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MHCA Nothing Compares

Minnesota State High School League Hockey - Nothing Compares.  It's not hard to see why Minnesotans are so passionate about High School hockey. The memories that are made by playing for one's community and high school are forever!

~ Every program can boast high school and community rivalries that have been in the making for years!

~ Sectional playoffs bring a unique pressure and excitement that cannot be duplicated - at any lver - as fans pack local arenas and venues.

~ The State Tournament, affectionaly known as "The Tourney", is the crown jewel of the high school game.  Each year attendance records are smashed and television ratings soar.  The attendance and attention that this event draws is the envy of junior and college coaches across the nation.

~ FSN Hockey Night continues to expand their coverage, exposing high school hockey to thousands of viewers in the upper midwest.

Minnesota high school hockey provides players the very best development options.  High Performance Fall Leagues and Minnesota/USA Hockey Spring and Summer Programs challenge prep hockey's top echelon player as they compete against the best in the state.  It is only those who haven't kept up with our evolving tradition of excellence and development who believe that the Minnesota high school player competes in only 25 games a year.  The state's best high school hockey players will play in over 50 games from September through March, and this does not count scrimmage opportunities and Minnesota Hockey's Advanced Festival process.

What does Minnesota high school hockey offer?  It offers those who commit to stay with their high school and childhood friends the chance to create memories and form friendships that will last a lifetime!  It offers those who stay and play for their high school teams the chance to stay home, develop as leaders, gain community and statewide recognition, study at the best high schools in the country, play other sports if they choose, and become a part of one of the best high school sports traditions in the country - Minnesota High School Hockey. 

Community - Memories - Passion - Friendships - Family - Tradition - Development - Competition - Excellence - Regognition

"Before you move onto another level, you better have finished everything you could possibly accomplish with your present team.  And even then, I would advise most kids to stay with your parents and develop with your childhood friends.  The single greastest hockey experience of my life was playing in the State Tournament with the kids from my neighborhood."  
Herb Brooks - Legendary Coach and St. Paul Johnson player