud D 15
Nick Quarve F 16
David Weitzel F 17
Tommy Amundson D 18
Sam Oster F 19
Carter Rieland F 20
Nick Richert F 21
Drew Boike D 22
Josh Bach F 23
Jacob Smith F 25
Nick Portz F 26
Connor Doucette D 27
Drew Bulson D 28
Ryan Staudinger G 29
Carl Koehn G 30
Brady Jernberg D 32
Bryce Rose F 33
Derek Stanoch D 34
Soren Falloon G 35
Thomas Benson F 36
Luke Johnson F 37
Derek Herrington F 38
Spencer Bertram G 39
Jack Randolph F 40
Jadon Donabauer D 41
Christian Engel F 42
Sean Davidson D 44
Sandis Rittman Manager
Travis Imdieke Manager
Pete Matanich Head Coach
Anders Franke Assistant Coach
Cory Robinson Assistant Coach
Dan Lahr Assistant Coach
Jon Green Assistant Coach
Paul Kenney Assistant Coach

St. Cloud Cathedral - Boys (Some players may not have participated - all listed in HDM program)

Roster Position Number
Conner Vogt G 1
Reid Bogenholm D 2
Jacob Hirschfeld F 3
Jon Bell F 4
Nathan Windfeldt F 5
Cullen Hiltner F 6
Nate Martin F 7
Nate Warner F 8
James Anderson F 9
Jeron Hirschfeld D 10
Ethan Cumming D 11
Jake Minkkinen F 12
Talon Lenzen D 13
Daniel Hjort F 14
CJ Zins D 15
Matthew Wedin D 16
Austin Howard F 17
Mack Motzko F 18
Matt Corrigan F 19
Jack Smith F 20
Luke Schmidt F 21
Luke Anderson D 22
Mitch Miller D 23
Zander Bieniek D 24
Peter Berg F 25
Kevin Hayward D 26
Blake Perbix F 27
Jackson Savoie F 29
Noah Amundson G 30
Matthew Vasquez G 31
Devon Deieso D 32
Jared Klein F 33
Kirby Schmid F 34
Grant Martin G 35
TJ Neu D 42
Will Medvec D 43
Brad Reuter F 44
Cade Anderson Manager
Adam Donlin Manager
Stan Lei Manager
Brock Van Halbeck Manager
Derrick Brown Head Coach
Tom Bruce Assistant Coach
Ron Brown Assistant Coach
Travis Schneider Assistant Coach
David Spethmann Assistant Coach
Cal Herold Assistant Coach

St. Cloud State - Womens

Roster Position Number
Janine Alder G 1
Julia Tylke F 2
Dana Rasmussen F 4
Janna Haeg F 5
Tatum Coats D 6
Brittney Anderson D 7
Brooke Kudirka F 8
Megan Roe F 9
Emma Turbyville D 10
Taylor Wemple D 12
Katie Detert F 13
Rachel Herzog D 15
Laura Kluge F 17
Ivy Dynek F 18
Kenzie Wylie D 19
Suvi Ollikainen F 20
Emma Bigham F 21
Kayla Friesen F 22
Hannah Potrykus F 23
Hannah Bates D 24
Jordan Stewart F 25
Hallie Theodosopoulos F/D 26
Alyssa Erickson F 27
Abby Thiessen D 28
Taylor Crosby G 29
Emma Polusny G 32
Aubrey Pritchett F 45
Nate Shadick Manager
Eric Rud Head Coach
Steve MacDonald Assistant Coach
Jinelle Siergiej Assistant Coach

UMD Bulldog - Womens

Roster Position Number
Hanna Markel G 1
Lauren Niska D 4
Mallorie Iozzo F 6
Monique Aanenson F 8
Naomi Rogge F 9
McKenzie Revering D 10
Brooklynn Schugel F 11
Catherine Daoust D 12
Sydney Brodt F 14
Reagan Haley F 15
Megan Pardy F 17
Anna Klein F 19
Jalyn Elmes D 20
Lindsay Czech D 21
Emma Yanko F 22
Shelby Brossart D 23
Alison Rodgers F 25
Ashton Bell F 26
Ryleigh Houston F 28
Lynn Astrup D 29
Jessica Convery G 30
Catherine Johnson G 31
Maddie Rooney G 35
Jessica Healey D 47
Michelle Lowenhielm F 67
Linnea Hedin D 95
Katerina Mrazova F 98
Maura Crowell Head Coach
Laura Bellamy Assistant Coach
Chris Esposito Assistant Coach
Anthony Morando Assistant Coach

Moorhead - Boys (Some players may not have participated - all listed in HDM program)

Roster Position Number
Tommy Horan F 2
Luke Gramer D 3
Isaac Henkemeyer-Howe F 4
Ethan Frisch D 5
Bryce Lunak D 5
Carter Randklev F 6
Luc Mjoen D 6
Nolan Westra F 7
Landon Overbo F 8
Carter Johnson F 8
Kyler Kleven F 10
Jonny Franklin F 10
Cole O'Connell F 11
Lukas Feir F 11
Parker Dronen F 12
Christian Thingvold F 12
Maccoy Gregoire D 13
Cullen Gess F 14
Alec Thingvold F 15
Nick Searls D 16
Carter Johnson F 18
Michael Overbo F 19
Kai Holm F 20
Jack Stetz F 21
Holden Klinnert F 21
Parker Larson D 22
Caleb Norris F 22
Karson Kvalevog D 23
Wyatt Gunkel D 24
Ryan Stafford F 25
Grant Bathurst F 25
Dylan Cheney F 26
Caden Triggs F 27
Lance Leonard G 30
Houston Hall G 30
Hudson Hodges G 31
Ethan Miller G 33
Sam Beedy Manager
Caden Howell Manager
Colton Westra Manager
Jon Ammerman Head Coach
Tony Kunka Assistant Coach
Sam Walstad Assistant Coach
Derek Thompson Assistant Coach

Centennial - Boys (Some players may not have participated - all listed in HDM program)

Roster Position Number
Travis Allen G 1
Andrew Stuart F 2
Austin Kanner F 3
Xan Brouillet D 4
Frankie Weiss D 5
Josh Meyer D 6
Will Francis D 7
Carter Wagner F 8
Jack Pierson F 9
Jack Menne F 10
Lucas McGregor F 11
Luke Arends D 12
Ethan Will F 13
Hayden Brickner F 14
Wyatt Schoephoerster D 15
Nate Schoolmeesters F 16
Pavel Salter D 17
Matt Hove F 18
Caleb Nelson F 19
Sam Munson D 20
Rollie Carlson D 21
Scottie Nelson F 22
Tevis Linser D 23
Justin Peterson F 24
Josh O'Hara F 25
Kullan Daikawa F 26
Logan Jorgenson F 27
Josh Hermes F 28
Alex Fuller F 29
Hunter Hayden G 30
Alex Routhe G 31
Wyatt Clancy F 32
Bryce Crowley G 33
Brent Marciano F 34
Casey Coppersmith G 35
Max Marshall F 36
Connor Coenen D 37
Cole Jackson F 40
Ritch Menne Head Coach
Gary Tolkinen Assistant Coach
Ted Cheesebrough Assistant Coach
Chris Johnson Assistant Coach
Justin Grant Assistant Coach
Joe Law Assistant Coach
Scott Kranz Assistant Coach