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2009 Hockey Day Minnesota - Phalen Park January 17

On January 17, 2009, Hockey Day Minnesota would find it’s way down to the Twin Cities for the first time.  Held in historic Phalen Park where a young Herb Brooks would play as a youth in eastside of St. Paul, and billed as Showdown in Hockey Town it would feature 5 games once again, including 2 outdoor games at the High School ranks.  Rochester John Marshall would fall to St. Paul Johnson by a 4-0 margin to kick off the day.  In the marquee High School game, Duluth East would come down to play White Bear Lake at the Xcel Energy Center.  Duluth East would put up 6 goals to WBL’s 3, winning comfortably indoors.  While this game was being played, HDM brought in something new to the mix, although we wouldn’t see the game on TV until later.  For the first time, HDM feature girls High School teams as Stillwater locked horns with Minnetonka, with Stillwater taking the victory with a 2-1 scorecard.

This year, the Gophers would take their talents on the road, and take on the St. Cloud State Huskies at the Herb Brooks National Hockey Center in St. Cloud.  It was some real fire wagon hockey at the college ranks, with the Gophers emerging victorious 8-6.  The Wild would call the Anaheim Ducks to come to town, but would not fare well as the Wild were blanked 3-0 on home ice.

Vintage Minnesota Hockey Take:

After northern Minnesota Baudette Bay was host to first x2 HDM, this was the perfect location for the Twin Cities first ever Hockey Day Minnesota, hosted at the beautiful outdoor refrigerated ice sheet within historic Phalen Park - where a young Herb Brooks learned to play hockey in eastside St. Paul.  The beautiful warming house alongside the chain linked fence rink on the net ends added to the vintage nature of outdoor hockey, prior to the fully enclosed glass rinks now seen yearly at HDM.  With light snow that fell during the games, and fans packing into the 'arena' for the marquee game featuring home-town St. Paul Johnson Governors vs. southern Minnesota Rochester John Marshall Rockets - it made for some amazing photos in stunning red (Rockets) and white/maroon (Governors) uniforms.

The Rochester Post-Bulletin newspaper didn't send a photographer to the event, and reached out to us to send them photos that made the front page of the Monday January 19, 2009 sports section that we were happy to send to them, and author Jason Feldman who wrote the story for the paper on HDM (see shown newspaper).

Prior to this Hockey Day, since there was NO Twitter account affiliated with HDM we personally started the Twitter account @HockeyDayMN for a way to simply share photos we were capturing yearly, and for the next x5 years used the account to share images, videos, and scenes from each visiting city that was host.  Years later the Minnesota Wild and then PR Director of @MNWild - Ryan Stanzel contacted us through Twitter @HockeyDayMN and asked "who is running this account, please contact us".  After a friendly exchange by phone, and x1 week prior to 2015 Hockey Day, I personally handed the @HockeyDayMN twitter account over the the Minnesota Wild that had ballooned to 2,800+ followers.

The first three years of HDM were all sponsored by fast food chains.  2007 by McDonald's, Dairy Queen in 2008, and 2009 by Burger King fast food restaurants.  FSN on-air coverage the first three years increased every year: 11 hours in 2007, 16 hours in 2008, and 20 hours in 2009. 

Hockey Day Minnesota Results & Rosters:

Game Results

Home Away Winner Score Time Location
St. Paul Johnson Rochester John Marshall St. Paul Johnson 4-0 10:00 a.m. Phalen Park
White Bear Lake Duluth East Duluth East 6-3 1:00 Xcel Energy Center
Stillwater Girls Minnetonka Girls Stillwater 2-1 1:30 (Tape Delay) Phalen Park
St. Cloud State University of Minnesota University of Minnesota 8-6 5:00 National Hockey Center
Minnesota Wild Anaheim Ducks Anaheim Ducks 3-0 8:00 Xcel Energy Center

Saint Paul Johnson - Boys

Roster Position Number
Tanner Hendrickson D/F 2
Zach Lopez F 7
Justin Cook D 8
Daniel Adney F 9
Willie Faricy D 10
Max Bollman D 11
Dustin Mulnix F 12
Jason Schmidt F 14
Jay Dickman F 15
Cory Ellis F 16
Kyle Vickery F 17
Zach Thill D 18
Stephen Fahey F 19
Nick Dietrich F 20
Mark Johnson F 22
Dylan Feske F 24
Aaron Howell F 26
Ian Zangs F 28
Joe Benert G 29
Jesse Day G 30
Gabe Abbott D 37
Antonio Colon D 38
Scott Pekarek Manager
Steve Moose Younghans Head Coach
Steve Houge Assistant Coach
Greg Pogreba Assistant Coach
Jim Munkwitz Assistant Coach
John Rozales Assistant Coach

Rochester John Marshall - Boys

Roster Position Number
Max Foley - Captain F 2
Reed Miller F 3
Ryan Yetzer F 4
Anthony Johnson D 5
Zach Johnson F 6
Chris Brauckman F 7
Nate Armstrong F 8
Alex Peterson - Captain D 9
Derek Hovick - Captain D 10
Tyler Radosevich F 12
Zach Ewing D 14
Darryn Liedl F 15
Eric Mackey F 16
Ryan Pacheco D 18
Tom Foley D 19
Jason Macken F 20
Alex Antolek F 21
Joe Furness F 22
Nate Polansky G 25
Andrew Bromberg G 31
Brandon Plantin Manager
Scott Lecy Head Coach
Andrew Cousin Assistant Coach
Pete Moehnke Assistant Coach
Jared Skoubroten Assistant Coach

Stillwater - Girls

Roster Position Number
Stefanie Colyer G 1
Jackie Morgan F 3
Kaitlin Johnston D 4
Lyndsey Hawkins F 5
Kristin Skoog D 6
Megan Peterson D 7
Callie Dahl F 8
Amanda Cartony F 9
Lauren Charpentier F 10
Angie Graske D 11
Allison Eder-Zdechlik F 12
Kaitlin McShea F 13
Cassandra Salmen F 14
Janessa Philipczyk F 15
Allie Lorbiecki D 16
Molly Dunn F 17
Kristina King F 18
Brooke Siewert F 19
Allie O-Brien F 20
Caitlin Hewes D 21
Samantha Reiter F 22
Danielle Wigen F 23
Maria Wicker D 24
Sarah de St. Aubin D 25
Lisa Tuuri F 26
Hailey Krueger F 27
Sara Bustad D 28
Libby Otto D 29
Elizabeth Smith F 32
Hannah Dickman G 33
Sam Hall G 34
Marah Sobczak G 35
Lily Collins Manager
Halli Sevilla Manager
Not Listed Head Coach
Not Listed Assistant Coach
Not Listed Assistant Coach

Minnetonka - Girls

Roster Position Number
Julie Friend G 1
Paige Baldwin F 2
Carolyn Draayer F 4
Rachel Ramsey D 5
Shelby Tuseth F 8
Talia Raiola F 9
Brooke Brodeur D 10
Cali Brand D 14
Jena Wilder F 16
Emily Meese F 18
Kate Lyall F 19
Marit Zelinsky F 20
Hannah Berry F 21
Caroline Bach D 22
Brenna Flatley D 23
Natalie Berg D 28
Brittany Evers G 35
Kim Kelly Manager
Denise Sykora Manager
Nellie Bohac Manager
Natasha Meyer Manager
Eric Johnson Head Coach
Adam Kragthorpe Assistant Coach
Dave Rogalski Assistant Coach
Chelsea Jordan Assistant Coach
Dale Peterson Assistant Coach