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2015 Hockey Day Minnesota - Saint Paul January 17

Star Tribune HDM Article January 15, 2015

January 17, 2015 Hockey Day Minnesota would take things to another level in the St. Paul to Kuwait day featuring games at Holman Field in St. Paul and live broadcasts from Kuwait where Armed Service members from Minnesota were stationed.  It was a great showing as we were treated to live cut ins from Kuwait as our brave soldiers got to kick back and enjoy a little reminder of home.

The games would start with the boys St. Paul Johnson squad beating Luverne 6-5 on the ice rink build right on the tarmac at Holman Field.  That game would be followed by Hill-Murray topping Saint Thomas Academy in an overtime game 3-2.  The girls would get in on the action, as per the standard the game was played on TV after Wild game.  The Cretin-Derham Hall ladies were victorious over the Duluth Northern Stars 5-4.

Rounding out the amateur action on the day at Holman Field, Saint Paul Academy would defeat Rochester Lourdes 3-1 (game was not televised - only short game clips were shown during the Wild game as the games were being held 30 minutes apart with a 7:30 start time).  The Gophers would play the Wisconsin Badgers where they earned a 5-2 victory.  Minnesota Wild, with a 8:00 start time, would win their 6th straight game on HDM with a 3-1 victory over the Arizona Coyotes.  The Wild would get goals from Charlie Coyle and Jason Zucker with an empty netter coming off the stick of Zach Parise late in the game.  Interstingly enough, Devan Dubnyk would get an assist in the game on the Zucker goal.  Justin Fontaine would also get an assist on the Zucker goal.

Vintage Minnesota Hockey Take:

For Hockey Day 2015, the game was moved atop a working tarmac at St. Paul Holman Field airport in St. Paul - marking the cities 2nd time hosting the beloved day (1st in 2009 at Phalen Park). 

The rink was set-up in front of the old Holman Field 1939 WPA Built Administration Building - which is on the National Register of Historic Places.  The arena playing surface marked the first ever on-site refrigerated artificial ice rink at HDM, and was overseen and operated by the self proclaimed King of Frozen Events:, which happened to be a great year for first reefer ice as this years HDM was the warmest to date HDM temp at 38 degrees.  St. Paul Johnson would make their 3rd HDM appearance at HDM (2007, 2009, 2015), and Head Coach of Governors Steve Moose Younghans, oversaw all of the apparel for the days event that was sold on-line and on-site - created and made by Strauss.

In addition, Strauss created a military camo HDM patch, that was affixed to all of the participating team uniforms.  Many teams took to the ice donning their own camo jersey for the days games as well which added to the whole days commemorative tribute.  This HDM was a tribute to all the troops that serve our country, and was in partnership with the nonprofit Serving our Troops - St. Paul to Iraq & Kuwait - more information can be found at  

Back in 1972, Minnesota North Stars Lou Nanne, Murray Oliver, Tom Reid and J.P. Parise made the trip to Vietnam some thousands of miles away from Met Center to bring the hometown troops from MN a touch of good will from home to let them all know simply: Minnesota was thinking of them.

Fast forward 43 years, Lou Nanne and Tom Reid were at it again to bring this same message from 1972, to Minnesota serving troops on HDM in Kuwait.  The following people made the trip on HDM overseas to bring the State of Hockey to those serving:  Craig Leopold, Bill Butters, David Brooks, Shjon Podein, Dan Barreiro, Jamie Hersch, Ralph Gasow, Patrick McDonald, Paul Dzubnar, Ted Davis and Todd Hurley.

The day was amazing while covering the games on-site, and although following HDM, where we typically also watch the special stories that FSN does so masterfully each year, it was fun to see the street hockey being played alongside the troops in Kuwait on TV.  

Thanks for all that you do to keep America the land of the brave, home of the free - We Salute You!

Hockey Day Minnesota Results & Rosters:

Game Results

Home Away Winner Score Time Location
St. Paul Johnson Luverne St. Paul Johnson 6-5 10:00 a.m. Holman Field
Saint Thomas Academy Hill-Murray Hill-Murray 3-2 (OT) 1:30 Holman Field
Cretin-Derham Hall Girls Duluth Northern Stars Girls Cretin-Derham Hall 5-4 4:30 (Tape Delay) Holman Field
University of Minnesota University of Wisconsin University of Minnesota 5-2 5:00 Mariucci Arena
Saint Paul Academy Rochester Lourdes Saint Paul Academy 3-1 7:30 (Not Televised) Holman Field
Minnesota Wild Arizona Coyotes Minnesota Wild 3-1 8:00 Xcel Energy Center

Saint Paul Johnson - Boys

Roster Position Number
Devin Peterson G 1
Luke Heffernan D 2
Thomas Hayes D 3
Connor Busse D 6
Ty;ler Willier F 7
Christian Sanda F 9
Jeremy Lyons F 11
Kacey Beltz F 12
Carl Fish D 13
Ethan Ranum D 15
Isaac Moberg F 16
Jake Solheid D 19
Aaron Anderson F 20
Justin Howell F 22
Ian Overby F 24
Jesse Solheid F 25
Anthony Seeley F 26
Zachary Schinzing F 28
Samuel Moberg G 33
Ezra Weintzweig G 43
Benny Lyons F 44
Steve Moose Younghans Head Coach
Greg Pogreba Assistant Coach
Jim Munkwitz Assistant Coach
Mike Grover Assistant Coach
Steve Houge Assistant Coach
Paul Corlis Assistant Coach
Jacob Munkwitz Assistant Coach

Luverne - Boys (Some players may not have participated - all listed in HDM program)

Roster Position Number
Kaden Ericson G 1
Connor Hoffman F 2
Tyler Reisdorfer F 3
Mark Spreiter D 4
Andrew Verhey F 5
Brennan Hart F 6
Jaxon Nelson F 7
Chaz Smedsrud F 8
Nick Harder F 9
Jacob VanSanten D 10
Nick Behrend F 11
Alec Hoven D 12
Nick Nekali F 13
Kasyn Kruse F 14
Brogan Hart F 15
Dalton Wenzel F 16
Erik Tofteland D 17
Andrew Reisch F 18
Chris Jelken D 19
Jack Baustian D 20
Joe Sommers D 21
Toby Sengvongxay D 22
Spencer Swier F 23
Jesse Reed F 24
Colton Kunkel F 25
Jake Aukes F 27
Jesse Kontz F 28
Oscar Holmberg G 29
Connor Crabtree G 30
Connor Sandbulte D 40
Aidan Capistran Manager
Jackson Winter Manager
Derrick Brown Head Coach
Kullen Schroht Assistant Coach
Matt Lais Assistant Coach
Todd Frankenhoff Assistant Coach

Hill-Murray - Boys

Roster Position Number
Jake Begley G 1
Frank Seiler F 6
David Zarembinski - Captain D 7
Luke Ranallo F 8
Kyler Yeo F 9
Joey Baumann F 10
Noah Ondrusik F 11
Tyler Nowak F 12
Zach Mills - Captain F 14
Dylan Mills F 15
Austin Peterson D 16
Sean Ryan D 17
Jacob Olson D 18
Casey Staum D 19
Brock Bremer F 20
Jake Wittl F 21
Marko Reifenberger F 22
Mikey Anderson D 24
Ricky Zellmer F 25
Sean Wendlandt G 33
Bryce Blinkhorn Manager
Henry Venuta Manager
Bill Lechner Head Coach
Pat Schafhauser Assistant Coach

Saint Thomas Academy - Boys

Roster Position Number
Jack Quinlan G 1
Robbie Stucker D 2
Jason Smallidge D 3
Mac Schmidt D 4
Brian Hurley D 6
Victor Reim D 7
Billy Jerry F 9
Tommy Stang F 10
Danny Weihrauch F 11
Tommy Dolan F 12
Jack Graveline F 15
Dylan McDonald F 16
Seamus Donohue - Captain D 17
Nevin Gupta F 18
Odeen P. Tufto - Captain F 19
Christiano Versich - Captain F 20
Alec Broetzman - Captain F 21
Josh Hallum F 22
Willie Reim F 23
Charlie Hallett G 30
Matt Snow G 35
Evan Freesmeier Manager
Will Bann Manager
Emmett Lefevour Manager
Ryan Zimmel Manager
Devon Kennedy Manager
Sam Ruhland Manager
Tom Vannelli Co-Head Coach
Greg Vannelli Co-Head Coach
Mike Vannelli Assistant Coach
Rob Vanelli Assistant Coach
Greg Monahan Assistant Coach

Cretin-Derham Hall - Girls

Roster Position Number
Mack Molnar D 2
Laci Petronack F 3
Anne Fobbe D 4
Paige Voight F 6
Jordan Hansen F 7
Ani Barona F 8
Nicki Sobaski F 9
Audrey Hapka F 10
Sheala Osborne F 11
Maria Zesbaugh F 12
Bree Osborne D 14
Kennedy Spiering D 15
Lulu McMahon D 16
Anne Klein F 17
Kaycie Schlichenmaier D 18
Rosie Pitera F 20
Annie Boeckers F 21
Courtney Koemptgen F 23
Emma May G 31
Nikki Olmschenk D 33
Elle Crawford G 35
Krissy Pohl Coach
John Pohl Coach
Terry Skrypek Coach
Martha Thornton Coach
Evan Ziegler Coach

Duluth Northern Stars - Girls (Some players may not have participated - all listed in HDM program)

Roster Position Number
Makayla Jackson G 1
Avery Ziegler F 2
Ana Kunst F 3
Montanna Viitala F 4
Maddy Schintz D 5
Anna Ribich F 6
Nikki Frederickson F 7
Ella Ierino D 8
Ava Meyer F 9
Alaina Lathrop F 10
Sydney Schuman F 11
Payton Conlin D 13
Claire Lemker D 14
Mullen Johnson F 15
Gretta Johnson D 16
Bri Stafne F 17
Courtney Price F 18
Emily Bolin F 19
Gabrielle Hughes D 20
Izzy Sutherland F 21
Noelle Stellmaker F 23
Katelyn Orso D 24
Mya Kunst F 25
Jessica Rowley F 26
Cassie McClure F 27
Hannah Cornwell F 28
Olyvia Opsahl D 29
Kalei Kleive G 30
Fayja Erceg D 31
Keelan Syck G 33
Hanna LaMaster Manager
Daisy Hoops Manager
Cory Stafne Head Coach
Wayne Opsahl Assistant Coach
Olivia Paulseth Assistant Coach

Saint Paul Academy - Boys (Game not televised)

Roster Position Number
Charlie Ward D 3
Weston Lombard F 6
Cullen McCabe D 7
Justin Jallen F 8
Devlin McCabe F 9
Riley Bowman F 10
Matt Dahlseide F 11
Kieran Gallagher D 12
Noel Parker D 14
Jackson Jewett F 15
Jordan Moradian - Captain F 16
Sam Petronio F 17
Evan Dahlseide D 18
Jack Johnston F 19
Tyler Seplak - Captain D 20
Will Kelly F 22
Jack Sullivan F 26
Andrew Beran G 29
David Nicholson G 31
Molly Fiedler Manager
Sheila Sullivan Manager
Bill Owens Head Coach
Matt Funk Assistant Coach
Charlie Hammel Assistant Coach
Eddie Wynne Assistant Coach

Rochester Lourdes - Boys (Game not televised)

Roster Position Number
Jack Burkel G 1
Montana Streit F 2
Dakota Streit D 3
Peter Alexander F 4
Mitchell Brandhagen F 7
Duncan Adams D 8
Tucker Chapman F 9
Logan Olson F 10
Nick Roth D 11
Ben Walston F 12
Mason Carstens F 15
Carter Jones F 16
Jake Olney D 17
Joe Macken F 18
Tyler Vehrenkamp D 19
Duell Buck F 20
Griff Slightam D 21
Collin Williams F 23
Ryan Saltness F 24
Logan Morrey G 30
Aaron Van Galder G 30
Josh Spaniol Head Coach
Jeff True Assistant Coach
Matt Hanzel Assistant Coach
Tom DeVinny Assistant Coach
Josh Chapman Assistant Coach